Concise Scots Dictionary

Mairi Robinson
Polygon, 1999 - 819 σελίδες
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"No area of the world has been viewed by Americans with greater moral disapproval and yet less attention than southern Africa," writes Anthony Lake in the introduction to The "Tar Baby" Option. Feeling that there is much to be learned from an examination of the American response to the Rhodesian problem, he offers a detailed account of America's Southern Rhodesia policy since the Smith government's unilateral declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1965. The book provides information essential to an understanding of the American approach to the current crisis in the region. The author's use of previously undisclosed materials and interviews with U.S. foreign policymakers gives the reader an inside look not only at the Rhodesian question but also at the politics of American foreign policy.

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Mairi Robinson, Editor-in-chief, The Concise Scots Dictionary. Caroline Macafee. 336. Richard M. Lederer, Colonial American English. Richard W. Bailey. 340 ... dsna/ dicstoc79to07.html

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Robinson, M., ed., The Concise Scots Dictionary (Chambers, Edinburgh, 1999), p. 509. 16. Dundee Police and Improvement Book of Reference (Nov. 1870), p. ... househistory.pdf

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Ken Richardson is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Human Development and Learning at the Open University, U.K. He is the author of Understanding Psychology, Understanding Intelligence, Models of Cognitive Development, and Origins of Human Potential.

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