Athens, Attica and the Megarid: An Archaeological Guide

Taylor & Francis, 2001 - 400 σελίδες
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This exciting new guide is the ideal companion to Greece if you are a traveller with historical and archaeological interests, as it combines practical information with impeccable scholarly research.
Written by an expert on Greece's landscape and archaeology, the guide is unique in exploring a wide range of sites off the beaten track. It also tours all the best-known monuments and regions, from the Acropolis to Aegina, from Megara to Marathon and from Sounion to Salamis.
Beautifully illustrated with over 200 plates, maps, plans and drawings, it includes:
* precise descriptions of routes and individual sites
* artistic, historical, social and political background
* unprecedented coverage outside Athens
* detailed exploration of the post-classical, Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods.
Take it with you on your travels or read it at home; either way, you will gain a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of Greece's history and archaeology.

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Hans Rupprecht Goette is Director of the Photographic Archive of the German Archaeological Institute in Athens. He has been researching the topography of ancient Greece since 1

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