The Eudaemonic Pie

Houghton Mifflin, 1985 - 324 σελίδες
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Recounts the true story of a group of young computer wizards who set out to beat the system at Las Vegas by means of mathematical theory and computers, small enough to be hidden in shoes, that communicate with each other by radio and body sensors

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Review: The Eudaemonic Pie

Κριτική χρηστών  - Art - Goodreads

The most thoroughly enjoyable book that I have ever read! Carries us back to the innocent days of early 70's Silicon Valley. I would give almost anything to reverse time and join up with Doyne Farmer ... Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής

Review: The Eudaemonic Pie

Κριτική χρηστών  - Mr. Wiegel - Goodreads

An interesting use of applied mathematics. A group of college students devise a system to cheat the roulette table. The science and math used is innovative. Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής


PROLOGUE Glitter Gulch
THIRTEEN The City of Computation
FOURTEEN Rebel Science
EPILOGUE The Intergalactic Infandibutum
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Thomas A. Bass is the author of "The Eudaemonic Pie" & several other books. He writes for "Wired," "The New Yorker," & many other magazines. He lives in Clinton, New York.

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