Beyond the Regulation Approach: Putting Capitalist Economies in Their Place (Google eBook)

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006 - 496 σελίδες
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Every now and then, a book comes along that you positively want to be asked to read and review, and this is one of them a major work of scholarship in its own right, while at the same time, a ground-clearing exercise for what is to follow. . . . This, it should be emphasized, is a hugely impressive body of work, an expansive statement of Jessop s contribution as a major figure within the world of regulation approaches. Ray Hudson, Economic Geography This book presents a detailed and critical account of the regulation approach in institutional and evolutionary economics. Offering both a theoretical commentary and a range of empirical examples, it identifies the successes and failures of the regulation approach as an explanatory theory, and proposes new guidelines for its further development. Although closely identified with heterodox French economists, there are several schools of regulation theory and the approach has also been linked to many topics across the social sciences. Bob Jessop and Ngai-Ling Sum provide detailed criticisms of the various schools of the regulation approach and their empirical application, and have developed new ways of integrating it into a more general critical exploration of contemporary capitalism. The authors go on to describe how the regulation approach can be further developed as a progressive research paradigm in political economy. Also presented is a detailed philosophical as well as theoretical critique of the regulation approach and its implications for the philosophy of social sciences and questions of historical analysis (especially periodization). Addressing the implications of the regulation approach for both the capitalist economy and the changing role of the state and governance, this book will be of great interest to a wide-ranging audience, including institutional and evolutionary economists, economic and political sociologists and social and political theorists.

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1 Early regulation approaches in retrospect and prospect
2 Fordism and postFordism
3 Fordism postFordism and the capitalist state
4 Neoconservative regimes and the transition to postFordism
5 A regulationist rereading of East Asian newly industrializing economies from peripheral Fordism to exportism
6 A regulationist perspective on the Asian crisis and after
7 Regenerating the regulation approach
8 Bringing governance into capitalist regulation
10 Critical realism and the regulation approach a dialogue
11 Rethinking periodization after Fordism
12 Gramsci as a proto and postregulation theorist
Conclusion putting capitalist economies in their place
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9 Rescaling regulation and governance in a global age

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