The Cornhill Magazine, Τόμος 169

George Smith, William Makepeace Thackeray
Smith, Elder., 1957
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Literary Encyclopedia: The Cornhill Magazine
The combination of their success and his friendship with Thackeray led to the foundation of The Cornhill Magazine, named after the site of the Smith, ... php/ sworks.php?rec=true& UID=9240

Cornhill Magazine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Cornhill Magazine was a Victorian magazine and literary journal named after Cornhill, a street in London. Cornhill was founded by George Murray Smith in ... wiki/ Cornhill_Magazine > The cornhill magazine Vol. ii July 1860 to ...
A Second Letter to the Editor of the "Cornhill Magazine" from Paterfamilias Framley Parsonage Chapter 34. Lady Lufton is taken by Surprise. Chapter 35. ... taal-engels/ 146378786-the-cornhill-magazine-vol-ii-july-1860-to-january-1861.html

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'The Cornhill Magazine and Shilling Monthlies in Mid-Victorian Britain', ... The Founding of the Cornhill Magazine, Muncie, Ind.: Ball State University ... browse/ CM_desc.html

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January A Butterfly and a Bookworm [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, Vol. ... August Archdeacon Holden's Tribulation [The Cornhill Magazine, New Series, ... weymanforever/ StanleyWeymanStories.htm

Helen Paterson Allingham's Cornhill Magazine illustrations for ...
Volume 29 of The Cornhill Magazine provides few by-lines. Many of the volume's forty-two articles of literary, topical, and cultural interest, ... art/ illustration/ allingham/ pva159.html

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The Cornhill Magazine 13 (March, April, May 1866):. 282-96, 469-83, 538-55; 14 (July 1866): 110-28. ... The Cornhill Magazine 24 (December 1871): 668-87. ... religion/ BroadChurch/ Biblio/ MA.pdf

Cornhill Magazine
The Cornhill Magazine was founded by George Smith in 1860. ... The Cornhill Magazine also published the poetry of Alfred Tennyson and Robert Browning. ... Jcornhill.htm

Women in the Literary Marketplace
The Cornhill Magazine was the premier fiction-carrying magazine of the century, publishing the first printings of novels by Anthony Trollope, ... womenLit/ journalism/ Cornhill_L.htm

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Volume Introduction; John Frederick Boyes, ‘A Memorial of Thackeray’s School Days’, The Cornhill Magazine (1865); Gerald S Davies, ‘Thackeray as Carthusian’ ... major_works/ lives_of_victorian_literary_figures_part_v

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