A Byzantine Journey

Tauris Parke Paperbacks, 2006 - 330 σελίδες
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A high point of civilization and artistic accomplishment, the Byzantine Empire has also been the object of great misunderstanding and prejudice. This is a portrayal of its cultural history, focusing on its surreal landscapes and fantastic monuments. The book starts in Istanbul and crosses the Sea of Marmara to travel through Anatolia, the region of Asiatic Turkey which was the source of the Empire's wealth and manpower. John Ash finds his way through a country of anachronisms and contrasts, of bloody feuds and frescoed cave-churches, of saints and sinners, of emperors and sultans. The book introduces the reader to an exotic cast of characters, including the impassioned aesthete Theophilus, the great mystical poet Rumi, the bishop and necromancer Theodore Santabarenos and the Empress Theophano.

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Review: A Byzantine Journey

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A wonderful tale of a man tracking down some of the far-flung ruins of Byzantium still visible in Turkey. And when they're no longer visible, John Ash fills in the missing history admirably, choosing ... Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής

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A Byzantine Journey John Ash. RH, 1995. From Istanbul to Analolia, the original source of the Byzantine Empire's wealth. To Jerusalem and Back Saul Bellow. ...
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A Byzantine Journey · A Byzantine Journey (1). John Ash / 9 Oct 2006 / Tauris Parke / £10.99 / Paperback. lonely planet turkey · lonely planet turkey (1) ...
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