Architectural Conservation in Europe and the Americas

Wiley, 22 Απρ 2011 - 512 σελίδες
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“From such well-known and long-vexed sites as the AthenianAcropolis to more contemporary locales like the Space Age Modernistcapital city of Brasília, the conflicting and not alwaysneatly resolvable forces that bear upon preservation are addressedas clearly and thoughtfully as the general reader could hopefor.”—New York Review of Books

 “…an astonishing feat of research, compilationand synthesis.”—Context

The book delivers the first major survey concerning theconservation of cultural heritage in both Europe and the Americas.Architectural Conservation in Europe and the Americas servesas a convenient resource for professionals, students, and anyoneinterested in the field. Following the acclaimed TimeHonored, this book presents contemporary practice on acountry-by-country and region-by-region basis, facilitatingcomparative analysis of similarities and differences. The bookstresses solutions in architectural heritage protection and thecontexts in which they were developed.

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John H. Stubbs has served as Vice President for FieldProjects for the New York–based World Monuments Fund since1990 and taught for over two decades as an Adjunct AssociateProfessor of Historic Preservation in the School of Architecture,Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University. His priorexperience includes ten years as an associate at Beyer BlinderBelle, Architects & Planners LLP, in New York City, and twoyears service at the Technical Preservation Services division ofthe U.S. National Park Service in Washington, D.C.

Emily G. Makaš is an Assistant Professor ofArchitectural History at the University of North Carolina atCharlotte. She has a PhD in the history of architecture andurbanism from Cornell University, a master's in historicpreservation from Columbia University, and a bachelor's in historyfrom the University of Tennessee. Her research focuses on thehistory of modern European cities, emphasizing the relationshipsbetween architecture, cities, heritage, memory, identity, andpolitics.

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