German Jewry: Its History and Sociology : Selected Essays by Werner J. Cahnman ; Edited and with an Introduction by Joseph B. Maier, Judith Marcus, and Zoltan Tarr

Transaction Publishers, 1989 - 256 σελίδες
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This history of post-Emancipation German Jewry and of the Holocaust aftermath has received considerable scholarly attention. The study of Jewish life in Germany in the 1930s and the migration impelled by the Nazi period has, on the other hand, been comparatively neglected. The work of Werner J. Cahnman (1902-1980) goes a long way toward filling this gap.

Cahnman's examination of "the Jewish people that dwells among the nations" is focused on Germany because it was the country "where in modern times the symbiosis . . . has been most intimate and it also has been the country where the conflict degenerated into the monstrosity of the Holocaust." This representative anthology of his essays shares a common theme, although the examples differ in thought, method and style. Whether he explores the stratification of pre-Emancipation German Jewry, the rise of the Jewish national movement in Austria, or such an esoteric topic as the influence of the kabbalistic tradition on German idealist philosophy; whether he muses on the writing of Jewish history or reports on his firsthand experience in Dachau, Cahnman's work reflects central concerns of his personal and scholarly existence as a German Jew. Because he usually combined extensive empirical data with his own background and personal experience, he is able to craft a penetrating analysis of the recent history of Jewish life in Central Europe. Werner Cahnman believed that the "writing of history is vital for the continued cultural identity of the human kind."


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1 The Three Regions of GermanJewish History
2 Pariahs Strangers and Court Jews
3 The Role and Significance of the Jewish Artisan Class
4Village and SmallTown Jews in Germany
5 Socioeconomic Causes of Antisemitism
Part II Community and Family History
6 The Decline of the Munich Jewish Community 193338
Part III Profiles in Jewish Courage and Vision
The Correspondence between Theodor Herzl and Ludwig Gumplowicz
10 The Life of Clementine Kraemer
A Reminiscence
Part IV Reflections on the GermanJewish Symbiosis
12 Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling and The New Thinking of Judaism
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An Autobiographical Essay

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Zoltán Tarr was visiting Fulbright Scholar to Budapest, Hungary, and has taught sociology and history at the City University of New York, the New School for Social Research, and Rutgers University. Some of the books he has authored or edited include Georg Lukács, Jews and Gentiles, and Foundations of the Frankfurt School of Social Research.

Joseph B. Maier is professor emeritus of sociology, Rutgers University, and chairman of the interdisciplinary University Seminar on Contents and Methods of the Social Sciences at Columbia University. He has been Fulbright professor at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Professor Maier is the author of numerous books and articles.

Judith T. Marcus is professor emeritus of sociology at the State University of New York -Potsdam. She has taught sociology at Kenyon College, Skidmore College, The College of Wooster, Rutgers University, and the New School for Social Research. She is the author of Georg Lukacs and Thomas Mann: A Study in the Sociology of Literature editor of Foundations of the Frankfurt School of Social Research and Georg Lukacs: Theory, Culture, and Politics.

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