Chippewa Customs

Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1979 - 204 σελίδες
"Using information obtained between 1907 and 1925 from members of the Chippewa tribe, the Bureau of American Ethnology, and the United States National Museum, the book describes various Chippewa customs. Information, collected on six reservations in Minnesota and Wisconsin and the Manitou Rapids Reserve in Ontario, Canada, is provided concerning the tribe's name; totemic system; phonetics; dwellings; clothing; treatment of the face; hair care and arrangement; food; health measures; care, naming, government, pastimes, and playthings of children; puberty; courtship and marriage; death, burial, and mourning; significance of dreams; Midewiwin; stories and legends; music; dances; charms; games; the industrial year; chiefs; right of revenge; war customs; transportation; methods of measuring time, distance, and quantity; exchange of commodities within the tribe; payment of annuity; traders and trading posts; making and using fire; pipes; bows and arrows; snowshoes; making of pitch; torches; canoes; twine; fish nets; weaving mats, bags, bands, blankets of rabbit skin, and head ornament of moose hair; netting of belts; basketry; pottery; dyes; tanning; glue; musical instruments (drum, rattle, flute, clapper); articles made of stone, bone, and wood; applique work; memory devices; picture writing; decorative arts; and beadwork. Portraits, black and white illustrations, and reminiscences of the informants are provided throughout the book. (NQA)"--Microfiche cat records.

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Frances Densmore (1867-1957) was a Minnesota-born ethnologist with the Smithsonian Institution who specialised in the study of American Indian culture.

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