Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World

Libraries Unlimited, 2010 - 221 σελίδες
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Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World provides practical strategies and examples to effectively integrate Web 2.0 tools to support the inquiry process in the school library program and the classroom curriculum. Targeted for school librarians, this book addresses the questions: What is digital literacy? How is learning different in a digital world? And the most important questions, what are the best strategies, resources, and tools to support effective teaching and learning in a digital environment? The first two chapters of the book provide the important context for school librarians: research on student learning behaviors in a digital environment, Web 2.0 background and characteristics, and alignment with the new AASL Standards for the Twenty-first Century Learner and the Stripling Inquiry Process. Grades 4-12.

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Pam Berger is a well-known consultant, BER presenter and publisher of the Information Searcher, an online magazine for school librarians.

Sally Trexler has recently retired as the library director for the Allentown Public Schools. She has been active in the AASL and other professional associations.

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