Contemporary Metaethics: An Introduction

John Wiley & Sons, 27 Φεβ 2014 - 320 σελίδες
This new edition of Alexander Miller’s highly readable introduction to contemporary metaethics provides a critical overview of the main arguments and themes in twentieth- and twenty-first-century contemporary metaethics. Miller traces the development of contemporary debates in metaethics from their beginnings in the work of G. E. Moore up to the most recent arguments between naturalism and non-naturalism, cognitivism and non-cognitivism.

From Moore’s attack on ethical naturalism, A. J. Ayer’s emotivism and Simon Blackburn’s quasi-realism to anti-realist and best opinion accounts of moral truth and the non-reductionist naturalism of the ‘Cornell realists’, this book addresses all the key theories and ideas in this field. As well as revisiting the whole terrain with revised and updated guides to further reading, Miller also introduces major new sections on the revolutionary fictionalism of Richard Joyce and the hermeneutic fictionalism of Mark Kalderon.

The new edition will continue to be essential reading for students, teachers and professional philosophers with an interest in contemporary metaethics.

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Detailed Chapter Contents
Moores Attack on Ethical Naturalism
Emotivism and the Rejection of NonNaturalism
Blackburns QuasiRealism
Gibbards NormExpressivism
Mackies ErrorTheory the Argument from Queerness
JudgementDependent Accounts of Moral Qualities
Naturalism I Cornell Realism
Naturalism II Reductionism
Contemporary NonNaturalism McDowells Moral
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Alexander Miller is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Otago.

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