Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era

Giacomo D'Alisa, Federico Demaria, Giorgos Kallis
Routledge, 13 Νοε 2014 - 248 σελίδες

Degrowth is a rejection of the illusion of growth and a call to repoliticize the public debate colonized by the idiom of economism. It is a project advocating the democratically-led shrinking of production and consumption with the aim of achieving social justice and ecological sustainability.

This overview of degrowth offers a comprehensive coverage of the main topics and major challenges of degrowth in a succinct, simple and accessible manner. In addition, it offers a set of keywords useful forintervening in current political debates and for bringing about concrete degrowth-inspired proposals at different levels - local, national and global.

The result is the most comprehensive coverage of the topic of degrowth in English and serves as the definitive international reference.

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Κριτική χρηστών  - jgoodwll - LibraryThing

The title needs to be taken seriously. It's a vocabulary of 51 words or phrases, each of which receives a Wikipedia-type article. Difficult to plough through. And despite being aimed at the general reader, some of the authors are incapable of using simple language. Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής

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Κριτική χρηστών  - deblemrc - LibraryThing

Very uneven quality of the chapters; very high level. Ανάγνωση ολόκληρης της κριτικής


Part 1 Lines of thought
Part 2 The core
Part 3 The action
Part 4 Alliances
from austerity to dépense
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Giacomo D'Alisa is Research Fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Federico Demaria is a PhD candidate at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Giorgios Kallis is Research Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

The three editors are members of Research & Degrowth,

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