From Control to Drift: The Dynamics of Corporate Information Infrastructures

Firms are investing considerable resources to create large information infrastructures able to fulfil their varied information-processing and communication needs. The more the drive towards globalization, the more such infrastructures become crucial.The 'wiring' of the corporation should bedone in a way that is aligned with its corporate strategy-it is global and generates value.This book presents six in-depth case studies of large corporations-AstraZeneca, IBM, Norsk Hydro, Roche, SKF, and Statoil-which offer a rich picture of the main issues involved in information infrastructure implementation and management. Far from being a linear process, the use of the informationinfrastructure is in fact an open-ended process, in many cases out of control. Current management models and consulting advice do not seem to be able to cope with such a business landscape.This book provides the reader with interpretations and theories that can foster a different understanding and approach. Thus, the economics of standards, complexity theory, and actor-network theory are harnessed to penetrate the issues emerging from the case studies and to generate a new conceptionof the information infrastructure that is relevant both for researchers and practitioners.

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A Critical Review of the Literature on the Management of Corporate Information Infrastructure
Globalization and Risk Society
The Economics of Standards
ActorNetwork Theory and Information Infrastucture
Conservative Success Organization and Infrastructure Evolution at SKF
Infrastructure as a Process The Case of CRM in IBM
Whos in Control Designers Managers or Technology? Infrastructures at Norsk Hydro
Infrastructure Strategy Formation Seize the Day at Statoil
Global and Local Dynamics in Infrastructure Deployment The Astra Hassle Experience
From Alignment to Loose Coupling From MedNet to wwwrochecom
Postface From Infrastructure to Networking
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Claudio U. Ciborra is Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics. He is a leading researcher in the areas of information systems, management, and strategy. Affiliated to many leading European universities and research centres, he has conducted several international projects studying the impacts of IT on organizations. Author of many books on this topic, he is also widely published in the related fields of institutional economics, strategy, and organization theory.

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