Historical memoirs of Rob Roy and the clan Macgregor, including original notices of lady Grange

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Σελίδα 256 - There's some say that we wan, Some say that they wan. Some say that nane wan at a', man ; But ae thing I'm sure, That at Sheriffmuir, A battle there was which I saw, man : And we ran, and they ran. And they ran, and we ran, And we ran, and they ran awa, man.
Σελίδα 184 - ... at this clan meeting, had also affixed his name; but on his own account he was indifferent, as he regarded neither king nor government. He was, however, urged by several chiefs, particularly his patron, to exert himself, and if possible to recover the bond. With this view he went to Fort William in disguise, not with his usual number of attendants, and getting access to Captain Campbell, who was a near relation of his own, he discovered that, out of revenge for the contemptuous manner in which...
Σελίδα 224 - ... was in no condition to renew his orders, so that he and his men departed as quickly as they could. Had they staid till the clan assembled to the exequies of the old woman, it is doubtful if either the chief or his companions had ever returned to taste Athol brose.
Σελίδα 259 - Rob having ascended the turrets with a child from the nursery, threatened to throw it over the walls; which speedily brought the laird, at the intercession of his lady, to an agreement, when our hero restored the keys of the castle and took his leave. Whether Rob Roy had ever paid respect to religious duties, or what might have been the extent of his creed during the more prosperous part of his life, is not certain, though he was by birth a Protestant; but he was at one period reduced so low in his...
Σελίδα 214 - Fear now wholly overcame the messenger, and he could scarcely articulate a benediction for his soul, when he fainted and fell upon the floor. Four of Rob's men carried him out of the house, and, in order to complete the joke and at the same time to restore the man to life, they took him to the river just by, and tossed him in, allowing him to get out the best way he could himself. His companions, in the mean time, seeing all that happened, and supposing he had been killed, took to their heels ; but...
Σελίδα 217 - ... considered Rob as an useful auxiliary and though their property was often subjected to spoliation, would seldom consent to that compulsatory regulation, as being too degrading to that consequence which they were anxious to maintain. Rob did certainly, as occasion required, exact what he conceived to be his due in this way, with some severity; but he often received the tax as a voluntary oblation. Of this last description was an annual payment made to him by Campbell of Abruchil; but this proprietor...
Σελίδα 214 - And broad-swords, bows and arrows store, With the tusked trophies of the boar ;" which astonished him so much, that he felt as if he had got into a cavern of the infernal regions ; but when the room door was shut, and he saw hanging behind it a stuffed figure of a man, intentionally placed there, his terror increased to such a degree, that he screamed out, and asked if it was a dead man ? To which Rob coolly answered, that it was a rascal of a messenger who had come to the house the night before...
Σελίδα 217 - ... hostility. After a fruitless search for many days, the soldiers, unaccustomed to the fatigue of climbing mountains, and scrambling over rocks, and through woods, took shelter at night in an empty house, which they furnished with heath for beds; and the Macgregors, unwilling that they should leave their country without some lasting remembrance of them, set fire to the house, which speedily dislodged the soldiers. In the confusion many of them were hurt, a number lost their arms, and one man was...
Σελίδα 146 - My lord general, you see what a gallant army these worthy gentlemen here present and I have gathered together, at a time when it could hardly be expected that any number durst meet together ; these men have come out to serve his majesty, at the hazard of their lives, and of all that is dear to them : I hope therefore you will give them all the encouragement to do their duty that lies in your power.
Σελίδα 221 - Balquhidder. A large portion of that country then belonged to Athol ; and when he arrived there, he summoned the attendance of his vassals, who very unwillingly accompanied him to Rob's house, as many of them were Macgregors, but dared not refuse their land.

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