Light Sources: Technologies and Applications

CRC Press, 19 Απρ 2016 - 226 σελίδες
2nd edition now available: the dialogues of the ancient Greek philosophers right up through the physical laws of Newton, the experiments of Thomas Young and the quantum physics pioneers, the study of light was all about observing its characteristics and defining its behavior. At the end of the 19th century


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chatper 2 Basic Principles of Light and Vision
Chapter 3 Electrical Incandescen tLight Sources
Chapter 4 Electrical Discharge Lamps
Chapter 5 SolidState Light Sources
Chapter 6 Dynamic Lighting
Chapter 7 Luminaires
Chapter 8 Lasers
Appendix A
The Different Sections of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Appendix C
List of Phosphor Powders for Fluorescent Lamps
Appendix E
Appendix F
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Chapter 9 Closing Remarks

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Dr. Spiros Kitsinelis is a researcher focusing on the development of novel and energy efficient light sources. He gained his master's and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry from the University of Sheffield in England where he concentrated on the research and development of pulse-operated low-pressure plasma light sources in the High Temperature Science Laboratories.

Dr. Kitsinelis continued his research as a post-doctoral fellow at Ehime University in Japan in the department of electrical and electronic engineering. He held the position of Project Leader, at Philips Lighting Central Development Lighting, in the Netherlands, and he continued his research and development of the next generation of plasma light sources for the physics department of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Taking a break from research, he served as a chemical engineer for the armed forces. When he returned to civilian life, Dr. Kitsinelis picked back up on his research activities.

He has acted as the National Contact Point for Energy at the National Documentation Centre of the National Research Foundation of Greece. Now recognized as a leader in his field, Dr. Kitsinelis has authored a number of scientific publications, attended many international conferences, and is the co-creator of a number of patents in the field of light sources. He is also the editor of the electronic periodical Science and Technology of Light Sources (SATeLightS).

Dr. Kitsinelis

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