Primal Fear

Ballantine Books, 1994 - 393 σελίδες
Enter attorney Martin Vail. Vail is so good at his job, he's managed to infuriate every judge, prosecutor, and politician in Illinois. Now they're paying him back - by forcing him to defend Aaron Sampler and plead a case he cannot possibly win. But Vail is no ordinary lawyer, and the legal team he assembles is no ordinary backup squad. There's Jack Scalding, and ex-judge whose main passions in life are playing the horses and arguing the law; Tommy Goodman, Vail's top investigator, an ex-boxer studying to be a lawyer so he can follow in Vail's footsteps; Molly Arrington, a young and beautiful psychiatrist, and the one who is the first to understand the extraordinary truth that lies behind the killing of the archbishop. Once Vail begins to do what he does best - figure all the angles - so begins a court battle worthy of Presumed Innocent and a nightmare of terror every bit as horrifying as The Silence of the Lambs.

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William Diehl is the author of the bestselling Sharky's Machine, Thai Horse, Hooligans, Chameleon, The Hunt (formerly titled 27), and the three Martin Vail novels: Primal Fear, Show of Evil, and Reign in Hell. He lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with his wife, Emmy Award winner Virginia Gunn.

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