The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide: An Introduction to Sustainable Development

This guide offers tested and practical advice on how local governments can implement the United Nations Agenda 21 action plan for sustainable development and the related United Nations Habitat Agenda. It has been prepared to assist local governments and their local partners to learn and undertake the task of sustainable development planning, and provides a theoretical, step-by-step sequence in order to clarify key planning issues. Case studies drawn from over five years of experience are used to illustrate the concepts presented. Sections of the guide cover the concept of sustainable development and the elements of sustainable development planning; determining the scope of planning, creating stakeholder groups, and developing partnerships; community-based issue analysis; action planning, including the setting of targets, selection of implementation strategies and programs, and promotion of implementation partnerships; creating effective implementation structures and planning linkages, and internal auditing/monitoring; and plan evaluation and feedback. Includes glossary and a directory of Agenda 21 contacts.

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