The Trisectors

Cambridge University Press, 1994 - 184 σελίδες
As a companion to Mathematical Cranks, the MAA is happy to offer its readers another Dudley classic, The Trisectors. This book is also about mathematical cranks - angle trisectors. It is impossible to trisect angles with straight-edge and compass alone, but many try and think they have succeeded. This book is about angle trisections and the people who attempt them. Its purposes are to collect many trisections in one place, informa bout trisectors, amuse the reader, and perhaps most importantly, reduce the numbr of trisectors. This book includes detailed information about the personalities of trisectors and their constructions. According to Dudley, "hardly any mathematical training is necessary to read this book. There is little trigonometry here and there, but it may be safely skipped. There are hardly any equations. There are no exercises at the end of the sections and there will be no final examination. The worst victim of mathematics anxiety can read this book with profit and dry palms. It is quite suitable to give us a present."--Back cover.

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