Wace and Blegen: Pottery as Evidence for Trade in the Aegean Bronze Age, 1939-1989 : Proceedings of the International Conference Held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, December 2-3, 1989

Carol Zerner, Peter Zerner, John Winder
Brill Academic Pub, 1 Ιαν 1993 - 428 σελίδες
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This international conference, sponsored jointly by the American School of Classical Studies and the British School of Archaeology at Athens, was dedicated to the memories of Alan John Bayard Wace and Carl William Blegen and to their long archaeological collaboration. The main theme of the conference was taken from their pioneering article, "Pottery as Evidence for Trade and Colonisation in the Aegean Bronze Age," Klio 32 (1939). The papers presented reflect the current state of scholarly opinion about prehistoric pottery from Mainland Greece and the extensive trade in that pottery, 50 years after Wace and Blegen's article. With 39 papers by archaeologists from 13 countries, the volume presents comprehensive surveys by period and area, as well as detailed discussions of new finds and problems, ranging from the Early, Middle, and Late Bronze Ages on the Mainland and islands of Greece, as well as Cyprus, the Levant, Egypt, Anatolia and Italy.

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Wace and Blegen Some Introductory Thoughts and a Case
Pottery as Evidence for Trade and Colonisation in the Aegean
Early Helladic Pottery Inferences about Exchange and Production
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