Perilous Commitments: The Battle for Greece and Crete 1940-1941

Spellmount, 2005 - 294 σελίδες
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This book is concerned with the British military intervention in Greece and the subsequent defense of, and evacuation from Crete, outlining a comprehensive appraisal of events and is the first definitive guide to the whole Grecian conflict in World War II. The decision to defend Greece was a contentious one and the motives behind sending British forces to Greece are carefully explored. The political rhetoric concerning intervention in Greece is unravelled where Churchill, Eden and Wavell all played a fundamental part in the final decision. The battle for Crete quickly followed the evacuation of Greece when German paratroops descended, and this battle encapsulated the Allied spirit of resistance; Hitler had experienced a number of easy victories until the stubborn defence of Crete. Also covered is a study of the repercussions of the Allied retreat and the conditions under German occupation.

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The GrecoItalian War
The GrecoAlbanian border October 1940
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Achieved a Degree in History using Britain's involvement in Greece and Crete as the focus of his dissertation. This is his first book published by Spellmount.

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