New Mental Arithmetic: For Primary Departments

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 17 Ιουλ 2018 - 144 σελίδες
From the PREFACE.
The New Mental Arithmetic now presented to the public, is the first of the three books which constitute the author's "New Graded Series."
The work is designed for primary classes. It begins with Counting, and proceeds step by step through the simple combinations of whole numbers, the elementary operations in Fractions, and closes with a few practical exercises in Compound Numbers. The questions, at first, refer to sensible objects with which the pupil is familiar. As he becomes acquainted with the solution of concrete examples, he is gradually introduced to those containing abstract numbers and more difficult combinations.
From the outset, the learner is taught to illustrate for himself the increase and decrease of Numbers, the formation of the Tables, etc., by counters, the slate, and the blackboard. This method has been adopted from a conviction of its superiority as an educational force, over others in use....

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