The Southern Reporter, Τόμος 29

West Publishing Company, 1901

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Σελίδα 417 - Homicide is also justifiable when committed by any person in either of the following cases: "(1) When resisting any attempt to murder such person, or to commit any felony upon him or her, or upon or In any dwelling house In which such person shall be...
Σελίδα 337 - Lastly, extortion is an abuse of public justice, which consists in any officer's unlawfully taking, by colour of his office, from any man, any money or thing of value, that is not due to him, or more than is due, or before it is due.
Σελίδα 417 - When necessarily committed in attempting, by lawful ways and means, to apprehend any person for any felony committed, or in lawfully suppressing any riot, or in lawfully keeping and preserving the peace.
Σελίδα 439 - In the language of the Scotch law, 'to approbate and reprobate.' And, where a man has an election between several Inconsistent courses of action, he will be confined to that which he first adopts.
Σελίδα 417 - When committed by accident and misfortune, in lawfully correcting a child or servant, or in doing any other lawful act by lawful means, with usual and ordinary caution, and without any unlawful intent; 2.
Σελίδα 193 - But private property shall not be taken or applied for public use, unless just compensation be first made therefor ; nor shall private property be taken for private use, or for the use of corporations, other than municipal, without the consent of the owner ; Provided, however...
Σελίδα 394 - The just rule of damages is the actual value to him who owns it, taking into account its cost, the practicability and expense of replacing it, and such other considerations as in the particular case affect its value to the owner.
Σελίδα 418 - When committed in the lawful defense of such person, or of a wife or husband, parent, child, master, mistress or servant of such person, when there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design to commit a felony, or to do some great bodily injury, and imminent danger of such design being accomplished...
Σελίδα 417 - Every other killing of a human being, by the act, procurement or culpable negligence of another, where such killing is not justifiable or excusable, or is not declared in this Chapter murder, or in this Title manslaughter of some other degree, shall be deemed manslaughter in the fourth degree.
Σελίδα 164 - March 3, 1887, which provides "that every receiver or manager of any property appointed by any court of the United States, may be sued In respect of any act or transaction of his In carrying on the business...

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