The Best Travel Writing 2007: True Stories from Around the World

James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger, Sean O'Reilly
Travelers' Tales/Solas House, Incorporated, 2007 - 316 σελίδες
Written to appeal to the curious and thoughtful traveler, the armchair adventurer, and anyone interested in great travel writing or writing about the world, this fourth entry in the popular series features an eclectic mix of authors and locales. Twenty-eight essays by 28 different writers who explore both exotic and familiar places around the world and, in the process, are transformed by their experiences. Michel Moushabeck brings the sights and sounds of 1960s Jerusalem to life in “My Very Last Summer in the Old City.” Jonas Knutsson immerses himself in Italy’s Magyar culture in “Gypsy Girls.” Sean French heads to the stark beauty of Iceland in “First Catch Your Puffin.” Adrian Cole finds a series of surprises at Heathrow Airport in the witty “England Sucks! A Love Story.” Closer to home, George Vincent Wright offers a bracing tour of New England in “Coming into the Country,” while Tony Perrottet reveals the majesty of nature in Montana and Wyoming in “Yellowstone Primeval.” Funny and profound, life-affirming and enlightening, these stories, many of them previously unpublished, bring readers to some of the most colorful corners of the world.

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