Wisconsin Session Laws, Τόμος 1

Democrat Printing Company, state printer, 1977

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Σελίδα 52 - ... upgrading, demotion or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; and selection for training, including apprenticeship. The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous places, available to employees and applicants for employment, notices to be provided by the contracting officer setting forth the provisions of this nondiscrimination clause.
Σελίδα 754 - A person, firm or corporation that uses for advertising purposes, or for the purposes of trade, the name, portrait or picture of any living person without having first obtained the written consent of such person, or if a minor of his or her parent or guardian, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
Σελίδα 696 - FORM AND SALE OF BONDS.] Bonds of an Authority shall be authorized by its resolution and may be issued in one or more series and shall bear such date or dates, mature at such time or times, bear interest at such rate or rates, not exceeding six per centum (6...
Σελίδα 559 - ... of intent reads as follows: It is the intent of the legislature that a spouse who has been handicapped socially or economically by his or her contributions to a marriage shall be compensated for such contributions at the termination of the marriage, insofar as this is possible, and may be reeducated where necessary to permit the spouse to become self-supporting at a standard of living reasonably comparable to that enjoyed during the marriage. It is further the intent of the legislature that the...
Σελίδα 273 - ... provided for witnesses in civil cases in courts of record, which shall be audited and paid by the state in the same manner as other expenses are audited and paid, upon the presentation of proper vouchers sworn to by such witnesses and approved by the chairman of the commission.
Σελίδα 758 - Such other factors, not confined to the foregoing, which are normally or traditionally taken into consideration in the determination of wages, hours and conditions of employment through voluntary collective bargaining, mediation, fact-finding, arbitration or otherwise between the parties, in the public service or in private employment.
Σελίδα 346 - ... to all associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon or over any line of railroad within this state, and to any common carrier engaged in the transportation of passengers or property wholly by rail or partly by rail and partly by water.
Σελίδα 341 - And every company whose railroad is or shall be hereafter intersected by any new railroad, shall unite with the owners of such new railroad in forming such intersections and connections, and grant the facilities aforesaid ; and if the two corporations cannot agree upon the amount of compensation to be made therefor, or the points and manner of such crossings and connections...
Σελίδα 348 - ... or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for, or on account of, any transaction, matter or thing concerning which he...
Σελίδα 336 - ... requirements of this act, he shall file the same. If he finds that it does not so conform, he shall promptly return the same to the corporation for any necessary corrections, in which event the penalties hereinafter prescribed for failure to file such report within the time hereinabove provided shall not apply, if such report is corrected to conform to the requirements of this act and returned to the Secretary of State...

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