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go to hell."

give books, and that I should not. rent. This, together with some Over and over again, they flatly de- things not connected with my donied ever giving me any permission ings, has probably aroused the gove to preach or give books. They then ernment. We feel greatly distresscalled upon me to promise that Ied on account of the disciples here would preach no more, and give no —there are also many promising more books of any kind.

inquirers, and a few who give eviI replied, “I dare not promise." dence of piety. It seems to us like They said, “ You must promise." being driven from the field of labor I replied, "I cannot, I dare not to relinquish our footing here. O make such a promise ; I fear God God! look in mercy on these milmore than kings; and if you cut off lions. The cause is God's—this is both my arms, and then my head, I a cheering thought; the counsels of cannot make such a promise." men cannot overthrow the doings

One said, “Remain quiet, and of God. But O, sir, I feel the need you can stay."

of having more of that wisdom which I replied, “I dare not remain cometh from above. quiet; I came here to preach, and One of the ministers said to me, the command of God is, to preach in “If we do not oppose you, we shall all the world."

Half a dozen cried out furiously: I said, “ Do not I preach the di“Send him away! send him away !! vine law ? ” he is not fit to live in the empire ! ” He replied, “ We dare not listen

I then made an appeal to the to you; we are afraid of hell! ” prince, the queen's brother ; he list Thus, they would have you think ened to my story till I came to that that from pious motives they set part where I said the Woongees' themselves against you. I have promise induced me to rent a house some hopes that this fit of bigotry at considerable expense. He then will wear off, and the sun of prosinquired how much money was ex- perity again shine upon our path. pended, and said the owner of the I know the day of opposition will house should pay back the money. come; I know the empire of darkI have omitted to say, in its proper ness is not to be overturned without place, that they called the owner of much toil and suffering. We must the house, and before me threatened not be discouraged; if driven from the old man with prison, and death, one point, we must seize upon anothand every thing that makes a Bur-er; and as good soldiers of the man's blood freeze in his veins, for cross of Christ, we must continue renting it to me. The poor old fel- struggling on the field of battle, till low prostrated himself before them, the triumphant shout is echoed begging for his life. Though the through heaven and through earth, old man was a great villain, I pitied " The kingdoms of this world have him, and told the ministers they had become the kingdoms of Christ." no reason to blame him, for if they PRAY FOR Us-pray for the lille had not given him permission, he bund of redeemed souls in Ava. never would have rented me his Your ever affectionate friend and house." Do not punish him for what brother, you gave him permission to do,"

Eugenio Kincaid. The old man dared not utter a word To Dr. Lemuel Covell Paine. in his own defence.

Thus I have given you a concise view of the affair; and what will be

MR. MASON TO DR. BOLLES. the result it is impossible for me to say. For two months past, great

Tavoy, July 14, 1834. numbers have been calling at the Dear Sir, house, and an increasing interest to We have but a short notice of a read our books has been very appa- vessel to Maulmein, and I can only


send you a continuation of my jour equally surprised and gratified by nal to Mergui, with a brief notice of the knowledge of scripture manifestmy present employments.

ed by some of the oldest scholars. English.

All the most important parts of the

New Testament they are both able My services in the English chapel to repeat and correctly explain; and have been as usual whenever sick- that, too, in a manner which indiness has not prevented, which it re- cated that their hearts were not unpeatedly has.

There are two or affected. three in the congregation who, I

Burman. trust, are new men in Christ, but pone have as yet been admitted to Ko Myeat h'ta, the Tavoyer I bapbaptism. Of the three Europeans tized last year, is my assistant in baptized last year, two were removed this department, and occupies the with the troops six months ago; zayat daily. He affords most valuthe third, who is in charge of the able aid, and his progress in ChrisCommissariat Department, alone re- tian knowledge is truly surprising. mains to exhibit a most interesting His respectability draws company, example of the power of religion and we have more visiters at the Before he began to entertain Chris-zayat now, than ever heretofore tian views of himself and God, he since I have been in Tavoy. Our lived unmarried with a native woman, meetings on the Sabbath also are by whom he had several children. unusually well attended. I wish I He could not give up his children could add that the truths preached nor abandon the mother that bore were blessed to their conversion. them. Christianity left him but one On Tuesday evening I conduct a alternative; and, humbling as that Burman service in the English was to the human heart, he readily chapel,--on Wednesday forenoon chose it and I married him. His Mrs. Mason has a female prayerbaptism followed, and his growth in meeting,-on Saturday night is the grace has been most apparent ever prayer-meeting for the males, and

Before his conversion he on the other evenings Burman workept a horse; but, after the event, ship is conducted in the zayat. Two he discovered that this was a luxury, persons, both females, are and a luxury with which, while he before the church and their bapcould walk, and the wants of the tisms have been appointed for Wedworld were so great, he said he was nesday. determined to dispense; and, instead

Karens. of keeping a horse, he has ever since given fisteen rupees per month,

The season precludes the possias the subscription of himself and bility of our doing much for this peofamily to the missionary society for ple at present, except in the way of the support of a native preacher. a female school in our compound, The duties of his situation require which is superintended by Mrs. but a small portion of his time, and Mason and myself, and one Christianity soon taught him that two other schools in the jungle, the rest ought to be usefully em- taught by native Christians. One ployed. To be short, he now spends great difficulty is want of books. his forenoon in the study of Burman, I have one tract nearly through the with a view of rendering himself press; and a considerable part of my useful to the native population, and time, with the aid of Moung Sha-too, his afternoons are devoted to an is devoted to the composition of English school consisting of soldiers' another intended to consist of thirty childre Portuguese children, and a small chapters, one for each day in few European soldiers who are now the month. Every chapter is in desirous of learning to read. Last three parts,-the first a striking porweek I visited his school, and was tion of scripture, the second explan




atory thereof, with practical reflec- curred, as related to me by a spections, and the third an appropriate tator :- While the persons who came hymn. It is intended to be a com- to visit the oracle were sitting round, panion for family worship, and will, he addressed the spirit, —- My Lord, at the same time, be a suitable my Lord, surely this is a difficult school-book and a useful collection affair. O my Lord, look about and of hymns for our public service until assist: this individual is most grieva larger one can be composed. ously sick.” (The spirit now speaks

Allow me just to add that Mrs. in him.) “O my disciple, my disciMason's day schools have nearly ple. A Ka-lu has got his guardian doubled their numbers since she angel and you cannot restore him.” wrote to Mrs. B. Yesterday there (The necromancer again addresses were more than fifty at the Sabbath his spirit.) “O my Lord, what shall school, which she regularly conducts we do? Speak, I entreat. Assist, every Sunday morning, the after- I beseech." (The spirit again.) noon being devoted to a Sabbath " Offer a hog and you will be delive school with the Karens.

ered, my son, my son.” Here the Yours, &c.

farce closed, and the people returned Francis Mason. to offer the hog, as they had heard

the spirit direct. These offerings MR. MASON'S JOURNAL.

are made to malignant spirits, sever

al of whom are designated by name, (Continued from p. 159.)

but others are known as the “ spirit Monday, Jan. 20.

of the waters,” “the spirit of the To-day we started on our south- forests,” “the spirit of the mounern journey, intending to go up the tains," and many others. river Ben so far as it is navigable Pla-shaw is the king of Nats; all for canoes, and then to cross over others being his servants, and apthe mountains to the Karen settle- pointed by him to the several staments in the south west. We are tions they occupy. He is worshipped encamped in a populous village of once a year, about the time of harMeet-kheens, who have nothing to vest. Spirituous liquor is poured out recommend them but what drew the to him, and fowls sacrificed, with Saviour to earth. They have been offerings of plantains and sugar-cane, visited repeatedly, yet they all re- praying as follows :—"O lord of the main decided enemies of the Gos- streams, lord of the land, lord of pel. The head man is what may be the hills, lord of the mountains, lord denominated a necromancer. He is of the trees, lord of the bamboos, one of a class of persons among the thou to whom we offer food and Karens, each of whom professes to drink of spirituous liquor, boiled possess a “ familiar spirit.” These rice, fowls, plantains, sweet sugarspirits give information to their pos- cane and ery thing, let comfort sessors concerning any future event and happiness come to us. In going respecting which inquiries may be and returning, in labor and toil, let made, more especially concerning the success attend our endeavors. Let sick. The process has been described us be exempt from enemies, and to me as follows: The necromancer wild beasts of every description." sits down cross-legged, and, placing The Thc-ray-tha-kha are the solhis hands on his knees, shakes him- diers of Pla-shaw above. They are self until he trembles all over; at represented as carrying pipes with which point the spirit enters him: very long stems, such as the Chinese he then addresses it, and the spirit use, and when they lie down in the replies through him in a manner woods to sleep, people often walk which seems to make real the poet- across their pipes, arms and legs, at ical description of the sybil when which being very indignant, they visited by Eneas.

uniformly aflict the transgressor The following is what really oc- with sickness. They are believed

to be the spirits of persons, who prived them of their aid. They say, have died violent deaths. The offer- ' had we not in ancient times disoings are made in the woods and con- beyed the instructions of the persons sist of spirituous liquor poured out, God sent us, he would have continand boiled rice scattered about. The wed to afford us the aid of such perofferings are accompanied with the sons in each succeeding generation; following prayer:"ye, who eat but because we did not obey, unhoboth raw food and cooked, ye, who ly and wicked necromancers abound have died from accident, ye, who among us." The people are all evihave been starved to death, ye, who dently conscious that the whole of have died from falls, ye, whom the these offerings 10 Nats is wrong, and tigers have devoured, ye, whom the most acknowledge them to be so, lightning has struck, 0 ye, who have which feeling is kept up by the died unhallowed deaths of whatever prophets that are constantly rising description, this person having walk-up among them, who uniformly coned across your silver pipe-stein, your demn the practice. The people are golden pipe-stem, across your arms very tenacious in protesting that it and your legs, you have brought is not religious worship, and that sickness and suffering upon him. fear only impels them to do thus, I now offer thee food and drink, of while they continue to believe in black boiled rice, and red boiled rice, and worship God. and white boiled rice, and yellow The individual before me this boiled rice, of curry also and spirit- evening says, that he gave himself uous liqnor; therefore, let this per- up in form, to the spirit he serves, son return to health again.” for fourteen years, twelve of which

They are strong believers in are already past, that he must obey witchcraft, and sometimes they are the spirit until the time expires, told that they are bewitched, in when he intends to become a Chriswhich case the rule is to take every tian. I have had a long conversathing out of the house, and throw tion with him since worship, but it it into the jungle with the follow. were as well to talk to a maniac, for ing prayer:-"O

cheet-khun witch, on this subject reason seems to have cheet-tho witch, Taling witch, Bur- left bim. man witch, dog witch, pigeon witch Jan. 21. Nya h'tsaway. This is aor sparrow witch, you have come nother large village of Meet-kheens, and asked of us food and drink, and which we reached this afternoon by we have this day given for your wading a few miles without shoes or pourishment, every thing that was stockings up a small tributary of the in the house. Go, eat and drink Ben, at the month of which we left what has been offered to you, and our canoes. The people, like all carry food to your own region, to their tribe, are characterized by disyour own city, to your own village. like to the gospel. Of one man, If

you do not go back I will cut off however, I am not without hope ; he your head, and overcome you with hangs around us now, as he did last my weapon." The last sentence is year when we were here, but his uttered, while flourishing a knife or confidence in God is not yet strong sword about the house.

enough to overcome his fear of maThese necromancers are regarded lignant spirits. as wicked men, and like the spirits The head man, who was our viowhich they serve, are feared by the lent enemy last year, lies in a high people. Tradition says, that formerly fever, afraid, he says, of dying and God gave them a succession of in- going to hell, and appears very dividuals, who were instructed by grateful for the medicine I have prehimself to give occasional informa- scribed for him. tion in relation to future events, but Two Toung-thoos are here, with the instruction of these pious indi- whom I have had a long conversaviduals being neilected, God de- ltion, but find them incorrigible Bood

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hists. There are none of the tribe i written too much about ourselves.
dwelling in this province, but a few In this letter I wish to write of
came, trading in trinkets, froin the something more important. Still
provinces of Maulmein and Marta- self is so sly it may insinuate itself
ban, where they reside. They claim even here to some extent. I wish
the honor of first bringing the Bood- to plead the cause of the heathen.
hist scriptures from Ceylon, and it is, It is true we have not been a long
I belie generally conceded there, time in this country, but we have
though not strictly correct; for, al- been long enough to perceive what
though Bug-da-gan-tha was born heathenism is, not only in theory but
among them, he was the son of a in practice. The daily and hourly
Brahmin. This honor proved their degradations and abominations we
ruin ; for, in the year eight hundred witness, pain our souls. Humanity
and eighty-six of the Christian era, revolts, decency is outraged, natural
when Bug-da-gan-tha returned from affection, except in its basest forms,
Ceylon with two copies of the scrip- is unknown-humble poverty is op-
tures, the Toung-thoos were an in- pressed, and iniquity triumphs. A
dependent nation, governed by kings full fed, insolent, indolent and almost
of their own. These nations were innumerable priesthood riot upon
unquestionably Boodhists, before the wealth of the country, and delude
Boodhism was introduced from Cey- the people with a superstition which
lon; and, when it was noised abroad God abhors. Have Americans com-
that the king of the Toung-thoos passion? here is a field for its exer-
was in possession of the copies of cise.—Do they love decency ? let
books so valuable, the king of Pug- them try to implant that love here.
han sent and demanded one. The Have they a regard for the ties of
Toung-thoos refused to comply with nature ? let them teach that regard.
the demand and war ensued in which Do they love freedom? let them
they were completely conquered, compassionate the oppressed. Do
their royal family exterminated, and they hate imposture? let them at-
their capital, the sight of which is tempt its overthrow. Do they fear
still shown near the Seet-toung riv. God? let them persuade their fellow-
er, was razed to the ground. The beings to fear him too. But earthly
people were carried into captivity,I circumstances and prospects are
or driven into the forest where they hardly worth mentioning here. The
have since dwelt.

prospects of a future state to such
(To be continued.)

beings, as they are disclosed to a

believer of revelation, are appalling.

An apostle has said, “Now the
works of the flesh are adultery, for-

nication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, The following letter, which has been idolatry, variance, emulation, wrath, kindly passed to us for publication, needs strife, seditions, heresies, envyings,

We would simply reiterate murders, drunkenness, revellings, the expostulatory demand of our beloved and such like; and that they which

do such things shall not inherit the brother, “ If men do not think, how can

kingdom of God,”—and I can safely they act? When called to any important add, that if such be the fact, for this station at hoine, they think, and think people as a mass there is nothing deeply, whether they shall accept it. but a “certain fearful looking for of Why will they not think about poor, judgment and fiery indignation." miserable, deluded, perishing pagans?” They know not God and our Lord

Jesus Christ. In view of their charMR. JONES TO REV. II. MALCOM.

acter and prospects and the comBankok, Siam, Jan. 16, 1834. mands of the Saviour, I ask, what Dear Brother,

ought Christians in America to do? In writing to you hitherto, I have Ought they to be contented with a


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