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trifling annual or monthly contribu- | must be done quickly. The work
tion, which they can spare as well will require the utmost diligence
as not, and a few stated prayers that not of one, or two or half a dozen
God's kingdom may come? They solitary laborers, but of multitudes.
cannot feel as we do who see the It cannot be accomplished by con-
heathen in all their wretchedness, tributions, be they ever so liberal,
but they can read their Bibles. or prayers, be they ever so holy ; men
They can pray on their knees to must come, men full of faith and of
God, and ask him what he would the Holy Ghost must come, and
have them to do. They can con- study, and labor, and preach, and,
template the example and precepts perhaps, suffer. When we think of
of our blessed Redeemer, and ask the centuries that have rolled away
what they require. They can look since Jesus suffered, and the ex-
forward to the judgment day, and ceedingly limited extent of Chris-
consider what the scrutiny of that tianity, while we most fervently im-
day will demand of them. When I plore God's grace for the heathen,
look back to the hours I spent in we cannot but also beg of Him, to
considering whether I should be forgive Christians for their apathy
come a missionary to the heathen, I and inactivity in an enterprise so
wonder and am astonished at my dear to God, so immeasurably im-
self. May God pardon me that I portant to man. And while we beg
hesitated so long.' What! love the forgiveness of what is past, we pray
Saviour and hesitate about making for guidance and activity in future
his salvation known to millions of efforts. We do not say cease your
benighted men! Love him, and contributions, or cease your prayers
hesitate to obey his last cominand! —but while you give your property
Situated as I am now, alone, in the and your supplications to such a
midst of millions of idolaters hast. cause, give yourselves also. Pray
ening like myself to death and judg- for us, and come and help us.
ment, I want to raise my feeble Dear brother, I pray you, stir up
voice and let it resound till it should the disciples of Christ to this enter-
reach my antipodes, and cry, Breth- prise- with all the might that God
ren, awake! awake!-call upon God, shall give.-Have you not some men
that, as he has had mercy on you, in your church who love the Re-
and given you a title to heaven, he deemer's cause, and the souls of
would also have compassion on your their fellow-beings, enough to come
fellow-beings, and save them from up to the help of the Lord against
hell. The time is come when Zion the mighty ? Get them to consider
must arise and shine, and if you it. There are many young men of
altogether hold your peace, deliver- sterling worth, who have just enter-
ance shall arise from some other ed or are about to enter the minis-
quarter, and the delight of doing try at home—who have never had
God's service shall be denied you. one serious thought whether it was
Awake, and come to our aid, ye not their duty to become missiona-
young men who would part with life ries to the heathen.-If men do not
rather than the hopes you cherish. think, how can they act? When
Do you believe God, when he says called to any important station at
his "Son shall have the heathen for home, they think, and think deeply,
his inheritance?” The inheritance whether they shall accept it. Why
of the Saviour shall believe on him, will they not think about poor, miser
but “ how shall they believe on him able, deluded, perishing pagans? I
of whom they have not heard ? and conjure them, by every thing that is
how shall they hear without a sacred, not to ask where they can
preacher?” Do, dear brethren, re- best enjoy themselves, and have most
member time is short. The athen spiritual privileges—but

re are are dying by thousand-, if not by they called by the command of millions, every year. What you do, Christ, the claims of humanity, and

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the awards of eternity! “The Lord we want help. We want a white give them wisdom.”

man of bright talents and good eduTruly yours,

cation ; and I verily believe one may JNO. TAYLOR Jones. come with safety, if acclimated at Rev. H. Malcom.

Bassa. We have three men here

that might be employed with advanP. S. In my opinion, it deserves tage. The first organized Tempervery serious consideration whether ance Society in the Colony was laymen, in considerable numbers, formed at Édina, January 1. In ought not to devote themselves to 20 days including to-day, we have the service of the heathen by a per- obtained two hundred and sixty-one sonal residence among them. A signers to total abstinence. I obmerchant, such as Mr. W. was in tained seventy-seven signers in a France, with a knowledge of the lan- meeting at Caldwell

, Tuesday eveguage, and Christian books in his ning last. There is some attention hand, might have access to thousands to the things of religion there. May whom a missionary would never see, God bless you, and the Board and and exert an influence which a mis- Society with which you stand consionary could not, inasmuch as they nected, and if you do any thing here, (the natives) think the propagation direct you by his providence to do of religion is a missionary's trade. it in the best manner for his glory An American merchant here would and the advancement of truth, is the be regarded with much favor, as the earnest prayer of your affectionate Siamese are very fond of foreign brother in Christ, articles; as cloths, hardware, &c.,

EZEKIEL SKINNER. and are particularly desirous of see

Rev. Lucius Bolles. ing Ainerican vessels. Now would be a favorable time, as the Ameri In a postseript dated March 3, 1935, cans have just formed a treaty of Dr. S. subjoins,amity and commerce with Siam. No fears need be entertained regarding Caldwell of twelve members, seven of

A church has been constituted at success in their business.

whom have been recently baptized:

fourteen or filteen more, meinbers Liberia.

of other churches, we expect will

join us soon. We have obtained to DR. SKINNER TO DR. BOLI.ES.

the total abstinence pledge in respect Monrovia, Jan. 19, 1835. to ardent spirit, five hundred and Dear Sir,

three in two months and two days; I would inform you, that a Baptist that article, that for a month past

and it is agreed by three venders of church was formed the last week in they have not sold more than a ninth December, at Edina, of thirteen per- or ienth part as much spirit, as they sons that came out in the expedition usually have in the same length of from Pennsylvania, to be settled

time. at Port Cresson, in Bassa Cove, eight males and five females. This is the fourth Baptist church in the col

indian Stations. ony. Five were baptized on Saturday, 17th, at Caldwell, and a church REV. EVAN JONES TO DR. will be formed there on the second

BOLLES. Friday in February, unless it should Valley Towns, C. N. April 7, 1835. be thought best to do it before. Our presont calculation is to form an Rev. and dear Brother, Association on the third Friday of We have just closed a series of February, which will probably be meetings of three days' continuance. the First Baptist Association ever This appointment was made for the formed in Africa. We are poor, and í purpose of bidding the brethren fare

as we can.

well, preparatory to my starting for, present year for this cause."

The venethe General Convention.

rable Jesse Mercer, in a letter to the Cor. The prospect at present is quite responding Secretary, dated Washington encouraging. Attention to the Gos- June 3, speaking of the meeting of the pel is gradually and steadily increas- Georgia State Convention, says, “ All was ing. At the meetings which we

harimony and brotherly love. The inhave just closed, applications were made from seven different settle-creased interest felt was manifest in the ments for preaching, besides those increased funds sent up for the various

In view at which we statedly attend. Two objects before the Convention. of the places are 40 and 50 miles of the resolve to raise at least $100,000 distant, and the others from 16 to 30 this year by the General Convention, our miles.

Convention resolved to make an effort to Not being able to attend all these raise $3000 of that sum.” The Rev. J. places regularly, we have concluded Hariwell, who was appointed by the to visit them occasionally as often Board to an Agency at the South, has The members of the church

also received several unequivocal tokens

generally appear to be advancing in the of the favor with which the plan is re

He divine life. Many are quite humble, garded by our southern brethren. devoted Christians. Family wor- / writes thus: ship is regarded as a sacred duty,

Soon after my return I was relatand the fruits of family religion are ing the circumstances of the meetfrequently witnessed in the conver-ing, with our pro pects and the sion of the children and other $100,000 resolution, to a brothbranches of professing families.

er at his fire-side, when he, of his The political troubles which at this own accord, presented me with a time disturb the cominunity, may hundred dollar bill, to carry forward seem to forbid the hope that much the noble object. Another put into attention could be directed to any my hand forly dollars, &c.

I am other object; but the fact is, that persuaded that nothing but informamoral and intellectual culture, do- tion and effort is wanting, to bring mestic industry and domestic virtue forth from South Carolina Baptists are making rapid advances among their full proportion of the hundred them.

thousand. Neither do I believe I am, Rev. and dear Sir, your obe- that the other southern States will dient servant in the Gospel,

be behind their more favured sisters Evan Jones

at the north.


Mr. COLUMBUS F. STURGIS, ord. 'The Resolve of the Convention to “en.

missionary to the Cherokees, at Augusta, deavor, by the blessing of God, to raise Geo. March 8, 1835. at least $100,000 during the coming year,

Mr. TRUMAN (). JUDD, ord. pastor of for the purpose of sending the Gospel to

the Baptist church in Middletown, April 2.

Mr. LEMUEL COVELL, ord. pastor of the heathen,” has been met, so far as we the Baptist church in Athens, N. Y. have learned, with decided approbation. April 23. It is stated in the Baptist Register that,

Mr. William H. DALRYMPLE, ord, at the Anniversary meeting of the New pastor of the Baptist church in Abington,

April 29. York Baptist Association in May, the Mr. RICHARD N. HERNDON, ord. Rer Mr. Dunbar announced to the As- evangelist at Long Branch, Fauqnier Co. Bociation that “the church in McDougal Virg: May 25.

Mr. LORENZO O. COVELL, ord. pas. street (N. Y. city,) of which he was pas. tor of the Baptist church in West Boylstor, had resolved to raise $1,000 the I ton, June 3.

Account of Moneys, received in Donations, by the Treasurer of the General

Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States, for Foreign

Missions, from April 15 to June 15, 1835. From Rev. I. M. Allen, Agent of Baptist General Tract Society, to aid in publishing Practs in Buimah, by Rev. Otis Briggs,

$100,00 The Young Ladies Retrenchment Soc. of Federal Streci Bap

tist Church, for support of native Burinan teachers, by a

Baptist State Convention of Alabama, in a letter from Mr. A. G.

132,00 Male and Female Missionary Society of Andover, Vt. from Rev. Joel Manning, by band of A. B. Foster, Esq.

23,00 Mr. Joseph Fogg, Readfield, Me. Treas. Kennebec Aux. For.

Miss. Soc. by hand of Mr. J. Lambert, for the education of
Timothy Boutelle, 25; and Sunuel Francis Sinith, 12,50, 37.50
Burman Tracts, 4; Burman Mission, 172,50,


214,00 Miss Betsey Spragnie, of Altleboro', for Jewelry,

4,50 Mrs. H. Tafi, 1; a friend in Wrenthain, 1;

2,00 by Rev. J. E. Forbush,

6,50 Sunbury, Ga. Fem. Cent Soc. by Prof. Ripley,

51,25 Rev. J. Billings, Addison, Me. by Capt. J. Reynolds,

10,00 Dea. J. Brigus, of Colerain, Mass. for Dur. Tracts, 1; Bur. Schools, 1; by H. Thoinpson, Esq.

2,00 Catskill, N. Y. Bap. Ch. by W. A. Wilson,

11,00 N. J. State Convention, by P. P. Runyon, Treas.

Chenango For. Miss. Soc. Aux. hy 1. Randall, Treas. 112,00
Fem. For. Wiss. Soc. of Mulberry St. Bap. Ch. N. Y. for Bur.

Mies. 1834 & 5, 100; froin same, to educate Ann H. Jud.
son, for 1834 & 5, 40,

Hall amount of Collections at Mon. Con. from same, 23,56
Col. after a sermon by Rev. Mr. Wade,

Donations, 10,60; Sabbath School, 15,27,

Bible Class, 1834 & 5,

Deduct advances made by Treas. of Mulberry St. Soc.
in 1832 & 3,


94,11 Col. at Mon. Con. in Brockville, U. C. for Bur. Miss.

10.00 Lewis Porter, Treas. Seneca Co. Miss. Soc.

80.00 J. Nickerson, Treas. Madison Bap. For. Miss. Soc.

600,00 by W. Colgate, Esq.

-1207,11 Cumherland, Me. For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. W. R. Stockbridge,

Treas. viz. S. School 1st. Ch. Brunswick, 6,10; Fem. Bur. Soc.
N. Yarmouth, 19,41; Male Prim. Soc. N. Yarınouth, 19,38;
Mission Box, do. 3,87; R. Mitchell, ,37; Fem. Prim. Soc. Vila
lage Ch. Brunswick, 12,25; avails of a Ring, 1,50; Rev. B. Tit.
eomb, 2,00; Male Prim. Soc. New Gloucester, 7,25; Fem.
Prim. Soc. New Gloucester, 6,10; Male Prim. do. at Bath,
13,50; Mission Box, 11,50; Fem. l'rim. Soc. at Bath, 25;
Male Prim. Suc. at Freeport, 8,50; Fem. Prim. Soc. at Freeport,

12,00; Col. at Bath, 5,37; Fein. Prim. Soc. N. Yarmouth, 21; 175,10 Fem. Bur. Miss. Soc. Kingsville, Ohio, by Rev. A. Chapin,

20,00 Mrs. A. P. Stanghton, for Phil. Fem. Bur. Ed. Soc. to educate William and Maria Staughton,

100,00 Phil. Fem. Bib. Soc. for Bur. Bible, by Mrs, E. C. Allen,

100,00 2d Bap. Ch. Phil. for Bur. Bib. by Rev. I. M. Allen,

100,00 Bap. Gen. Tract Soc. for Bur. Tracts, by do. Agent,

300,00 W. Winterton, Esq. for support of Ko Thah-a, 3d payment,

100,00 Avails of Jewelry, by a family in Richmond, Va.

2,00 American Bible Society for Bibles in the Burman Empire,

1000,00 Dea. Levi Morrill, Treas. Penobscot Aux. For. Miss. Soc.

214,00 Friends at Powelion, Ga. for Bur. Bib. 25; Friends in Sparta, Ga.

5,08 for Bur. Bib.; Mr. G. Leaves of Milledgeville, Ga. for Bur. Bib.
5,00; Mr. D. Bathea, of Ala. 8,00; Georgia Bap. Convention,

536; Mr. G. Camp, of Ga. 3, for Bur. Miss.; Rev. E. Battle, of
Missis. 10; Geo. Bap. Conv. for Bur. Bib. 111; Rev. J. Mat.
thews, Ga. 10 ; Geo. Bap. Conv. for Bur. Tracts, 3,00,
by Rev. Jesse Mercer,

716,00 Bib. Class, Frankfort, Pa. Bap. Ch. in aid of the Karens, by I. Mul. ford, Treas. &c.

10,00 Juv. Ind. Miss. Soc. 5th Bap. Ch. Philad. Mrs. E. A. Crosby, Treas. 62,00 Rer. Alfred Bennell, collected by him as agent of the Board,

818,19 Gennesee Bap. Assoc. by Rev. J. Clark, of Batavia,

115,00 For. Miss. Soc. of Hoiland Purchase, N. Y. by Rev. E. Tucker, of Buffalo,

300,00 Miss. Soc. of South Bap. Ch. N. Y. by Rev. C. G. Sommers, 225,00 Ladies in do. for sup. of Fem. School in Ava, by do.

100,00 Also a box of sundries for saine, valued at $75. Ladies of the For. Miss. Soc. of Ist Bap. Soc. Providence, R. I. for support of Ko 'Thah-a,

100,00 Rev. D. Witt, by the Churches of which he is pastor,

100,00 Mount Tirzalı, Shiloh, Ash Camp, Mossingford and Antioch, Va. Churches, by Rev. G. Mason, pastor,

100,00 Scholars in Milton Street Sab. Sch. Boston, by Mr. Cobh,

2,06 Fem. Harseltine Miss. Soc. of King and Q. Co. Va. Mrs. C. W. Ry. land, Sec.

100,00 Bap. Fein. For. Miss. Soc. Amity Street, N. Y. Mary Edwards, Treasurer,

105,00 Youth's Miss. Soc. 2d Bap. Ch. Richmond, Va. I. Rust, Treas. 221,82 Penn. Bap. For. Miss. Soc. Rev. S. Huggens, Treas.

200,00 East Jersey Bap. For. Miss. Soc. by Rev. G. S. Webb,

130,00 Bap. Fem. Miss. Soc. of Baltimore, Md. by Rev. J. G. Binney, 100,00 Brooklyn, N. Y. Fem. Juv. Bur. Sch. Soc. to educate Sarali Boardman, 4th payment, Mrs. S. Crosby, Treas.

22,00 Bap. Ch. Great Valley, Penn. by Rev. L. Fletcher, pastor,

100,00 Evangelical Soc. Columbian College, by Dr. Chapin,

100,00 Youth's For. Miss. Soc. Portsmouih, Va. to educate a heathen youth to be named Thomas Flume,

25,00 Bap. Ch. Portsmouth, Va. per Rev. Thos. Hume,

75,00 Fein. Miss. Soc. Ist Bap. Ch. Philadelphia, per Rev. W. T. Brantley, 200,00 Bap. Ch. McDougal st. New York, by Rev. D. Dunbar, pastor, 100,00 Soc. of Inquiry of Vir. Bap. Seminary, by Rev. W. F. Nelson, 100,00 Mr. J. Rorer, of Frankford, Pa. per Rev. I. M. Allen,

5,00 Dea. and Mrs. Lapham, or Hamilion, N. Y., parents of Mrs. Wade, 15,00 Ladies in Bap. Cong. Chencyville, La. for bur. Bib.-Rev. J. B. Smith, 100,00 Richmond, Va. African Bap: Bliss. Soc. to support a colored missionary in Africa,

156,82 Va. Bap. Miss. Soc. for Bur. Misg. 354,14—Bur. Bible 54,55— African Mis. 82, 73—General purposes 400,79, 892,21 by A. Thomas, Treas.

1049,03 Bur. Bib. Soc. Bruington, K. & Q. Co. Va. A. Fleet, Treas.

30,00 J. Withers, Esq. of Alexandria, D. C. for Bur. Mies.

50,00 G. Scruggs, of Huntsville, Ala., for Bur. Miss. by Rev. C. C. P. Crosby, 5,00 Bap. Fem. Mis. Soc. Brooklyn, N. Y. by Rev. L. Howard,

200,00 For. Mis. Soc. Ist. Bap. Ch. Richmond, Va. for Miss. 10 China, 169,65 Burman schools,

30,35 by James Sizer, Esq.

200,00 Goose Creek Ch. (of Ketochton Assoc.) by Rev. W. F. Broaddus, 5,00 Dr. W. Gwathney, King William Co. Va.,

5,00 Miss Harriet Hadley, Nashville, N. C. for Bur. Bible,

2,00 Karen Suc. Society Hill, s. C. 45,-Rev. R. Nav ier, Bennetisville,S .C.5,50,00 Fem. Mon. Concert for Bur. Bible, per Rev. J. C. Furman,

10,00 Sansom Sı. Phil. Bap. Fem. Soc. for sup. of For. Ev. Miss., for sund's, 466,00 Bap. Ch. New Market St. Phil., per Rev. J. H. Kennarıl,

60,00 Children Mr. K. P. Anderson of Washington, D. C., besides 3 rings, 14,00 Rev. J. E. Welch of N. J.

5,00 Fem. Karen Svc. Upper Alton, III. 20,25_contributed by others, 3,75, by Rev. J. M. Peck,

24,00 Miss Martha Booker, Amelia, Va. 5,00—Rev. V. M. Mason, 5,00, 10,00

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