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Oliver St. N. Y. Fem. For. Miss. Soc., per Mrs, Purser,

208,73 Oliver St. Burman School Soc.

87,10 Oliver St. For. Miss. Soc., 981,00—Females in same Ch. to support

Indian child named Sally w. Cone, 10,00—A friend for Bur. Bible, 7,00—African Mission, 2,00 per Rev. S. H. Cone,

1000,00 Poriland Bur. Fem. Ed. Soc., Jane Radford, Treas., to support Mar. tha Mayo, 50,00—Elizabeth Nelson, 50,00

100,00 A friend in Richmond, Va., by Dr. Bolles,

10,00 Ladies of Longtown, S. C. Bap. Ch., for the circulation of the Bible among Burman women, per Mrs. F. D. Furman,

50,00 E. Monroe, 3,00—D. Trump, 4,00—Bap. Ch. Smithfield, Pa.

5,50—Mrs. Lake, 2,75–Onondaga Bap. For. Miss. Soc. J. Munro, Treas. 296,76

312,01 A friend, 1,00-B. F. Alden, Annsville, 33,31-C. Walker,

Burlington Flats, 10,00—Bap. Ch. Sennett, E. Healy, 25 ;
S. Smith, Volney, 5,00 - for Bur. Miss.

74,31 A sister in Becket, Ms. for China Miss. 1,00 Bur. Tracts, 1, 2, per Messrs. Bennett & Bright, Utica, N. Y.,

388,32 From Mission. box of a little girl at Eastport, per Mrs. Hayden, 2,60 Legacy of Mrs. Clarissa Long, late of Shelburne, Mass., for Burman

Bille, 150,00 — Bur. Female Schools, 37,50, (besides 37,50 in trust for Am. Bap. Home Miss. Soc.,)

187,50 Rev. Otis Converse, Tress. Worcester Bap. Assoc.

15,25 Fem. Ben. Soc. of Ist Bap. Ch. Pittsburgh, Penn. 10,00—Juv. Soc. of do. 8,00-col. at Mon. Con. 2,00—by Rev. S. Williams,

20,00 Levi Peirce, Esq., Treas. Old Colony Bap. Miss. Soc. Mass. for Bur. Miss. and Bur. Bible,

208,72 Rev. S. Peck,

15,00 New Hampshire Bap. Conv., W. Gault, Esq., of Concord, Treas., by Rev. E. E. Cumınings,

500,00 Ladies in Hopkinton, by Rev. C. Train,

7,50 Female friend, for Bible in Burmah, by Mr. H. Lamb,

,50 Prinary Soc. connected with 20 Bap. Ch. and Soc. in Hallowell, by Rev. Mr. Drink water,

10,50 Bap. Ch. Pawtucket, R. 1. collected at Mon. Con., by Rev. J. Blain, 11,64 Sisters in Bap. Ch. Pittsfield, Ms. to ed. Bur. sem., by Rev. Mr. Francis, 11,00 Col. at Mon. Con. Ist Bap. Ch. Wicklord, R. I., by Rev. B. C. Grafton, 10.00 Friend in Virginia, for African Mission,

100,00 Miss. Soc. of 2d Bap. Ch. Brunswick, Me.,

10,00 Lady in Maine, by H. Homes, Esq.,

3,00 Rev. J. Gillpatrick of Bluebill, Me., Treas. of Hancock Aux. F. M. S., 135,12 Oliver St. N. Y. For. Miss. Soc., in trust, for the distribution of the

Scriptures in Orissa, under the supervision of Rev. A. Sution, by Rev. S. II. Cone,

200,00 Col. at Mon. Con. Isi Bap. Ch. Hingham, Miss Polly Barnes, Treas., 13,39 Friend to Foreign Missions in Bramtree, Mass.

5,00 Dea. Jos. Fogg, Treas. Kunnelec For. Miss. Soc., per J. Smith, Esq., 70,00 Mrs. Wright of Fitzwilliain, N. H. by Mrs. Blanchard,

1,00 Framingham Juv. Soc. for Mrs. Kincaid's school-- Miss E. H. Bigelow', Treas. (with a box of school apparatus valued at 8,)

3,50 Mr. Caleb Brayton, Treas. Washington Co. N. 1. Bap. Miss. Soc., 32,00 Mrs. John Smilli, Treas. Bur. Fem. Ed. Soc. of 6th St. Bap. Ch. Cincinnati,

117,10 Col. at Mon. Con, for Bur. Miss. per Mrs. Smith, in do., 31,62 James Thomas of Harrisburghi, la., collected atdlon. Con. at his louse, for Bure Miss.,

7,00 David E. Stratham of Cheviot, O., from Bethel Bap. Ch. and Cong., for Bur. Miss.

34,95 Rev. W.C. Wurfield of Trenton, Ky., from friends to For. Miss. for tracts to the heathen,

10,00 per Dea. Julm Smith of Cincinnati,

203,67 Mre. O. J. Favor, Treas. Sharon Bap. Fem. For. Miss. Soc. Mass., per C. Joboson,

9,25 Young members of 1st Bap. Ch. Providence, R. I., for support of a male child in Burmah,

25,00 Sulecriber to the Southern Baptist, S. C., per Rev. W. H. Brisbane, 5,00

H. LINCOLN, Treasurer.



Vol. 15.

August, 1835.

No. S.

ABIDING IN CHRIST. When Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end. With the most tender solicitude for their welfare and a solemnity such as could have been imparted only by the near prospect of Gethsemane and the Cross, he forewarned them of the dangers to which they would be exposed, spread before them the encouragements best fitted to cheer their desponding hearts, and pointed out the essential means of their security and final deliverance.

Of the instructions given by our Saviour to his disciples on the night preceding his crucifixion, no one exceeds in importance the injunction to abide in him. See with what authoritative and persuasive urgency he enforces its desirableness. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh away; and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it that it may bring forth more fruit. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine, no more can ye except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: he that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered; and men gather them and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall

ye be my disciples.”

Professed disciple of Jesus Christ, do you regard the will, do you confide in the wisdom, do you revere the authority of your

is with you.

Lord? Have you received of his spirit, and would you glorify the Father, that 80 you may be bis disciple? And would you have power with him, that you may prevail, ask what you will? Abide ihen in him, while he abides in you. Abide in him, as the branch abideth in the vine.

1. Distinctly and uniformly recognize his presence, and rejoice in it. Let it be your spontaneous and habitual thought that Christ

Let it dwell in your mind. And let it not be a merely intellectual apprehension; let it be associated with a decided conviction, a deep wrought feeling, that Christ is present; let it be a thought of the heart. At the same time, be perfectly aware that Christ is not unobserving in his attendance. Let the eye of faith meet his eye. Cherish a confident persuasion that he not only goes with you wherever you go, and stays with you wherever you stay,—but that he notes all your conduct, hears all your words, marks all your thoughts and feelings. Let the involuntary and daily suggestions of your heart be, "Thou, God, seest me; Thou ponderest my path; Thou understandest my thought afar off.” As the eye witnesses the presence of the objects which it beholds and gives a full assurance of their reality, so let your faith, looking on Christ who is ever present, recognize his presence in every place, and see him as he is. Cherish also an habitual and holy delight in his presence. See how effulgent are the glories of Christ. Mark how attractive his condescension and sympathy. Be it your fixed and all-engrossing object to be formed under his immediate inspection, and by his direct agency, after the model of his purity and loveliness. Let the exceeding blessedness of so endearing an intimacy be interwoven with the principles of your moral constitution. Maintain a distinct apprehension of the desirableness of Christ's presence, even when oppressed with the consciousnes of guilt or a sense of his displeasure. And let your rejoicing that he is with you, being deliberately sanctioned by the understanding and having its seat deep in the affections, exist independently of all circumstances: let it be unvarying and perpetual.

2. Habilually look to Christ for instruction and governmeri. Earnestly covet his counsels, thankfully welcome his tinely admonitions. Having selected him for your teacher, yield implicit deference to hiin respecting the subjects of inquiry, the spirit and manner of your investigations, and the sentiments you finally adopt. In full belief of your entire dependence on him for the appropriate exercise of your powers, and for all the necessary aids to their most effective cultivation and developement, beseech him to pour out upon you an impartial love of the truth, an untiring zeal for the acquisition of sound knowledge, and docility and discretion in the use of the appointed means: look to him for the adjustment of all providential circumstances: seek of him the communication of all spiritual aid: depend on him, and on hiin supremely, for desire and purpose, for wisdom, opportunity and success: and while you disclaim an exclusive confidence in man, even for the attainment of human science, bear in mind especially that through Christ


you make all your advances in divine wisdom and spiritual understanding, and, above all, acquire that knowledge of himself which is “ life eternal.”—And while he is thus your chosen counsellor, and you exercise unwavering trust in his wisdom, love and faithfulness, regard hiin also as your Sovereign, and yield implicit obedience to bis authority. Let the uniform sentiment of your heart be, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?”

“ As the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress,” so let your eyes wait upon the Lord your God. And as there is singleness of purpose in your efforts to learn his will, as your solicitude is simply to ascertain the true import of what he says or does, and no selfish considerations are allowed to blind or divert your attention,-in like manner, when you perceive his intimations and understand their meaning, let there be an entire and cordial acquiescence. Let the cheerful promptitude of your obedience evince the reality of your professed devotedness and the genuineness of your zeal.

3. Look to Christ for sanctification, support, and final salvation Conscious of the deep and all-pervading corruption of your nature despair of ever being purified and renovated except by his agency Cast away all hope of essential reform from the seriousness an multitude of your reflections, the pungency of your convictions, or the bitterness of your regrets. Place no confidence in the ve hemence of your desires, none in the cool determination of your purposes. The constancy of your vigilance and the resoluteness of your resistance against temptation, the number and skill o. your measures of precaution, the favoring influence of circum stances and the timely co-operation of human aid, all these consider alike inadequate. Efficient help can come from Christ only: let this be your fixed belief: and he must impart this help freely and gratuitously, or you are lost. Cherishing sentiments like these, fix your eye upon your Saviour, and with humility and deep solicitude wait for the communications of liis grace.


behold the glorious excellences of his character and burn with a holy emulation to attain some resemblance to him, or listen with childlike deference to his instructions and precepts, and vigorously endeavor to carry them into full execution, hold steadfastly upon the fundamental principle that he who has begun a good work in you must himself carry it on, and that while you work out your salvation with fear and trembling, he must work in you both to will and to do. And do not look to Christ for strength alone: he is your consolation and your encouragement, your peace and your joy. Are you oppressed with calamities? Christ has overcome the world. Are you encompassed with spiritual foes? He has spoiled principalities and powers. Are you burdened with iniquities? He has blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was against you. And having received of the Father the promised Spirit, he imparts consolations neither few nor small, leads on to victory the most weak and trembling of his followers, and sheds down that peace of God which passes all understanding. In like man

ner, in regard to your final salvation, confide not in native righteousness and good works, make no plea of repentance, supplications and sacrifices, indulge no hope of an unconditional exercise of divine mercy.

To escape the penalty of God's violated law and to enter upon the everlasting blessedness and glory of the heavenly state, let your only hope be Curist Jesus. Christ has died, once for all, and has thereby rendered it consistent for God to be “the justifier of every one that believeth in Jesus." He has also been raised from the dead by the power of the Father, and having sit down at the right hand of the Majesty on high he ever liveth to make intercession for his people; and being appointed Judge of the quick and the dead, he will at length gather to himself all whom the Father hath given him, and will present them faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.

4. Maintain a vivid apprehension of your entire and unalterable demerit of Christ's regard. Aside from your original unworthiness of the intimacy or even the notice of the divine Saviour, in consideration of your finite and depraved nature, be aware of your unspeakable debasement in consequence of your voluntary transgressions. Be equally apprized of your utter inability to render your inferiority less in the slightest degree. Were you to become at once holy as the spirits of the just made perfect, and henceforward employ every power of your nature in promoting incessantly and by the most efficient means the glory of Christ, you know full well that you would forever remain at an infinite remove from an equality with your Lord, and that your past criminality and original worthlessness would continue unaltered and unalterable. Let your utter unprofitableness to Christ be no less readily conceded. He has no need of any of your services; and though he condescends to employ your instrumentality, that you may have an opportunity to attest your love and gratitude to him, yet what does he receive that he did not first bestow? Who gave grace and implanted the disposition to do his will? Who communicated the wisdom and the strength? Who furnished the times and seasons? Who has sustained in trial, guarded against temptation, encouraged in conflict? Who, in a word, has bestowed all, and upheld all, and wrought all, except as it has been corrupted or misdirected by the folly or the sinfulness of the instrument?

In brief, would you abide in Christ, be in the settled habit of doing through life what you did in the hour of your regeneration. You then went to Christ, rejoiced in his manifest presence in that time of need, asked of him heavenly wisdom and divine guidance, freely engaged to perform his will while you honestly endeavored to ascertain it, and reposed in him alone all hope of deliverance from sin, of strength to persevere, of consolation in trial, and of final acceptance with God. If you would abide in Christ, do this so continually that it shall become a habit; a habit not loose and easily cast off; but a habit of the soul, to throw aside which would rend asunder the essential principles of your moral being.


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