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there is, generally, a pleasing refore By a letter from Mr. Slater, dated mation in progress in regard to beThomas, Mich. Territory, June 11, we

nevolent effort, and foreign missions

as well as other benevolent objects have received the painful intelligence that of the day, will shortly receive imMrs. S's. health is greatly impaired, and portant aid, it is contidently believed, that her physician considers her case to from the States beyond the mousbe one of pulinonary consumption. There tains. had of late been a conversion of one of

In Ohio and Indiana, the prospect the Indians, by name Mokiehemeen, who is flattering. A redeeming spirit has was baptized April 26.

gone forth, which will soon give them a prominent place in the active

ranks of Zion, and show that they Domestic.

are not the least among the thousands of Israel.

During this itineracy, auxiliary THE Societies have been visited, encour

aged and strengthened, and some

new ones formed; but the chief labor During the two years and five has been expended in removing the months which have elapsed since I rubbish, that the foundation might be entered upon the service of the Con- laid for solid, permanent, and efficvention, I have presented to the ient efforts to be systematically put Christian public the great object of forth. The great object of the agent this Society,—to give the Bible to the has been to diffuse information, world and the Gospel to every crea- and rouse up the energies of the soul ture,—and have urged it upon their in full view of the commission, “ Go prayerful attention, more or less, in teach all nations,” and to show, that the States of Virginia, Kentucky, this high obligation rests upon the Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, New church, and that she is responsible, Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. under divine direction and influence,

In the latter State, however, the for its fulfilment; that it grows out labor was rather incidental, and the of the nature of religion in the soul, time spent and labor performed were to love our neighbor as ourselves, wholly gratuitous.

and to seek the best good and hapIn Virginia, the interest expressed piness of all mankind ; and that in in behalf of Foreign Missions was doing this, we are called upon most worthy of the cause, and amply sus. imperatively to use to the best adtained the high reputation which its vantage all our time, talents, properinhabitants have long enjoyed. ty and influence, to extend the

The time spent in New Jersey knowledge of the Lord in all the was limited, yet sufficient to show carth, in agreement with our prayer, that, in that comparatively small “thy kingdom come.State, there are not wanting men nor In the prosecution of this work, means to make her an honored anx much deep-rooted prejudice has been iliary in supporting and extending encountered, especially in the west, the objects of this Convention. arising partly from the misguided

In Kentucky and Tennessee, about zeal of some who, in their ambition one year's labor has been performed to do good, had appeared among the with prospects of much good. people as commercial agents, rather

There are very many menibers of than ministers of God and servants the household of faith in those States, to the church for Jesus' sake. Their who feel and pray and act, in some anxiety to collect money had left an good measure, as Christians ought impression behind them that all the in view of the state of a ruined benevolent efforts of the day are world.

a speculation, and that more dependAnd it is but justice to say that ence is placed upon money than

upon divine influence in the reformas a little church, adopting the summary of tion of the world.

Christian doctrine and taking the engageMuch pains were taken to correct ment recommended by the Committee this impression, and show the peo- and then we proceeded to commemorate ple that money can, and ought to be the dying love of our Saviour. It was a used religiously as well as other blessed season to my soul, and I trust to things; that the Gospel cannot be preached effectually at home or

the souls of all present.” “You will be abroad, nor the Bible printed and pleased also, I doubt not,” he adds, “ to circulated, without money; that the learn that I have bad th:e happiness of bapsilver and the gold are the Lord's; tizing four individuals, in the name of the that we hold these things as stew- Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. ards; that he requires us to honor him This occurred at Versailles, the 12th inst. with our substance ; that he loveth a iwo days after the formation of our little cheerful giver; and that the end will dock. Br. Dusart was present, and took a be according to the work, since he

part in the exercises. The scene was an that soweth sparingly shall reap interesting and profitable one to all pres • sparingly, but he that soweth bountifully shall also reap bountifully.

ent, and will, I trust, be the means of proThe following table shows the moting essentially the piety of our brethren time spent in each State, as near as and sisters." it can

be ascertained, with the amount collected. State. Time. Amount col.

By the ship Wm. Gray, from Calcutta, Virginia 13 weeks, $1246,06. New Jersey

Feb. ll, which arrived at this port the

399 94. Ohio 12


7th of last month, we have received further Connecticut


intelligence from our missionary brethren Kentucky 8 months, 1096 62.

in Burmab. Beside the letter of Mr. Tennessee 14 weeks, 510,07. New York 13


Judson, which we give below, and other Scattering,

50,43. communications that must be reserved for It will be seen by this statement a future number,-a journal of Mr. Kinthat the raising of money was nor caid has come to hand, bearing date Dec. the leading object of this agency. 10, a month later than any previously It was shown, however, while the forwarded by hin, from which we perglory of God was urged as the great ceive that his life and liberty and use. motive to action, that all who love fulness are still prolonged by the kind God supremely and their neighbors providence of God, and that “ so far as as themselves, will consecrate their he can learn, he will be permitted to remoney must cheerfully and liberally; main in peace, at least for the present.” to advance the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ in the world.



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Recent Intelligence.

Maulmein, Dec. 3, 1834.

Rev. and dear Sir, It gives us much pleasure to inform our

Since last June, four members readers, that a Baptist church has been have been added tó the Maulmein constiiuted at Paris by the instrumentality sists of 84 communicants ; two, to

Burmese church, which now conof our esteetned missionary, Mr. Will.

the Newville Karen church; and marth, and several individuals subsequent-one, to the Chummerah Karen ly added to it hy baptism.

church There are two cases of In a letter dated Paris, May 21, he suspension from communion in the writes, “ On the 10ch inst. we constiluud Burmese church, and several in the

Chummerah, some of which will, I to Rangoon, a few at a time, and fear, terminate in final exclusion, as solicit baptism at the hands of br. soon as a missionary can investi_ate Webb. Some of them have taken them on the spot. There are a few this advice ; and the whole number applicants for baptism at all the sta- of baptized Karens, north of Rantions.

goon,including the first five, is thirtyRangoon Karens.

three. Br. and sister Howard have In April, 1833, Ko Thah-byoo, the just sailed for that place; and to his missionary pioneer among the Ka- communications and br. Webb's, rens at Tavoy and this place, was I must refer the Board, for further sent to Mau-bee, a Karen district information from that most interestnorth of Rangoon, and in the course ing department of missionary labor. of the year reported about thirty

Revision of the Old Testament. hopeful inquirers—five of whom received baptism at the hands of Ko

As for myself, I have been almost Thah-a, pastor of the church in Ran- entirely confined to the very tedious goon. At the close of the year we The revision of about one half is

work of revising the Old Testament. sent Taunah, Pallah, and younger assistants, to the aid of Ko completed, and the books from I

Samuel to Job inclusive have been Thah-byoo. They returned after a stay of about three months, and gave should have put the 1st volume to

printed in an edition of 2000. We a still more encouraging account of the state of religious inquiry in that press sone time ago, had we not

been obliged to wait for paper, the quarter. Soon afterwards, we dispatched Pallah and three younger

London paper not matching the assistants. Tau-nah was obliged to

American, -and now, though paper remain with Miss Cuinmings, in

has arrived, br. Hancock contemcharge of the Chummerah station - plates going to America for new Pallah and his company spread and br. Cutter has gone on another

founts of types in several languages, themselves over the district of Maubee, and each one acted as school- visit to Ava, so that we shall not probmaster and preacher in his own Testament till his return.— I am the

ably re-commence printing the Old circle, for the space of seven or eight months. On their return they re

more satisfied with this arrangement, ported several hundred hopeful in- from having just received a complete quirers,out of whom two hundred and

set of Rosenmüller on the Old ten had made the three several appli

Testament, and some other valuable cations for baptism and been examin- works, in studying which I am very ed and approved by Pallah and com

desirous of going over the whole pany in council with the previously ground once more. baptized, but were obliged io wait for Notices of other Stations. want of an administrator of the or The Chummerah station has been dinance,-Ko Thah-a in Rangoon left vacant by the lamented death of having become so timid, in conse- dear sister Cummings, of which I quence of being imprisoned, fined have already given some account in and otherwise abused, as not to ven a letter to her former pastor, the ture to appear so publicly as once, Rev. Mr. Butler. Br. and sister in the character of a propagator of Vinton intend to depart for that the new religion. On receiving this station in a few days. The Mergui report, we at first thought of ordain- station has also been left vacant by ing Pallah pastor of the churches the death of pastor Ing, one of our in Mau-bee; but considering again most faithful, most beloved assistthat br. Webb was in Rangoon, and ants. Noné have been baptized a missionary to the Rangoon Karens there since br. Wade left. Though daily expected, we concluded to Ko Ing was faithful and laborious defer that measure, and advise those until death, it did not please the who desired baptism to come down Lord to give him any present suc


Mergui, however, has been to square our accounts, we requested well sown with gospel seed; and I him to receive the usual allowance have no doubt the seed will spring for the remaining two months of that up and contribute to the abundance year. He did so, and in acknowof some future harvest, and to the ledging the receipt of the money, mutual joy of all the laborers, when said that he regarded it as a special the sower and the reaper shall re- gist from Heaven. We then deterjoice together.

mined, though he declined any None of the dear brethren and stated allowance, we would occasisters, whose arrival gladdened our sionally make him presents,-and hearts the first part of this month, br. Mason has sent him money two contemplate remaining here, except or three times, aniounting, I believe, br. and sister Osgood, who are at- to about one third of bis usual altached to the printing department. lowance. The following is an exBeside those already mentioned, br. tract from the letter of a pious serWade is just leaving for Tavoy, and veant in the detachment, stationed br. Comstock will take the earliest it Mergui, dated Dec. 7, 1834. opportunity for commencing a mis “I was with Ko Ing several times sion on the Arracan coast, southern during his illness, and coinmonly division. Having been required by took an interpreter with me; but, on the Board to select another mission account of his extreme weakness ary for the Arracan coast, we have and deafness, I could say but little advised br. Simons to take the north to him. Being anxious, however, ern division, for his share. We have to know his experience, I asked him dope this the more readily, because a few questions, as follows :Mr. Fink, the country-born inission Quest. Do you wish to die, or not? ary from Serampore, stationed at Answer. I wish to die, if it is the Akyab, has been obliged to accept a will of God. situation under government for his Q. Why do you wish to die? support, and cannot, therefore, de A. I shall go to heaven, and be vote so much time as formerly to happy. missionary labors.

Q. How do you know that you On subjects connected with the shall go to heaven? printing department, the mission A. I have read in the word of schools, and the European church, God, that those who serve him will you will doubtless receive commu- so there; and my own breast tells me nications from other pens.

of it (placing his hand on his breast

and looking up). Further notice of Ko Ing.

Q. How have you served God? During the last years of his life, Å. By forsaking my wicked ways, he was supported from the donations and praying to him for forgiveness. of Mr. C. of New York. But at the Q: Do you think all this will take close of Oct. 18:33, he wrote, that on you to heaven? account of his unworthiness and A. Jesus Christ came down from want of success he declined re- bove, and died for sinners,-and ceiving any further allowance ; that those 'hat are sorry for, and forsake his wife (of whose conversion he hid liheir sins, shall be saved, because been the means) was able, by kepp. ('brist died for them. ing a small shop, to support the Q: You don't think, then, that family ; but that he intended, how your works and your own goodness ever, to devote himself, the same as / vill take you lo heaven? before, to the work to which he had A. No. All my works are but been called. Accordingly, the same filthy rags. letter reports his labors, and states He was so much exhausted, that I bis plans for future operations, which asked him no more questions. I communication be continued to make think I told you ir: a former letter, till his death. In order, however, that he had his coffin made, several











days before his death; that our lads carried him to the grave, and I read

A. Judson desires to present, the funeral service over him."

through the American Baptist MagaBr. Mason writesHe deserves a monument, and he zine, his thanks to the many kind

friends of himself and the mission, should have one, if such things were who have sent him, by the hands of of any value ; but he is far above all br. and sister Wade and their as. earthly distinction, mixing, as I am

sociates, various donations of wearvery sure he is, with that innumerable multitude who have been re. Some of the articles are of great

ing apparel, books, stationary, &c. deemed from every kindred, and

value, and all of them are very actongue, and people, and nation, who cry unceasingly, Worthy is the ceptable, being such as he requires

for daily use. The faces of the Lamb.

donors he knows not; but many of Table of persons baptized in Burmah, their names he has marked, and the previous to the year 1834. notes and letters accompanying the

Bur. Kar. For. Total. presents have repeatedly called Maulmein, 78

147 321

forth the tear of gratitude and love. Tavoy,



The acquaintance thus commenced, Mergui, Rangoon, 55

2 62

though not personal, he expects will Ava, 2

2 be perfected in that world, where

there is no sea to separate friends, 147 297 153 597 no barrier to impede the interchange Table of persons baptized in Bur. of mutual love. And he rejoices in mah, during the year 1831. the belief, that every distant ex

Bur. Kar. For, Total. pression and recognition of fraternal Maulmein, 11 12

affection here below will form an Tavoy,


additional tie, binding heart to heart, Rangoon,


28 in the world above ; that every cup Ava,



9 of cold water given to a disciple,

will become a perennial stream, 21

74 Table I, 147 297 153 597

flowing on from age to age, and

swelling the heavenly tide of life Total, 168 341 162 671 and gladness.

He would take this opportunity of Eight of the Burmese converts have been excluded, and two of the saying to the friends of the mission, Karen, and several of both classes that no presents would be more acremain suspended.

ceptable than medicines, those of

the most common kind. He would P. S. It may be gratifying to the friends of the mission, to have a cor

respectfully suggest to pious phyrect idea of the population of the

sicians and apothecaries, that any province of Maulmein, that is, the package or box of medicines, howcountry under British rule, north of

ever small, would ever be highly Yay and Tavoy. A new census has prized. And as he expects to be

stationed for the present in Mauljust been completed; and the second member of government has communi

mein, he would be most happy to be cated to me the result, as follows:- of dispensing their bounty to his

their almoner, and enjoy the privilege Town of Maulmein 15,000; sur: brethren and sisters at the several rounding country 30,000, of which 7000 are Karens. He added, that stations, who sometimes suffer in on account of the difficulty of taking quently see the natives, particularly

their own persons, and more frea census of the Karen population, the poor Karens, suffering around the real number might be fairly es. timated at 10,000; but that the other them, for want of the simplest, cheap

est medicines. results of the census might be depended on as correct.

Maulmein, Jan. 3, 1935.


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