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for her to make any further advance heard it is felt ;-it reveals truth in knowledge.

which no blindness of man can Nov. 14. A man about forty resist. years old, and of rather an intelligent

“Fly abroad, thou mighty Gospel ! countenance, came in at dark this

Win and conquer-never cease.” evening, and begged for books. I

Government Alarms. inquired, Have you ever read our books. « No." What object have Nov. 18. For some days past, you in reading them now? “For a there has been an alarm spreading long time I have heard people talk among the people; but I think it will about Jesus Christ, and his law; soon die away, as other alarms have some say it is good, and others say done. This fear on the part of the it is not; I desire to read and see people, is owing to a council held for myself." I find in every part of among the ministers in the Palace the city that this subject is debated. a few days ago. They called a man One man who had got a little light, who lives near me, and questioned began preaching with much zeal him about all our doings; who that there was a living God-and called at my house; how many books that all idols were a cheat. A com- I gave away; and if I travelled plaint was entered, that this man about the city preaching. This man taught the people to hate the sacred was then charged to note the perbooks, and despise idols. The poor sons who called on me, and the numfellow was caught, put in prison, and ber of books I gave away, and report threatened with loss of his head. I every three or four days. He was kept in prison about four I think the whole has originated weeks, and then let out. He is now with one or two officers of Governpushing his inquiries still further, ment, who have shown themselves and is unmolested,

unfriendly from the first. I know Interesting Burial Services. well the Government wish me out of Nov. 17. A Portuguese merchant, the country; but for some reason, recently from Rangoon, having lost they do not see fit to take that step a little child, he requested me to at- which is necessary to get me away: tend and conduct the funeral ser- hence these temporary alarms only vices. I accepted the invitation serve to convince me that a power most willingly, as I knew great num- out of sight lays a restraining inbers of Burmans would be at the fluence upon them, and thus gives grave. I read the burial service time for truth to take root among which is incomparably excellent, these thousands. being an entire collection of pas Nov 20. One of my most promsages of Scripture. When I came ising inquirers, a man about fortyto that part in which the doctrine five years of age, was put to death in of the Resurrection is stated as a most shocking manner, last night, given by the Apostle Paul, a solemn by a gang of robbers.

For more stillness prevailed over the whole than two months he had been an atassembly. At the close, I prayed ex- tentive listener, and I had cherished tempore. In my petitions I felt the hope that he would be brought more than ordinary assistance in into the liberty of the Gospel. pleading for the salvation of Burmah. Nov. 24. For two or three days Í have never before had the pleasure past we have had a continued of addressing so large an assembly thronging of secretaries, asking for of Burmans, for so long a time. books. All are begging for the When the services were finished, “Balance.” I am satisfied the minthe people gathered around me, isters are at the bottom of this movewondering at the doctrine they had ment. What their object is, I canheard ; and among others there were not comprehend; probably, nothing two Noblemen from the Palace. more than to examine the doctrines How true it is, when the Gospel is! we teach.


Nov. 25. Some interesting in- prisons to be thrown open, and isquirers to-day. Had much conver- sued an order, that during the 49 sation on the great change wrought days no flesh should be sold in by the Holy Spirit on the heart of the markets, no persons should wash those who believe in Christ. This their heads in the street, and many subject commends itself to the con- things of a similar kind. Major sciences of inquiring Burmans. Burney (the English Resident at

December 1. Lord's day. We the court of Ava) and his lady, inhad at our morning worship 11, and vited us to go with them. However, at evening 12. But three visiters when we reached the Palace gate, the whole day; these however ap- they had been in some time, but had peared serious and attentive. left servants to conduct us through

the crowd. We passed by the front Stupidity of the Heathen.

till we came to the south angle of Dec. 7. Visited two temples, for

the Palace, and soon found ourselves the purpose of making known the

seated under a canopy of great exGospel to the numerous worshippers

tent, and decorated according to who assembled to-day. One man

Eastern taste. The King, and among them all, appeared earnest in his inquiries after truth. I saw mul- Queen, and all the members of the

royal family occupied a splendid titudes worshipping a block of marble, which the King is having carved Veranda, which forms one niche in

the south front of the Palace. Soon into an idol. The workmen (10 in number) were at work ; some on the tea, fruit, and a variety of sweetfeet, some on the hands and arms, fore us, and immediately after, the

meats, flowers, &c. were placed besome on the breast and head; one

was just giving the finishing Queen dispatched messengers beartouches to the right ear. The idol, ing presents to each of us, which

consisted of a silk dress, and two when finished, will be about 13 or

silk shawls each. A Woon-Gee, 14 feet high. Already 100 thousand

near whom I sat, said to me smilingrupees have been expended, and there is much to do yet. This'illus- !y, “ You see how kind his Majesty

is, and hereafter you must not give trates the stupidity of the heathen. Dec. 17. We are often much tentively, but made no reply:, The

books to the people." I listened atgratified with the appearance of many of our inquirers, but particular. S.) who we were, and for the first

King inquired of his brother, (Prince ly with an old man, his wife and time it seems, heard of our being in nephew. These persons have long the city. I have been thus particubeen investigating the subject of re- lar in describing facts, because I ligion, and by degrees they have think the interview will have some relinquished all the holds of heathen

direct bearing upon the Mission. I ism. They appear to rejoice in the mediation of Christ . Whether they the King, or any member of the roy

feel no desire to be acquainted with will have faith sufficiently strong to al family, any farther than duty rencome out, and be baptized, time

ders it necessary. alone will determine.

Conviction spreading.
Visit to the Palace.

Dec. 28. Had a long converseDec. 18. Having been previously tion to-day with two of considerable invited, we went to the Palace, and standing in society, who had been sat about two hours :the occasion (inquirers for three months past. of our going was this ; the young They appear to be drinking from the Princess, the only child of the head living fountain. The young man Queen, and the most distinguished (who is a writer in the Palace) manifavorite in the royal family, was to fests more than ordinary strength of have her ears bored. The King ap- mind. I was delighted to hear him pointed a festival of 49 days, sus- quote with so much ease various pended all business, directed the passages of Scripture. He said, in

reply to some remarks of mine, “I of the city, and about sun-down understand the cause of divisions in reached our little home, near the the world—men do not listen to God centre of the town. to ascertain the Divine will, but Jan. 3.

Jan. 3. Yesterday and to-day follow after the traditions of their has been almost exclusively taken fathers."

up in getting Br. Cutter's goods, and Dec. 29. Lord's day. Few per- the printing apparatus from the boat. sons at worship to-day. How small The news of Br. Cutter's arrival, the number compared with the thou- and the arrival of a press has gone sands who swarm the streets of abroad over the whole city. It is Ava! We do trust, however, that with no small degree of anxiety, we there are more than 10 who know wait the result of those inquiries the way of life. Fear keeps them which will in all probability be made. from coming out openly on the side We have come to advocate the Reof truth; though inany in secret de- deemer's cause, and if the time of clare their full conviction of the Burmah's redemption has come, no truth of the Christian religion. Had arm raised against us can prosper. considerable conversation with a Jan. 5. Had fiftcen at worship Government man, this evening. He morning and evening. About 30 listened to the evening services, as listened to the Gospel in the veranda, he has done several times before, but only one who seemed anxiously with fixed attention, and at the close, to inquire after the truth. he said, “ This is the most excel. lent religion.” I said, it should be, Monthly Concert in Ava. because God, even the living God Jan. 9. At sunrise this morning is its author.

we met together for the monthly

concert. I explained to the Burman Arrival of Mr. Cutter.

Christians the object of our meetDec. 31. Two men whom I sent ing; that it was to pray for the conto dieet Brother Cutter, have come version of the world ; that all Chrisin this evening, bringing a line from tians, every where, united in praying Mr. Cut

“We ex- for the coming down of the Holy pect to sleep at Kyouk-lalong, to- Spirit. I read the first and second night, and hope to reach the Golden psalms of David—two of the disciCity to-morrow."

This is cheering ples appeared to catch the spirit of intelligence. We have been just these beautiful psalms, and I trust one year entirely separated from all the incense of humble, earnest prayer religious society. Nine months went up before the throne of God have passed since we left Rangoon, and the Lamb. and to-morrow we expect to welcome Jan. 10. For a few days past haye the arrival of our dear friend.

been introducing Br. Cutter to some January 1, 1834.

Early in the of the Government men-all appear morning, we sallied forth in a little pleasant, and friendly, and we have boat and about 11 o'clock we had strong hopes that no obstacle will the pleasure of greeting our friends, be laid in our way. and fellow-laborers in the kingdom of Christ. After hearing from each

Visit to Ummerapoora. other some of the principal events of Early this morning we set off on the past months, we fell down and horseback, for Ummerapoora. At offered up our thanksgivings to Al- this season of the year the country mighty God. How cheering to meet is beautiful. Here and there the with dear Christian friends in this groves of mangoe and tamarind distant part of the world. Cold trees give a delightful variety to the water was never more grateful to a scenery. We were surprised to find traveller fainting beneath a tropical the road so thronged with travellers; sun. Between four and five o'clock, from one end to the other there was we came up under the Eastern walls I just a continued rush of human be

which says,

ings, and on inquiring we find this The Roman Catholic Village. is the case every day. After enter Jan. 11. Early this morning Br. ing the city, we called on a long. Cutter and myself went to the Robearded Mahometan who came from man Catholic village, a little west Mecca 23 years ago; he gave us a of the city. The village contains cup of tea, and said he would invite probably 150 persons, old and youny. us to dinner, but he had no knives For some days past I have been reand forks. This man has built the peatedly invited to call and see the most costly house there is in Bur. iwo Priests, who are Italians. We mah. He could not speak a word of were no sooner seated, than the oldest English, and of course our conver- of the Priests announced his intensation was in Burman. I explained lions of having a dispute on religion. to him at considerable length the I told him as he did not understand character of Christ, and then asked English and as I did not understand him if he believed in Christ, to which Italian, the discussion must be carhe replied, “Christ was a great ried on in Burmin, a language which prophet, and Moses, and Mahomet neither of us understood thoroughly. were great prophets." I said Christ Without the formality of a single is the Son of God, and this cannot preliminary, the Priesi began to heas be said of any other prophet. He an incredible number of questions turned off the subject by saying, upon me, but at last fixed on one “ The Burmans are very ignorant,“ What is preaching ?” I answered. and worship idols; but now many of To declare the will of God as it is them are getting your books, and revealed in the Scriptures of the Old talking about the eternal God. and New Testament. lie then in.

We passed on through several quired, “ Who are preachers?” I streets till we came within the ancient replied, Those who preach Christ fortifications. One old and spacious and the things pertaining to the temple attracted our notice. We kingdom of heaven. He then inpenetrated nearly all its lofty halls, quired, “What is the era of your hisand chambers, surveying with pe- tory? I said, Our history begins culiar emotions the piles of spears, 1834 years ago, in the days of Christ. helmets, and various other articles, He inquired, “ And does not our hiswhich were used by the old King. tory begin at the same time?” I His ton jong and umbrellas were said, If you teach the same doctrines interesting objects of curiosity, All, that were taught by Christ and the all is given to the moles and bats. Apostles, then your history begins These insignia of the once haughty at the same time; but if you adhere monarch of Burmah, the sight of to the Pope of Rome, worship the which, as they glistened in the sun image of the Virgin Mary, and pray beams, spread a feeling of dread to the dead, then your history begins over the surrounding multitudes, five or six hundred years afier the now lie unheeded in the lonely days of the Apostles. He then said, chambers of a decaying temple. “ Are you not a Protestant? and did Under the erstern walls of the tem- not Protestants take their rise, in the ple we found numbers of people reign of Henry the eighth, King of making and painting Ouks and England ?” 'I replied, Protestants Doung!ons ; these are the same to are those, who adhere to the revealed natives of India, as tables and plates will of God, as taught in the sacred are to Europeans. I entered into Scriptures, rejecting the traditions conversation with these people on of men as injurious to the well-being the subject of religion. Others col- of mankind. The Apostles protested lected around, and without an ex- against the traditions of the Jews, . ception all listened for nearly an and all the idolatry of the heathen hour to the word of God. We nations. All who followed in the gave them tracts, and during the steps of the apostles protested against day about 200 more were distributed the errors of the world, and some

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millions suffered death. In the days give unto thee the keys of the kingof Luther, Protestants increased dom of heaven, &c.” rapidly; and when Henry, king of I replied, That Peter never reEngland, threw off the Papal yoke, ceived power to exercise authority the Bible was published, and every over the other Apostles, is sustained where read. Since then, the dark- by two arguments. ness and errors of the world have 1. In all the doings of the Aposbeen gradually passing away, and tle, we never find him exercising Protestants are no longer afraid of such authority; but on the other being burned, because they preach hand, he was on one occasion, reChrist, and reject human traditions. buked and reproved by the other Much desultory conversation ensued Apostles for dissimulation. on the above-mentioned questions 2. Many passages of Scripture, and replies, in which the priest made teach us, that the Apostles were every effort to convince his people equal so far as authority was conthat all except Papists were secta- cerned. I read Luke 22d chapter, ries. It was now about 12 o'clock, from the 24th to the 31st verses. and as Mr. Cutter and myself had Matthew 19th, 27, 28, 29, and 30th left home before breakfast, I an- verses; also several other passages, nounced our intention of returning. and then remarked, Here our SaThe Priest then said, it was his wish viour reproves them for contending to discuss the subject still farther, about supremacy-compares it to if I was willing. My consent being the contention of heathen rulers who given, the time of meeting was fixed love dominion and authority—and on the 13th, at 4 in the afternoon. then adds, But Ye shall not be so;

but he that is greatest among you, Dispute with the Popish Priest.

let him be as the younger ; and he 13. At four o'clock we repaired that is chief, as he that doth serve. to the Roman Catholic village, and Then the Saviour says, ye shall sit six of the disciples followed us. I

upon twelve thrones, judging the took the New Testament in Greek, twelve tribes of Israel. I then reHebrew, Latin, Portuguese, English, marked, that he who sat on a throne, and Burman: also several Histories, held the keys of the empire : all the Lexicons, and Dictionaries, which 1 Apostles had thrones, and judged; supposed might be necessary in fix- therefore they all held the keys of ing dates, detinitions, &c. The Pa- judgment. pists assembled, and the The Priest read his favorite pasPriests had got sitting beside them sage over again, and urged for a long a Burman lawyer, a man who pleads time that Christ said of Peter, on this causes before the Woon-Gees. Af- rock I will build my church, and the ter considerable conversation, it was gates of hel) shall not prevail against agreed that the Burmese New Tes- it, and then added. “ These are the tament should be the standard of ap- words of Christ, and not the words peal. The Priest then inquired, of men. What Christ teaches we

among the twelve apostles, was must believe.” there not one Apostle who exercised I replied, Christ did say, “ Thou authority over the eleven ? "

art Peter and upon this rock I will I answered, No. He then read build my church; and in order to Matthew 16th chapter, from the know what Christ meant, we must 13th to the 19th verses, commenting read what Peter says about the rock on every clause. He said, “ From on which the church of God is built. your own translations I can prove If we believe about this foundation that the Apostle Peter was the rock rock as Peter did, we shall not be on which the Church of God is built. wrong. I read and cominented on A child cannot misunderstand it. Ist Peter, 2d chapter, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Thou art Peler, and upon this rock I and 10th verse. Here the Apostle will build my church, and I will also Peter teaches that all who have new


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