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the corner.

which is Jesus Christ.'

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, are living stones, built up a Jan. 20. This afternoon, at three spiritual house, and acceptable to o'clock, Br. Cutter and myself with God, by Jesus Christ also that Je- two candidates for baptism, and sevsus Christ is the chief corner-stone. eral others accompanying us, repairelect, precious. To those who be- ed to the Irrawaddy. While reading, lieve on Him he is precious. He is praying, and administering the ordithe stone which the builders disal- nance of baptism, 18 or 20 Burmans lowed; but is now, made the head of came, sat down, and listened with

To this the Apostle great attention. The ordinance was Paul agrees : "Other foundation can administered but a few steps from no man lay than that which is laid, the King's water Palace, it being the

most retired place, though every Considerable desultory conversa- place here swarms with human betion followed, and not altogether ings. maprofitable, I trust, to those who To us this is a solemn and interlistened. Many heard more of the esting season : we trust it is the comScriptures, and of the way of life, mencement of good days in Ava. than they ever did before. Thus I have given you a brief outline of the

Three interesting Inquirers. dispute-you have the argument

Jan. 25. Three persons called toThe Priest acknowledged day who have been good inquirers before all the people that the Burman for

a long time, but have never beTestament was a faithful and literat fore frankly declared their faith in

Christ. One of them is a young Increase of Attention al Ava.

man of the first order. He says his

mind is clear; he has found that reJan. 15. For some time we have ligion which gives him peace. It is been occupying a zayat on the great joyful indeed to see such sterling street that leads to Ummerapoora. talents under the influence of the Great numbers come and listen to Gospel. They have promised to at, the word of God;—7 or 8 hundred is tend on the following Sabbath. I the common number that attend in cannot doubt but they have faith, the course of the day. We give but I fear that baptism will bring away from 2 to 4 hundred tracts in them to a stand. a day; but we refuse the greater Jan. 27. Lord's day. Had an irhalf that ask, and must do so till we teresting assembly. The three perhave stereotype plates. Occasion

sons mentioned on the 25th came in, ally we occupy the large gold zanyat and brought two others with them on the south-west side of the city. who are inquirers also. I preached We have two other places, where from the passage, “ Except a man once and twice a week the gospel is be born of water and of the Spirit, be preached to a considerable number. cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Visiters at the house as usual.

After services were closed, we had Examinations and Baptism.

much conversation, and I feel enJan. 19. Lord's day. After the couraged to hope that they will ere morning services, we

examined long enter the visible kingdom of Muung Shwa-ra, a young Burman, 25 God, and become shining Tights in years old. He has been an inquirer the world.

Great Attention. or nearly four months, and for some days past has been asking for bap Jan. 28. Ko Sloon and Ko San, tism. We also examined a country- lone have just returned from the born young man, who for five months zayat we occupy on past has been an attentive inquirer. street towards Ummerapoora. They Having satisfactory evidence that preached from 9 in the morning, till they had passed from death to life, dark, to immense crowds of people. we voted to receive them among the They think a thousand persons heard number of Christ's disciples. the Gospel. They gave away 400


the great



tracts, and twice the number of peo- LETTER FROM REV, MR. KINCAID TO ple asked for books. One Kathay, who lives near the zayat, has become

Ava, February 16th, 1834. a hopeful inquirer. The Gospel is now sounding out into every town

Rev. and very dear Sir, around,

The preceding extracts from my Jan. 29. The A-choke-Woon (a journal will enable you to judge of nobleman who wears nine gold the probable prospect of the mission, chains, and ranks with an Atwen becoming permanent in Ava. . A reWoon) sent me an invitation to call cent occurrence mentioned in my at his house, and converse on the letter will give you a little insight subject of religion.

into the feelings of the Ministry. This evening Br. Cutter and my- When Br. Cutter arrived with his self called, and were treated with press, I felt that it was an event much civility. I told him in a few that would bring the Ministers out, words the character of that Being and it was with much anxiety we whom we adore, and the nature of waited the result of their deliberathat service which He requires. He tions. An appeal to their own sense at once inquired, " Are you a priest?” of justice, made them acknowledge No. I am a teacher of religion. He that we ought to be allowed to have asked a variety of questions, and on a printing-press in our house, and the whole appeared more anxious to print whatever we pleased, and that gratify his curiosity than to inform we had a right to praise our own rehis mind.

ligion, and give away our sacred

books. They said, “Here is a book The Offence of the Cross.

(the Investigator) which reviles our Jan. 30. Had a long conversation religion, and we cannot consent to to-day with a man who professes to have it given to the people.” These have obtained a clear knowledge of deliberations took place in public, the living God by reading our books; and great numbers listened. We but he says he cannot believe that feel that the special providence of Christ is the Son of God, and that he God is watching over this little came into the world and died upon branch now planted in Ava.

In the cross for the good of man. I your prayers for wretched Burmah, said, forinerly you worshipped idols, remember the cities of Ava, Umand pagodas--now you cannot; and merapoora, and Sagaing. O that why? Because you have read the God would have mercy on these words of Christ, and know there towns, and bless the word of His is a living God. Now you do not grace. see your own sins, and therefore you At present we are all well. The reject Christ the only Saviour. hot season, however, is near at hand, Christ has given you all the light you and we dread its influence. have got, and yet you say you cannot believe in Him.

Opening for a Female School in Ava. That great lesson, that men are

P.S. Some time since, I mentiondead in trespasses and sins, is one of ed the subject of schools—that we the hardest lessons for a heathen to had a few children. We now have learn.

6 who have learned to read. As Encouraging State of Things.

soon as prudence will dictate, if we

can get a room, we will gather in February 1. Great numbers at. more scholars. Will not some of tend in the zayat on the opposite our Christian friends make up a box side of the little river. Surely truth for schools in Ava? Mrs. C. and is breaking in upon the surrounding Mrs. K. could soon have a girls' darkness, and if there is no inter- school from among the highest class ruption to the work, some great revo- in Ava, if they had the things neceslution must take place.

sary to teach them to sew, as well as


to read. We have nothing here and where there are several inquirers, cannot obtain even a pair of scissors, returned to Maulinein. for what 20 pair would cost in Amer Revision of the Old Testament. ica. Jf a few churches in the country knew how much good they could gaged in revising a few books of the

April 1. Have been closely endo in this way, we should soon be Old Testament for the press,-the supplied.

regular printing of the whole being now coinmenced. I say, commenc

ed, for the edition of the Psalms, Our last advices from Mr. Judson, (see which is out of press, we do not conpage 360, last volume) brought intelli- sider as forming a part of the presgence down to Jan. 31, 1934, at which ent edition of the Old Testament; date he had just completed the translation for it will probably be expended beof the Bible into Burman. Our readers

fore long, and have to be reprinted

in course with the rest of the work. will rejoice in the brief notices which fol.

Today, dispatched Pallah, and low, of the progress of the Gospel in the three younger Karen assistants, to vicinity of Maulmein and Tavoy. the aid of Ko Thah-byoo, in the viMR. JUDSON'S JOURNAL. cinity of Rangoon, intending to pro

ceed thither myself before long.
Newville, March 12, 1834.
Cheering Visit to Newville.

Visit to Tavoy.Marriage.
I have spent a few days in this

Tavoy, April 10. I arrived here place, where, on my arrival, I found on the evening of the 6th instant. the church consisting of 25 members Am delighted with this station, and only ; several having removed to the every thing about it. The few navicinity of the Chummerah church; tive Christians, whom I have seen, which, though of later origin, is now together with the schools, appear exfive or six times larger than the cellently well. But the glory of this Newville. Day before yesterday,

station, the two hundred Karen conand to-day, nine new members have verts, and their village of Mee-tahbeen received at this place, and there myo, I found myself not at leisure to are five or six others, with whom I

visit. Indeed, I have hardly found feel satisfied; but, for various rea- time to step out of the mission inclosons, their baptism has been defer. sure, since my arrival; and, to-day, red. In the number received, the having received the benediction of most noticeable case, is that of Lau- the Rev. Mr. Mason, I embark for sau, and wife. He is a petty chief

, Judson, and the only surviving

Maulmein, accompanied by Mrs. and possesses more personal influence, than any Karen yet baptized child of the beloved founder of the in these parts. He has been consid- Tavoy station. Once more, farewell ering the Christian religion, with to thee, Boardman, and thy longapprobation, for three years, but has

cherished grave. May thy memory had great difficulties to encounter,

be ever fresh and fragrant, as the resulting from his family connexions, memory of the other beloved, whose and from his inveterate habit of lem

beautiful, death-marred form reposes perate drinking. Until the present

at the foot of the Hopia tree. time, he could never resolve on

A. Judson. adopting the principle of entire ab

Rev. Dr. Bolles. stinence; but I trust that conviction of truth, and love of the Saviour,

Liberia. have enabled him to gain the victory, 16. On leaving Newville, it was

The death of Rev. Colston M. Waring my intention to go up the Patah river; is announced in the Herald published at but, not finding sufficient water this He was pastor of the First Baptist Church

Liberia, and just received in this country. season, I turned into the Houng-ta- in Liberia, and a member of the Council rau ; and, having visited a village, I for the Colony. He died at the age of 42.


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single-handed; while thousands will be

stimulated to efforts, by being made acWe have been furnished, by bro. Parti- quainted with the active habits of othson, with the following interesting article, is not its object, to be responsible for the

The Convention has no funds. It to which we willingly give place, at the financial operations it may be the means expense of other matter of less urgency of bringing into existence. It would and moment, prepared for this number. originale by awakening a general interest,

and would control by advice, but commit

the detail to other hands. Held in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1831,

What the Convention is doing. and several following duys.

With this object before them, and Religious sympathy, the ties of kin- distinctly understood, they held their dred and mutual interest, must bind 10- first Anniversary during the mouth of gether the eastern and western states November last, in the same city where of this country,

We hope the bond is it was organized the year previous. indissoluble. Yet nature has placed

There were present, as delegates, 38 between us a high wall, which, though ministers, from 6 different states in the not insurmountable, is nevertheless of West; 7 who were delegates from severdifficult passage:

The lofiy range of al of the most important benevolent somountains running parallel with the cieties of the East. These, together sen coast, something like a hundred with between 30 and 40 lay-breihren, miles distant, makes a natural division constituted an organized body, of no lito fully realized, when we would cross over tle interest to witness, as was often felt, to them, or they return to us. Union when accoinpanying them in their de of religious effort, therefore, must be liberations, listening to their discussions, made, rather in striving for the same ob- or imagining them as the heralds of salject, and provoking each other to good vation, and the defenders of the truth, works, than by a single organization. amid the thickening multitudes that are Though we may have one Lord, one settling that immense and fertile Valley. faith, and one baptism, and may be of Having appointed the Rev. J. L. Holone spirit, yet we cannot conveniently man, Chairman, (lev. S. M. Noel, the be of one body. On this account, in- President, being absent,) and Messrs. stead of attempting to bring every

J. Stevens, and C. Quirey, Secretaries, thing under the control of one great na- the Convention proceeded to business, tional society, it bas been deemed advi- which continued, with no other intersable to multiply the number of central ruption than that of the Sabbath, until points, located with special reference to the following Tuesday; being, in all, 6 the facilities of operation. The Baptists, days. Our limits will not allow us to therefore, in the States lying within the give a minute account of the manner in great Western Valley, organized a Soci- wbich each of the several subjects was ety at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1833, to be treated, and of the effects which may called the Annual Convention of West- reasonably be supposed to follow. Ali, ern Baptists.

or nearly all of the benevolent opera

tions peculiar to the day, were brought Object of the Convention.

under review; and, concerning some of The object of the Convention, is the them, measures were adopted for their advancement of the Redeemer's king- inmediate advancement. dom, throughout the world; but, with While institutions already in existspecial reference to the religious condi- ence, and in somewhat successful operation of the Mississippi Valley. They lion, such as the Tract, Sabbath School, hope to promote this object, by means of Bible, Temperance Cause, &c., were ensuch an organization; since, thereby, couraged to greater and more united there will be not only a concentration of efforts, the materials were collected and energies already in svistence, but dor- adjusted for a few others either entirely mant ones may be awakened, and called new, or hitherto too imperfectly organinto action. Greater efficacy is antici-ized to accomplish the good they ought. pated, than could be realized by each The cause of Home Missions, it is beindividual Christian, laboring alone and lieved, received a strong and well-direct

ed impulse. The brethren of the West intellect, of him whom the Son seemed fully to appreciate their relation makes free—is a spirit-stirring enterprise to this department of religious effort ; which a people, naturally susceptible, both its importance to themselves, and cannot contemplate, without thrilling their own duty in promoting its great emotions. We shall hear the inquiry ondertakings. The following resolution from every quarter of that wide land, may be taken as an expression of their and from our thousands of churches feelings on this subject:

there, Lord, what wilt thou have us to

do!Resolved, That the efficiency of the efforts employed by the American Baptist Ministerial Education, awakened if pos

The cause of Education, especially of Home Mission Society, which are mainly sible a still deeper interest. The time directed to the benefit of the western states and territories, will greatly depend, under occupied in deliberations on this subject God, upon the active co-operation of the was sufficient to give it a patient and Western Baptists.

faithful investigation. The facts pre

septed, as to the wants of a thoroughly Though resolves of this kind are often educated ministry, and the general deslittle else than human breath, yet no one titution of the means of Education in who was present, and witnessed the spirit the west-facts thrown out in free dismanifested, could doubt, but that great cussions and elicited by enquiries, were and lasting results must follow in favor of a liighly interesting character. The of truth and piety. That many churches subject became in the end engrossing; in now destitute of one to break unto them which one found it difficult to know, the bread of life, will soon be supplied, whether most to admire the spirit of while many new churches will be called brotherly kindness, which merged all into existence.

minor differences and sectional interests Foreign Missions, also, were taken in the great cause itself, or the zeal up de novo. Having never acted in which seemed to prompt all to deterconcert, in their past contributions, mined action. We left the Convention and the great mass of the Baptists in with the full conviction that a new era the west, many of whom are abundant- in the cause of ministerial Education ly rich, having never been called upon had commenced in the west. The men to aid in this cause, the Convention rec- who ought, and who alone can sustain ommended to the Baptists of the Missis- this great undertaking, are the individsippi Valley, to furnish to the Baptist uals wbo exhibit the most feeling, and Foreign Mission the means requisite to the most decided determination. We sustain a Baptist Mission in the great do not remember to have witnessed at Empire of China. A nobler enterprize any similar meeting in New England so could not have been selected. One much interest on this subject. more encouraging, at the present mo

While there are a number of new litment, or more eminently adapted to erary Institutions, soon to be brought inawaken a strong and prevailing interest to operation in the different western throughout that broad Valley. To plant States, over which the Convention have the banner of the cross in the centre of no direct influence—they resolved to the celestial empire is, indeed, a noble establish at some suitable point a Cenundertaking, and worthy of the magna- tral Theologica! Seminary—for the locanimit y ofa people, whoin nature, in the tion of which and the farther develope greatness of her physical features, has ment of its plans, an able and judicious already inspired with corresponding con- Committee are now under appointment ceptions. To spread the light of revela- from the Convention. The growth and tion over the whole of thut immense final success of this Seminary will decountry, with its numerous provinces, pend of course upon the character of the over all of which, rests, as yet, an un- professors and the liberality with which broken, and, as hus bitherto' been sup ihe friends of Christ shall endow it. As posed, impenetrable cloud of moral to the former, they must be men of just darkness—to teach its crowded millions, practical knowledge, or they will never whoin sin has degraded, and an ab rd accomplish anything for the churches reverence for antiquity has almost stereo- there. We do not mean showy, as the typed in stupidity-justification by faith, term is sometimes used, but with much and the freedom of conscience and of sacred learning, and especially of the

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