New Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and Other Courts: From Easter Term, 44 Geo. III. 1804, [to Trinity Term, 47 Geo. III. 1807 ...] Both Inclusive. With Tables of Cases and Principal Matters, Τόμος 2


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Σελίδα 634 - of a certain value; and that in consideration thereof, and also in consideration that the Plaintiff, at the request of the Defendant, would forbear and give day of payment of the said sum of money, Defendant by a certain note or memorandum in writing signed by him,
Σελίδα 574 - Devise to SN son of T. and M. N. for life, remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remainders, remainder to the first and other sons of SN and their heirs male; for default of such issue to the use of the daughters of T. and MN and for default of such issue to the use of the right heirs of TN
Σελίδα 441 - that it should be lawful for the said ship to proceed and sail to and touch and stay at any ports or places whatsoever, particularly any port, place, or island between Cape Horn and the sea
Σελίδα 408 - duly executed in the presence of and attested by two or more credible witnesses, or by his last will and testament in writing, or by any writing purporting to be his last will and testament to be by him signed, sealed, and
Σελίδα 606 - Insurance on a voyage from A. to B., from B. to C., and from C. to A.; the voyage from A. to B. is performed, but that from B. to C. being unavoidably prevented, the ship returns to A.;
Σελίδα 587 - and by him committed to the custody of the marshal, " as by the said writ of habeas corpus, and the said commitment thereon now remaining in the said court more fully appears." Held, that evidence of a commitment by a Judge, of KB but not filed of record, would not support the action.
Σελίδα 579 - DOMICILE. 1. Personal property follows the person of the owner, and in case of his decease must be distributed according to the law of the country in which he was domiciled at the time of his death, without regard to the actual
Σελίδα 69 - the opinion of the Court was, whether under the circumstances above stated the Plaintiffs were entitled to recover in this action ? If the Court should be of opinion that they were, the verdict was by agreement to be entered up for the Plaintiffs for so much money as was due to them at the time Bulgin became a bankrupt: but if the Court should
Σελίδα 619 - -NUISANCE. A. having a house by the road side, contracted with B. to repair it for a stipulated sum, B. contracted with C. to do the work, and C. with D. to furnish the materials : the servant of D. brought a quantity of lime to the house, and placed it in the road, by which the Plaintiffs carriage was
Σελίδα 174 - Serjt. now moved for a rule to show cause why the verdict should not be set aside and a new trial be had, objecting that the allegation in the 1st and

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