A Treatise on Arithmetic

Rivingtons, 1880 - 320 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 39 - If the numerator and denominator of a fraction be multiplied by the same number, the value of the fraction is not altered.
Σελίδα 294 - A person invests £4095 in the 3 per cents. at 91 ; he sells out £3000 stock when they have risen to 93£, and the remainder when they have fallen to 85. How much does he gain or lose by the transaction 1 If ho invests the produce in the 4£ per cents.
Σελίδα 268 - A person leaves £12670 to be divided among his five children and three brothers, so that after the legacy duty has been paid, each child's share shall be twice as great as each brother's. The legacy duty on a child's share being one per cent, and on a brother's share three per cent., find what amounts they respectively receive.
Σελίδα 306 - At a siege it was found that a certain length of trench could be dug by the soldiers and navvies in 4 days, but that when only half the navvies were present it required 7 days to dig the same length of trench. What proportion of the work was done by the soldiers?
Σελίδα 307 - If 5 men and 7 boys can reap a field of corn of 125 acres in 15 days; in how many days will 10 men and 3 boys reap a field of corn of 75 acres, each boy's work being one-third of a man's ? 14.
Σελίδα 370 - First Latin Writer, comprising Accidence, the Easier Rules of Syntax illustrated by copious Examples, and Progressive Exercises in Elementary Latin Prose, with Vocabularies. By GL BENNETT, MA , Head-Master of the High School, Plymouth; formerly Assistant-Master at Ruby School.
Σελίδα 287 - A banker borrows money at 3^ per cent, per annum, and pays the interest at the end of the year ; he lends it out at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum, but receives the interest quarterly, and by this means gains £200 a-year ; how much does he borrow ? 15. A person spends in the 1st year n times the interest of his property ; in the 2nd year 2...
Σελίδα 172 - ... 60. If a man travel 150 miles in 5 days, when the days are 12 hours long, in how many days of 10 hours each will he travel 500 miles?
Σελίδα 301 - A train 88 yards long overtook a person walking along the line at the rate of 4 miles an hour, and passed him completely in ю seconds.
Σελίδα 170 - If 3(J men perform a piece of work in 20 days ; how many men will accomplish another piece of work 4 times as large in a fifth part of the time ? S0 : 20 : : 1 4 : : 4 Ms.

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