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Kaiser, Mr. T. E.-Con.

Civil servants

Dismissals, 2493, 3013

Returned soldiers, preference, 3067
Compassionate allowances, 3709
Czechoslovakia, treaty with, 2070
Disinfecting and spraying chemicals, 1356
European countries, treaty, 2103, 2126
Federal district commission bill, 2333, 2359
General Motors Corporation, 1856
Grants to fairs. 3712

Hansard, documents not read, insertion, 563
Health department, estimates, 3781
Historic sites, 2653

Legal services, list of counsel, 3543

Lignite and bituminous coal, M., 429, 484
Louisburg, historic site, 2654

Malleable iron industry, Oshawa, 2127
Maritime Freight Rates Act, 1749
Member's speech, conclusion of, 1336
Militia Pension Act Amdt. bill, 1888
National Health and Veterans' Welfare
Dept. bill, 1915

National Revenue department bill. 3067
Naturalization Act Amdt. bill, 2533
Niagara Falls Memorial Bridge bill, 1751

Canadian National railway station, 4016
Harbour. 4108

Level crossings, 2440
Post office, 2668

Ottawa water supply, 2334

Political partisanship, dismissals for, 3530
Pulverized coal, test of. M. (Mr. Neill), 1566
Quebec harbour commissioners. 2198, 2203
Radio licenses, cancellation, 3656

Railway Act Amdt. (grade crossing), 2439
Sheep-raising industry, 1542, 1606
Superannuation fund, disposal on dismissal,

Wainwright public building, 2895
Woollen industry, 1606

Effect of tariff on, 1542, 1547

Kamloops, B.C., public building, 2903
Kamloops, Steamer, loss of, qu., 1925
Kamsack, Sask., postmaster, 482, 1595
Kapuskasing, Ont.

Experimental farm, 178

Land setlement scheme, 1205

Kay, Mr. W. F. (Brome-Missisquoi) Agriculture and colonization com. reports, 709, 1042, 1044, 1769, 2131, 2257, 3544 Immigration, 3807, 3863

House of Commons, alterations, qu., 2623 Privilege-Mr. McMurray, swearing in of, 3277

Kellner, Mr. Donald F. (Athabaska) Alberta school lands, sale, qu., 1324 Featherstonhaugh, W. S., file, 3199 Athabaska election

M. (Mr. E. J. Garland) 1807
Privileges and elections com., meetings,


Athabaska river, improvements, 3387
Budget, 864. Credit of Canada; emigration
of Canadians to United States; re-
duction of the tariff; unfavourable
conditions confronting agriculturists;
reduction of public debt; compari-
son with Great Britain and United
States, 865; suggestion of Mr. Ben-
nett for reducing debt; Dominion
note circulation and gold reserve,
866; tariff reductions and prices; Ford
car prices in Canada and United
States: favourable trade balance,
867; distinguished visitors from
Great Britain; Mr. Hoover on the
Canadian wheat pool; lack of credit
for those engaged in agriculture; im-
migration and land settlement; bet-
tering conditions on farms in western
Canada. 868; comparison of immi-
grants with the native born; difficulty
in educating the foreign born, 869
Civil service employees, qu., 2360
Czechloslovakia, treaty with, 2062
Dominion Lands Act Amdt. bill, 2090
Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia
Railway Company bill, 2698, 2705
Jasper park. paving, qu., 3296
Jute, imports, 1533

Naturalization Act Amdt. bill. 2760
Population of Canada. qu., 2133
Root Vegetables Act Amdt. bill, 2295
Saddle Lake reserve lands, 2093
Sun Life Assurance Company bill, 2115
Vancouver elevators, 3153

Woollen and silk stockings, duty, 1663

Kellogg Peace Proposals. See International Peace

Kelly Divorce Bill. See Private Bills Discussed

Kemp, W. H., Innisfail, Alberta, school lands case, 3199, 3838

Kempton, Sergeant, employment, qu., 2360 Kennedy, Mr. Donald M. (Peace River) Address in reply, 197. Territorial distribution of prosperity; address of the Prime Minister at Aurora, Ontario; standard of living; agricultural wealth, 198; wage bill of agriculture; living

[blocks in formation]

als, 950; Mr. Beaubien and the bud-
get; Liberal-Progressive attitude;
speech of the Minister of Railways,
951; co-operation and the group sys-
tem; farmers and the income tax;
sales tax; protection of manufactur-
ers on their finished products, 952;
reclassification of the tariff; conces-
sions to fruit and vegetable growers;
onion growers; concessions to the
paper mills; crude petroleum im-
ports, 953; concessions to the mining
industry; Canada General Electric
Company; printing presses and press
blankets; imports of book and print-
ing papers; farmers carrying the
burden of both protection and free
trade, 954; Australian treaty; the
cotton schedules; Wabasso Company;
rates on cotton yarns; tariff revision
on a protective basis, 955

British labour content, 1660
Bureau of statistics building, 2671
Clearing land by fire, 386, 3848, 3854

Cotton schedules, 955, 1375, 1382, 1385, 1418,

1427, 1434, 1437-8

Cotton plushes, 1441

Cotton yarns, 955, 1390
Shirts, 1448

Wabasso Cotton Company, 955, 1386,

1414, 3410

Customs inquiry commission, evidence, 42 Customs tariff items, 1519, 1667

Buckram, 1440

Celluloid articles. 1542

Cement bags, 1541

Clothing, 1657

Fibre yarns, 1521

Flax. hemp and cotton material, 1532 Formaldehyde, 1359, 1360 Handkerchiefs, 1539

Kennedy, Mr. Donald M.-Con.
Customs tariff items-Con.
Horse blankets, 1443, 1767
Jute, 1533, 1541

Lace and embroideries, 1539
Oiled fabrics, 1447, 1541
Socks and stockings, 1661

Woollen schedules, 1604, 1625, 1654 Dominion Forest Reserves and Parks, 2035 Edmonton. Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway bill, 949, 2111, 2486, 2571, 2590, 2702, 3680 Excise Act Amdt. bill, 1994 Experimental farms, 579

Historic sites, marking of, 1773
Homestead entries, Grande Prairie and Peace
river districts, qu., 481

Immigrants arrival at Halifax, 611
Indian affairs, estimates, 3826

Industrial organizations, profits, 1194, 1327
International bible students, 3619

[blocks in formation]

Kent Northern Railway, 259

Kincardine, Ont., harbour repairs, 3372

King, Hon. J. H. (Minister of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment and Minister of Health*)

Budget, 907. Liberal convention of 1919 and the tariff, 907; emigration of Canadians to the United States; government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier; Conservative national convention; oriental immigration and the Conservative convention; a white British Columbia, 908; medical examination of immigrants in Great Britain; prohibited classes under Immigration Act; foreign born in mental hospitals; 909; medical inspection at point of embarkation; conference between the department and companies interested; rejections on arrival at Canadian ports, 910; medical inspection under assisted immigration scheme; proportion of defective immigrants in 1926; McConachie case, 911; evidence at board of inquiry; admission of immigrants under permit system,

King, Hon. J. H.-Con. Pension Act Amdt.-Con. Senate amendments, 3945 Non-concurrence, 3724

Pensions, estimates, 1731, 1747
Pensions and National Health dept. bill,
1727, 1908, 2011, 2450, 2784, 2844
Pensions and Soldier Problems com., 479
Proprietary and Patent Medicines Act
Amdt. bill. 40

Public works estimates, 605
Public Works Health Act, 40

Rabies outbreak in Ontario, 2394, 2771, 2917
Soldiers' advisers, 2961

Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment dept.
Estimates, 1745, 4058

Groves, Dr., retiring allowance, 4061
Hunter commission, 504, 613
Evidence, 693
Report, 655, 1489
Scott report, 655
Unemployment relief, 1745
Trail public building, 2898
Unemployment relief, 1745, 4058

King, the late John W., M.P., 935

912; discretion of minister in deport- King, Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie (Prime

ation, 913

[blocks in formation]

Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)

Address in reply, 31. Death of Earl Haig;

* Changed to Pensions and National Health dept., June 11, 1928.

diamond jubilee of confederation, visit of Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister of Great Britain and other distinguished statesmen; legations at Washington and Ottawa; visit of Their Excellencies to the United States; portraits of their Majesties to be presented to parliament, 32; immigration and unemployment; Premier Ferguson on unemployment; employment situation in Canada; volume of trade, 33; balance of trade; increase in bank debits; railway receipts; building construction; manufacturing industries; 34; leading bank managers on prosperity; reduction in taxation, 35; the public debt; maturing loans, 36; principal taxation reductions since 1923; Dominion-provincial conference, 37; constitutional questions discussed, 38; St. Lawrence waterway; report of advisory committee, 39; jurisdiction over power developed from Dominion waters, 40; taking parliament into confidence; selection

King, Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie-Con. Address in reply-Con.

of Churchill as Hudson bay railway termins, 43, transfer of natural resources to Alberta; Duncan report; railway belt and Peace river block lands, 44; natural resources of western provinces; research work; fisheries commission; pension legislation, 45; immigration, 46; empire trade; exports of wheat and newsprint, 47; immigration policy, 48; inquiry into administration of immigration department, 49; British immigrants, 50; occupational tests; immigration regulations, 51; medical examination of immigrants; empire settlement scheme; League of Nations, 52; economic commission; constitutional status, 53; spech of Mr. Bennett in 1927 at Calgary, 54; Mr. Amery on equality of status; Colonial Laws Validity Act, 55; report of imperial conference on status question, 56; Sir Robert Borden in Canadian Constitutional Studies, 57; ministers plenipotentiary to France and to Japan; diplomatic diplomatic representation; High Commissioner in London, 58; representation in London; representative from Great Britain; Paris agency, 59; trade with the Orient; diplomatic status of trade commissioners; appointment of ministers to Washington, Paris and Tokyo; Conservative party and oriental exclusion, 60; oriental labour; Great Britain and her foreign relations; unrest in China and India; visit of Mr. Lemieux to Japan, 61; equality, cooperation and responsibility within the empire, 62

Agricultural implement industry, 1289, 2125
Agriculture and colonization

Printing of evidence, 4038
Report, 3932


Agriculture estimates, 4117
Alaska panhandle, acquisition, 504
Alberta school lands, sale, 3797

Anglo-Egyptian treaty, 1152, 1925, 3470, 3481

Correspondence, 1872, 3518
Statement, 1850

Anti-oriental propaganda, 1195
Armistice day, 1093

Asbestos Corporation of Canada, 2601, 2624
Athabaska election, M. (Mr. Garland, Bow
River), 1822-28
Aurora, Ont., address, 198

King, Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie-Con. Baldy Robb, reference of Mr. Cannon, 1873 Beauharnois Power Company, application, 2442, 2601, 2624, 2673

Bennett, Hon. R. B., selection as leader of Conservative party, 3

Bilodeau case, 3510

Bovine tuberculosis, restricted areas, 690
Bremen, German plane, landing of, 2037
British Columbia railway belt lands, 44
Interim report tabled, 184

Martin, Mr. Justice, report, 149, 1243, 1979

Legislation, 1728

British High Commissioner to Canada, 59, 2397, 3474

British immigrants, medical examination, 50, 1832

British North America Act, maritime subsidies and, 480

Budget, 1264. High character and tone of

budget debate; return of Conservative members from abroad; budget resolutions maintain government fiscal policy; surplus and reductions in public debt and taxation, 1265; budget amendments and sales tax; public debt; Conservative party and war taxation; payment of capital cost of war and demobilization, 1266; deficits and expenditures on ordinary account during war and demobilization; policy of not balancing the budget; revenues and expenditures, 1920-21 to 1927-28; loans on soldier land settlement; seed grain relief, 1267; public accounts and Canadian National Railway expenditures; Canadian National Railways operated for profit; removed from control of administration; difference between advances made to Canadian National by Conservative and Liberal administrations; auditing of public accounts, 1268; cash advances to Canadian National Railways, 1920-21 to 1926-27; operating deficits or surpluses, 1269; total deficits after fixed charges; bond issues; guarantee of $34,879,252.86 in 1926-27; decline in deficits and lessening of advances and guarantees under Liberal administration; total expenditures, 1920-21 to 1927-28, 1270; increases in public debt 1921-22 and 1922-23; additions and reductions in net debt, 1920 to 1927-28; effect of refunding at lower rates of interest, 1271; increase or decrease in interest charges

King, Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie-Con.

since 1920-21; statement that tax reduction is equivalent to additional taxation; pyramiding of sales tax under Conservative administration; reduction of income tax with reduction of debt, 1272; reduction of taxes on receipts, cheques and postage, 1922-28, 1273; increases and reductions in sales tax 1921-28, 1273-4; sales tax by budget years; exemptions, 1275-6; sales tax should be removed by degrees; refund to automobile dealers; absorption of tax in reductions by stages; income tax; exemptions, 1922-28, 1277; reductions in individual income tax, 1927-28; collection of equivalent or greater amount with lowering of rate of taxation, 1278; revenue collected under income tax, individuals and corporations, 1918 to 1928; reductions in corporation income tax, 1922-28, 1279; reasons for reducing income tax; dominion-provincial conference and income tax; delimitations of fields of taxation; income taxes imposed by provinces and municipalities; federal government should collect corporation income tax, 1280; provinces restricted to direct taxation; suggested collection of income tax by dominion government and distribution amongst provinces; maintenance of individual income tax; reduction of customs duties under Liberal administration, 1281; Conservative party and protection, 1282; protection appeals directed to individual localities; opposition avoid dividing house on subject of protection; general election of 1921; Conservative amendments to the budget since 1922; tariff advisory board and tariff revision; Conservative party and protection for special interests; chairman of the tariff advisory board, 1283; Sir Thomas White and the Grand Trunk Railway board of arbitration, 1284; Sir Henry Drayton and Conservative tariff commission, 1285; Mr. Manion and Ontario Liquor Commission; functions of the tariff advisory board, 1286; power of taxation rests in House of Commons; budget tariff changes; cotton and woollen industries; reduction of duties on cotton textiles; tariff reductions on cotton and woollen goods

King, Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie-Con.

prior to and under budget, 1287;
British preference, requirement of
British material or labour content;
coarser cotton goods, 1288; govern-
ment's method of tariff revision; in-
terparliamentary conference of 1927
and the tariff; farm implement in-
dustry; opposition quotations from
American sources; Massey-Harris
Company on condition of implement
industry; employment in implement
industry, 1289; Mr. Bennett's state-
ment as to economic dependence on
foreigners, 1289; employment in in-
dustry; index numbers for 1921-27;
immigration, 1290; Canadians re-
turning from United States; emi-
gration to United States, 1291; Cana-
dians crossing the line; immigration
from United States to Canada; Cana-
dian and Newfoundland-born resi-
dents in United States, 1292; immi-
grants entering Canada from other
countries increasing; trade between
Australia and Canada; Vancouver
and growth of Pacific trade; develop-
ment of natural resources; value of
Canadian field crops; pulp and paper
production, minerals, fisheries, manu-
factures, 1293; statement as to "part-
ing with our estate"; total arable
land of Canada; agriculture and de-
velopment in trade; Canada's timber
area; co-operation with provinces in
saving the forests; losses by insects
and pests; extent of mineral wealth
of Canada; conservation and increase
of fisheries; hydro-electric power;
scientific development of natural re-
sources, 1294; excess of imports over
exports of raw material; effect of use
of entire wheat crop for Canadian
flour mills; statements as to defeat
of Liberal government in 1926; pro-
ceedings of June 25, 1920, 1295; dis-
solution in 1926; government in office
by vote of people and confidence of
the house; "phantom" administra-
tion of 1926; Miss Macphail and pro-
cedure in the House of Commons;
right of Prime Minister to request
dissolution; will of majority in par-
liament expressed through cabinet
and Prime Minister; comparison be-
tween Canadian and United States
legislative systems; executive inde-
pendence of legislature in fixed term

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