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MacNutt, Mr. George T.-Con. Budget-Con.

the board of trade of Truro on national coal and steel policy; deputy minister of fisheries; Mr. Duff, 1183; preservation of our domestic markets for farm and dairy products; the Australian treaty; importations of Australian and New Zealand butter; shipping our best milch cows to the United States, 1184; Borden Milk Company; United States duty on butter, milk and cream; delegation from the National Dairymen's Association, 1185

Butter imports, 1184, qu., 2490

Cheese, and, qu., 380

Canadian National Railways, 4016
Sherbrooke-Portland branch line, 2917
Commons chamber, acoustics and ventila-
tion, 2920

Customs service, Nova Scotia, 691
Elliott, Mr. Albert, qu., 2135
Government inspectors, 4114

Halifax harbour commissioners bill, 2253
Historic sites and public parks, qu., 2258
Inquiry for return. 1729

Mail routes in Colchester, 994
Russell house, expropriation, 2051
Soldiers' Cove wharf, 2953


Post office building, 609

Valley railway, 4016

Truro post office site, qu.. 481, 590, 609

Macphail, Miss Agnes C. (Southeast Grey) Address in reply, 209. Congratulations to

mover and seconder; conditions in rural communities, 209; agricultural education; diamond jubilee celebration: agricultural wealth and the problem of rural depopulation; banking system, 210; burdens of the customs tariff; League of Nations; International Joint Commission; international trade in arms and armaments; control of manufacture of munitions; conscription of wealth in time of war; separation of civil and military aviation, 211; employment of prisoners in penitentiaries; immigration: unemployment in Windsor; legal domicile for married women; resolution of Canadian Council of Agriculture; member of an dependent group, 212, 213 Agriculture com. report, 3884 Bell Telephone Company bill, 3990


Macphail, Miss Agnes C.-Con. Budget, 837. Political parties and the budget; agriculture still the main business of the Canadian people; people leaving the land; advantage of country life; rural problems and the educational system, 838; grants to educational and religious institutions; sufferings of the farmer in the political field; Canadian political history as related to farmers; political leaders and the protective system, 839; the Liberal party and the tariff, 840; agricultural group in the house in 1921; legislative program of 1926; attitude of Progressive party, 841; budget not representative of commons or Liberal party; cabinet should be a committee of the House of Commons; the Minister of Immigration; party corruption; budgets of 1927 and 1928; income tax reductions, 842; budget plays with the tariff; undemning of British preference; influence of organized and wealthy groups; attitude of Conservative party; right of agriculture to representation in house, 843: House of Commons should decide dissolution; group system an indication of growth; discouragement of progressive thought by Liberal Progressives, 844

Speech. references to, 1149 Cadet services, 3758

Central experimental farm, 584

Federal district commission bill, amdt., 2401 Gift of $6,000 to treasury, 802

Group government, 1297

Health department estimates, 3782
House of Commons procedure, 1296
Illicit liquor traffic, 2264

Immigration, report of committee, 3884
International peace, M., 1693, 1792
Judges' salaries, M. (Mr. Lapointe), 1516
Motion picture bureau, 3752
National defence estimates, 3335, 3758
Poison gas, 3762

Reference to by Mr. Glen, 999, 1025
References to by Mr. Hepburn, 961, 999
Rideau hall, expenditure, 2714-15
Royal military college, 3764
Trent canal, 3327

McAdam Junction, N.B., public building,


McCallum, Joseph S., Alberta school lands sale, qu., 1324, 2090

McClymont Charges. See Interior

McConachie Case. See Immigration

McCoo Divorce Bill. See Private Bills Discussed

McCutcheon Divorce Bill. See Private Bills


McGibbon, Mr. Peter (Muskoka-Ontario) Address in reply, 92. St. Lawrence waterway; immigration and unemployment; emigration to United States, 92; national debt and taxation; article of Mr. Malcolm in the Financial Post; results of trade treaties; treaty with Czechoslovakia and Finland, 93; treaties with France and Italy; Australian treaty; imports and exports; importations of butter; duty on raisins, 94; equality of status; Imperial conference; Sir Robert Borden in Canadian Constitutional Studies; Imperial War Conference of 1917, 95; right of Canada to make her own treaties, 96

Agriculture estimates, 447

Atherley bridge, Trent canal, 3323
Automobile industry, 1765
Bilodeau claim, 3510

British High Commissioner to Canada, 2397 Budget, 697. Liberal party and national railways; United States border patrol and returning Canadians; exodus of Canadians to the United States, 697; immigration and unemployment; "muddling up" the industries; woollen industry, 698; public debt and increase in per capita taxation; income tax returns; sales tax; the Department of Health, 699; illicit trade in narcotics; scientific research; losses through inefficiency; impairment of health and premature death; keeping our people at home, 700 Canadian National Railways advertising, 2830

Celotex lumber, qu., 3199

Civil service dismissals, superannuation fund, 3530

Commons chamber, ventilation, 2917
Cotton schedules, 1389

Criminal Code Amdt. bill, unlawful asso

ciations, 2470

Customs tariff items, 1765
Divorce bills, procedure, 2236
Egg imports from China, 2964

Electricity Inspection Act Amdt. bill, 2082
Emigration to the United States, 50, 697
Farmers, protection, 1604

Federal district commission bill, 2343
Fruit industry, 450

McGibbon, Mr. Peter-Con.

Home bank depositors, relief, 42, 2051, 2344
Hudson bay railway, 3734
Immigration Act Amdt. bill, 2507
International bible students, radio, 3656-72
Petition, 3348

International peace, M. (Miss Macphail) 1787

International sanitary convention, 1965
Judges' salaries, M. (Mr. Lapointe) 1515
Lafleche, Sask., postmastership, 4081
Maternal mortality, 3783

Militia Pension Act Amdt. bill, 1886
Muskoka lakes mail service, 2625
Narcotic drugs, 700, 3786

Convictions, 3796, 4053
National Battlefields Commission bill, 1874
National research institute, 417
National service, M. (Mr. Irvine) 1577
Naturalization Act Amdt. bill, 2767

Statement by Chief Justice Meredith, 2725 Newfoundland, confederation and, 1047 Niagara Falls Memorial Bridge Company bill, 1528

Patent Act Amdt. bill, 340

Pension Act Amdt. bill, 2966, 2971, 3043
Pensions and National Health dept., 2013
Pensions, estimates, 1732

Postal employees, salaries, 3241
Postmasters, dismissals, 3232
Previous question, debate on, 3675
Protection and employment, 1765
Rabies outbreak in Ontario, 2395
Radio licenses, cancellation, 1849
Railway Act Amdt. (grade crossings), 2446
Rathburn, Ont., postmaster, 3239
Research council, 3746, 3750

Restrictive legislation, 2285

Root Vegetables Act Amdt., 2269, 2285-93
Royal Military College bill, 348
Rural mail delivery, 2343

St. John River Storage Company bill, 2797
St. Lawrence waterway, 1581

Settlement of western lands, M. (Mr. Boulanger) 1345

Soldier Settlement Act Amdt., 2791, 2806 Special War Revenue Act Amdt. bill, 1987 Supply

Information on, 2953

Want of confidence votes, 2874

Tariff advisory board, recommendations,


Tariff schedules

Information, 1538

Principle underlying, 1542

Trent canal, 3321

Wellington street office buildings, 2927

Health department estimates, 4052

McGibbon, Mr. Peter-Con.

Wool and mutton, imports, exports, 2135
Wool, protection on, 1544

Yukon Quartz Mining Act Amdt. bill, 1882

McGregor, Mr. Alex., Hunter inquiry, counsel fees, qu., 2863

McIntosh, Mr. C. R. (North Battleford)
Agricultural fairs, 4115

Budget, 801. Reduction of national debt; private donations to debt reduction in England, 801; Conservative party and debt reduction; continuity of budgets, 802; Canada and the League of Nations; efforts to increase trade with other parts of the empire; Hudson bay railway; taxation reductions in 1926-28; British preference; exports and total trade, 1911-1926, 803; sales tax reductions; income tax; lowering of income tax and leaving direct taxation to provinces; immigration, 804; foreigners; proportion of non-British born in Saskatche

wan; effect of newcomers upon national character; adoption of selective principle in immigration; concentration of British and French stocks, 805

Class B fairs, 4115

Industrial and International Relations com. reports, 877, 1725, 3060, 3495, 3599, 3651, 3790

M. to refer back to com., 3545
M. for concurrence, 3697

McKay, Dr. Wallace, employment, qu., 1952
McKenzie, the late Hon. D. D., Criminal
Code Amdt. of 1919, 2472, 2485

McKenzie, Mr. Robert (Assiniboia) Address in reply, 203. Territorial distribution of prosperity; western provinces and national prosperity; Canadian Pacific Railway pamphlet on agricultural and industrial progress in Canada; growth of Saskatchewan, 203; diamond jubilee of confederation; Dominion-provincial conference; return of natural resources; reduction of taxation, 204; income tax reductions; reduction in national debt; debt reductions made by province of Ontario; Mr. Bennett's suggestions for reduction of the national debt, 205; permits issued at customs ports; reduction in customs entry ports; tariff advisory board, 206

Volume I: 1-1241

McKeown, S., school lands file, 3198, 3836

McLean, Mr. Malcolm (Melfort)

Bell Telephone Company bill, 3085 British Empire Assurance Company, 2112 Clearing land by fire, 3849

Cotton schedules, 1386

Dominion Lands Act Amdt. bill, 2043, 2093
Eleven o'clock rule, suspension of, 1322
Grants to fairs, 3712, 3722

International bible students, radio, 3659 Manitoba and Northwestern Railway Company of Canada bill, 1429

Naturalization Act Amdt. bill, 2550, 2605
Noxious weeds, 473

Saskatchewan, dredging, 3410
Sheep-raising industry, 1614

Soldier Settlement Act Amdt. bill, 2791
Toronto fair, 3723

Woollen industry, 1614

McMillan, Mr. Thomas (South Huron) Address in reply, 297. Comparison of Liberal and Conservative administrations, 298; expenditure and savings over five-year period since 1922; Canadian National Railways; national debt, 299; political situation in 1926; Liberal tariff policy, 300; meeting world competition; imperial conference of 1926; equality of status, 301; dominion-provincial conference; amendments to British North America Act, 302

Agriculture com. report, 3904 Budget, 712. Budget a creditable financial record; greater mineral production; increase of forest products; newsprint industry; Progressives and the sub-amendments, 712; tariff advisory board; revision of customs tariff long overdue; enamelware manufacturers and tariff advisory board; needless trade barriers should be taken down; desirability of strictly revenue tariff; British boot and shoe manufacturers and American competition; effect of automobile tariff reduction, 713; agricultural conditions; keeping the peopie on the land; exodus of Canadians to the United States and the national policy; farmers' deputation of 1910, 714; transportation of coal from Alberta, duty on agricultural implements; agricultural industry the greatest exporting agency, duty on paints and white lead, 715; protection and the Winnipeg convention; the cotton

[blocks in formation]

McMillan, Mr. Thomas-Con.


industry; Canadian Cottons and
Dominion Textiles, Limited; one-
third of population engaged, in agri-
culture, 716; foreign capital in
Canada, 717

Cotton schedules, 716, 1388
Dairying industry, 3905

Fruit and vegetable industry, 3904
Hay and straw inspection bill, 3157
Immigration, report of committee, 3904
Member reading speech, 923
Royal agricultural winter fair, 3718
Seeds Act Amdt. bill, 1982, 1985

McPhee, Mr. George W. (Yorkton)
Address in reply, 127. Progress of Canada
under Liberal regime; Sir Wilfrid
Laurier on prosperity in 1895; Sir
Henry Drayton's last budget speech
in 1921; favourable trade balance;
imports and exports from and to
United States, 128; per capita surplus
of exports over imports; railway
situation; Mr. Beatty on general con-
ditions; Hudson bay railway, 129;
diamond jubilee of confederation
celebrations; Canadianizing going on
in western provinces; elimination of
racial and religious animosities, 130-1
Class B fairs, 3714

Davies divorce bill, 2335

Naturalization Act Amdt. bill, 2547, 2554, 2581, 2604

McPherson, Mr. E. A. (Portage la Prairie) Liquor, customs and excise duties, 3574 Pension Act Amdt. bill, 2974

McQuarrie, Mr. W. G. (New Westminster) Alaska panhandle, acquisition, 504 Answers to questions in duplicate, 1195

Athabaska election, M. (Mr. Garland (Bow

River), 1826

British Columbia

Dredging, 1739, 3364, 3391
Experimental farms, 581
Orientals in, 1100-05

Penitentiary, escape of convicts, 2726 Telegraph and telephone lines, 3429 Budget, 1100. Oriental exclusion; position

of British Columbia members; United Farmers of Canada, British Columbia section. on oriental question, 1100; resolution with reference to oriental immigration passed at Conservative convention in Winnipeg, 1101; Conservative party and a white British Columbia; increase of Japanese in

McQuarrie, Mr. W. G.-Con.


British Columbia, 1102; position of Attorney General of British Columbia, 1103; orientals in the fishing industry; Canadian minister to Japan, 1104; stopping emigration from Japan; "Asia for the Asiatic"; PanAsiatic congress at Shanghai, 1105 Canadian National Railways, 2832 Civil service

Patronage system, 3019

Returned soldiers, preference, 3030, 3067 Clearing of land 581

Cooper, Col. H. W., dismissal, qu., 3441
Drainage canals, 3366

Douglas public building, 2906

Dredges, officers' leave, qu., 1189

Dredging crews, wages, 1739

Evidence in Japan in Canadian litigation, 1328

Experimental farms, 581

Fisheries Act, 1914, interpretation, 3694 Fisheries patrol boats, employees, 3695 Fisheries protection work, jurisdiction, 3384 Flags

International exchange of, 3495
United States in Canada, 3697
Fraser river

Dredges and snagboats, qu., 712
Improvements, 3390

Sockeye salmon run, 3699

Hay and straw inspection bill, 3158
Home bank depositors, relief, 1832, 2840
Manitoba harbours and rivers, 3384
National Revenue department
Bill, 2779, 3019, 3030, 3067
Seizures, 880

Naturalization Act Amdt. bill, 2557

New Westminster

Post office building, 2907
Ship channel, 3390

Nova Scotia harbours, 2947

Olympic games, grant, 2369, 2442
Oriental immigration, 1100, 1194

Government greenhouse, 2675
Post office addition, 2697

Parliament buildings, corner stone, 2931
Penitentiary guards, salaries, qu., 1770
Pension Act Amdt. bill, 3052
Pensions and National Health dept., 2458
Postal employees, salaries, 3795

Postal service, reclassification, qu., 3296
Private bills, proceeding with, 2490
Public buildings

Furniture, 2925 Rentals, 2930

Public works estimates, 2668, 2675

McQuarrie, Mr. W. G.-Con.

Railway Act Amdt. (grade crossings), 2445
Root Vegetables Act Amdt. bill, 2279
St. Lambert dyke, 3367

Shore protection works, 3384
Smoke-consuming devices, 2910
Soldiers' advisers, 2458

Supply, considering item by item, 2633

M. (Mr. Heaps) 1498
Insurance, 1563

McRae, Mr. A. D. (North Vancouver)
Budget, 1162. Population question; sug-
gested immigration plan; higher edu-
cation and life on the land; develop-
ment of unoccupied lands, 1162;
restricting of immigration to farmers
and domestics; drift to the cities;
employment for immigrants; railway
construction and immigration; devel-
opment of land for new settlers; pro-
gram for settlement of scrub and
lightly timbered land in the prairie
provinces; draining of areas for set-
tlement; settlement of vacant lands
adjacent to railways; free home-
steads, half-cleared; cost of clearing,
use of modern equipment, 1163; gov-
ernment advance for clearing and
building; method of repayment be-
ginning at sixth year; paternalism in
colonization work; extension to
Canadians of privileges offered to
newcomers, 1164; co-operation of
provinces; waiving of unoccupied
land tax; devising of crop payment
plan; financial encouragement of lo-
cal associations, 1165; successful
farmers should be colonization
agents; sending of colonizers to
Europe and the United States; se-
lected immigrants; co-ordination of
immigration efforts in London; High
Commissioner and immigration, 1166;
balancing of immigration as to sex;
Daughters of the Empire and female
immigration; imperial conference
and migration; Peace River country
and British immigration, 1167; rail-
way facilities for Peace River coun-
try; Peace River as an imperial set-
tlement; guarantee of bonds in Peace
River railway program; three-thou-
sand family scheme; pioneer settle-
ment, 1168; Japanese immigration;
undesirable races should be barred,

Conservative convention, and, 1199
Immigration proposal, 1205

Volume I: 1-1241

[blocks in formation]

Mail Order Houses, competition from, 742 Mail Services. See Post Office

Mail Subsidies and Steamship Subventions. See Steamship Services

Main Ducks, Lake Ontario, life-saving service, 3614

Main Estimates. See Estimates Maisonneuve, Que., public building, 2644 Mal Bay, Gaspe County, Quebec, wharf, 3361 Malagash, N.S., wharf repairs, 2946

Malcolm, Hon. James (Minister of Trade and Commerce)

Australian and New Zealand treaties, exports under, 1924

Australia, cheese imports from, 1189
Bran and shorts, export, 2621
British and foreign news service, 3138
Budget, 844. Favourable press comment

Volume II: 1243-2672

on budget; Canada's accomplishments since the war, 844; increase of population; seasonal employment; unemployment in the United States; percentage of workers unemployed in Canada and United States, 845;

Volume III: 2673-4176

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