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Vessels, wireless equipment, 3615 Weather reports, broadcasting, 209, 817, 1094, 3608

Rail and River Coal Company, qu., 2161, qu., 2490

Railway Act Amendment Bills

1. Application of money from grade crossing fund. Mr. Dunning

Res., 2262, 2359; 1r., 2360; 2r., 2429-31; com., 2431, 2443; 3r., 2450

2. Investigation of subsidiary of telephone or telegraph companies. Mr. Geary 1r., 1152; consideration of, inquiry, 2601, 3397; M., Mr. Church, for precedence, out of order, 3544; suggested adoption as govt. measure, 3013

3. Joint hearings of railway and interstate commerce commissions. Mr. Odette 1r., 1243

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[blocks in formation]

Ralston, Hon. J. L.-Con.

Bremen, German plane, landing, 2037 British officers, bonus claim, 3779 Budget, 1007. Conservative convention, "swivel chair" tariff resolution; binder twine and cream separators; cost of living, 1007; decrease in employment and wages; use of opposition arguments by United States immigration agents; Duncan report, 1008; steel and coal industry; employment and production in blast furnaces; balance of trade in steel products; legislation to assist steel industry, 1009; Mr. Fielding's assistance in 1907 to the Canadian ore industry; drawback of material used in agricultural implements; wire rods; farm tractors; Nova Scotia steel industry; Duncan report; duty rebate on coal used in melting and smelting metals, 1010; needs of steel industry; fishing industry; statement that political considerations dictated sittings of fisheries commission; trawlers, 1011; inspection, collection boats, fisheries experimental stations; Dalhousie university fisheries course; co-operative marketing of fish; radio equipment on fishing vessels; wider markets; reciprocity treaty of 1911; negotiations with United States, 1012; express rates on fish; improving conditions of fishermen; general provisions of budget; lessening of burden of taxation; budget and agriculture; mining, logging and lumbering operations; fishing, 1013; sales tax; duty reductions; agriculutral implement industry; mineral production; revaluation of soldier lands; increase in foreign trade

Cadet services, 3758

Canadian National Railways, 2833 Canteen funds distribution bill, 336, 372, 437, 1877, 2726

Coal for smelting, drawback, 983 Consumers' Cordage Company, fisherman's rope, 1231

Engines and engine parts for fishermen, 815

Esquimalt, and, naval stations, 1552
Harbour commission, 2184, 2250, 2408
Hotel, 4030, 4118, 4124, 4137, 4147
Statement, 4167

Royal Canadian Naval barracks, 611
Halton rifles, 2773

Hudson straits aerial survey, reward to Eskimo guide, 1114

Ralston, Hon. J. L.-Con.

Immigration, report of committee, 3927 Indigent soldiers, burial, 3779

International peace, M. (Miss Macphail) 1701

Judges' salaries, M. (Mr. Lapointe) 1510 Maritime claims, speech, 3253

Maritime freight rates, 2833, 3292, 3303 Militia Pension Act Amdt. bill, 1881, 2022, 2031, 2088

Militia training, 3762
Montreal military parade, 3346
National defence

Dominion arsenal, 3762

Engineer services, 3779
Estimates, 3328, 3344, 3758, 3777
Manufacturing establishments, 3761
Poison gas, 3762

Naval services, 3779

Non-permanent active militia, 3762
North Vancouver rifle range, 3779
National service, M. (Mr. Irvine) 1572
Pension Act Amdt. bill, 2968, 2972, 3037,

Pensions and National Health dept. bill, 2015, 2452, 2458, 2462

.Railways and shipping com. report, 2833
Ross rifle, 3762

Royal Canadian Air Force, 3765
Royal military college, 3763

Bill, 87, 345, 435

St. Clair Transit Company bill, 2028
St. John harbour commissioners, 2250, 2388
Shelburne-Yarmouth breakwater, 2938
Soldier Settlement Act Amdt. bill, 2805
Steel industry, amdt. (Mr. Finlay Mac-
Donald) 3261, 3289, 3303
Transatlantic flights, 1451

Vancouver aerial landing field, 994 Rathburn, Ont., postmaster, dismissal, 3239 Ratification of Treaties. See Treaties

Raw Materials. See Imports and Exports; Mines and Minerals; Natural Resources; Pulp and Paper

Raymond, Mr. Maxime (Beauharnois) Budget, 1063. Speech of Finance Minister; distinguishing a good from a bad administration; amendment of Mr. Cahan; sales tax, 1063; unemployment in United States; emigration and the war; immigration before 1914 from United States; bringing the people back to the land; farm credits, 1064; immigration and population; social and national viewpoint; farm immigrants; forming a Canadian

Raymond, Mr. Maxime-Con. Budget-Con.

nation, 1065; increase in national defence estimates; subamendment of Mr. Fansher; exemption from taxation of public utilities; Montreal Light, Heat and Power Company; Ontario Hydro-Electric Company; companies selling gas and electricity, 1066; profits made at consumers' expense; Royal Electric Company and Sir Herbert Holt, 1067; rate for electricity and horse power as compared with other electric companies, 1068

International copyright convention, 2310

Real Estate Speculation in western townsites, 3729, 3732

Rebellion of 1885, Mounted Police, 4059 Reciprocity with United States. See United States

Red Deer, Alta., Indian industrial school, qu., 2161

Red Islet, Tadoussac river, lightkeeper, 3681 Re-Election of Members. See Removal of Necessity

[blocks in formation]

Renata, B.C., postmaster, dismissal, 615, 1142

Reparations Commission
Estimates, 4067
Procedure, qu., 687

Inquiry, qu., 687, 1094, 1581, 1831, 1850,
1979, qu., 1950

Legislation, amdt. (Mr. Ernst) to M. for supply, 3163, 3200, neg. on div., 3213 Tabled, 3293

Repatriation, 237. See also Emigration; Immigration; Naturalization

Representation. See House of Commons; Legations; Parliament

Nova Scotia, 153, 796, qu., 1091, qu., 1323 Paris. See Legations

Tokyo. See Legations

Washington. See Legations

Research. See also Agriculture; Grain and
Grain Trade; Industries; Mines and

Accomplishment of Canadians in 417
Agriculture, 64, 418, 578, 3153, 3961
Arsenic, uses of, 1356-8

Bureau of standards, 2075

Citrus fruits, substitutes, 450
Coal, utilization, 485

Disease, in, 700

Duplication, 428

Electricity, standards of measurement, 2072

Expenditure on in various countries, 416

Fellowships, 415

Fertilizers, 262

Fisheries, 1131

Forest products laboratory, 3854

Fuel-testing laboratories, 2694

Germany, in, 412

Grain rust, 1236-7, 3553

Health, 3783

Health of animals, 3556

Hemlock bark, tanning properties, 3751

Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, 411, 3745 Laboratories, 2692, 3797

Hygiene, 3780

New Edinburgh mills property, 2692, 4104 Officers, expenditure, etc., 482

Scholarships, 415

Imperial Agricultural Research Conference,


Industrial and scientific, 2

Great Britain, 413 United States, 414 Universities, in, 425 Laboratories, 2694, 4104 Level crossings, 2436


Returns Ordered-Con.

Medical, 417

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Amas Frank, dismissal (Mr. Stevens) 2494 Amherstburg, Ont., public building, caretaker (Mr. Gott) 2838

Australian treaty (Mr. Stewart, Leeds) 795 Barss Corner-New Germany mail contract (Mr. Ernst) 2494

Black Point, N.S., breakwater (Mr. Macdonald, Richmond-Cape Breton) 3550 Bovine tuberculosis (Mr. Garland, Bow River, 880

Nova Scotia (Mr. Duff) 904 Bringing down of, 3061

Butter, imports and exports (Mr. Geary) 615 Caledonia, N.S., customs officer (Mr. Ernst)


Camp Hill hospital, Halifax (Mr. Quinn) 796

Canadian Govt. Merchant Marine, coal bunkering, (Mr. Smith, Cumberland) 386, 690

Canadian National Railways

Funded debt (Mr. White, Mount Royal) 384

Humber valley old belt lands (Mr. Church) 2600

Lavoie accident inquest (Mr. Fafard) 2137 MacKinnon, John, locomotive engineer,

investigation (Mr. Pouliot) 2261 National Cartage Company (Mr. Heaps) 3794

Nova Scotia lands, taxation, (Mr. Ernst) 1926

Sturgeon Falls branch line (Mr. Lapierre) 615

Toronto offices (Mr. Church) 2600 Charity, collections for, (Mr. Garland, Carleton) 1953

Chartered banks, mergers (Mr. Church) 2600 Chasse, Noel, successor to, appointment (Mr. Stevens) 2493

Civil service

Dismissals (Mr. Kaiser) 2493

Superannuation (Mr. Chevrier) 385; (Mr. Spencer) 2366

Technical and professional men (Mr. Tol

mie) 3794

Colchester mail routes (Mr. MacNutt) 994
Customs advisory committee of 1926 (Mr.
Stevens) 2367

Customs preventive service
Appointments (Mr. Garland, Bow River)


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