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Bennett, Hon. R. B.-Con.

Russia, 1264

Arcos building raid, 3477
Relations with, 3477

Trade agreement with, 3467

St. Clair Transit Company bill, 361, 1486, 2025

St. John and Quebec Railway bill, 343 St. John harbour commissioners bill, 2209, 2245, 2387

St. John River Storage Company bill, 1427 St. Lawrence waterway, 904

Advisory board committee report, 1450 Beauharnois Power Company, 2442, 2601, 2624, 4171

Conversations, reported, 904
Correspondence, 1872, 2085
Documents, tabling, 2087

Dominion-provincial jurisdiction, 40

Sales tax, 1907

Seeds Act Amdt. bill, 1980
Seven Sisters falls, 3063
Sheep-raising industry, 1607

Soldier Settlement Act Amdt. bill, 2976
Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment, 4057
Spain, treaty with, 2052

Special War Revenue Act Amdt. bill, 1900, 1904, 1987-9

Steel industry, amdt. (Mr. Finlay Mac-
Donald), 3312

Stock market, speculation, 4044
Sun Life Assurance Company bill, 3424
Supreme Court library, 4064
Tariff advisory board, 3217

Chairman, Mr. Moore, 1256, 1284

Amdt to supply bill, 4151, neg., 4153
M. to reduce salary, 4101
Cotton schedules and, 1380

Deachman, Mr. R. J., and, 1381, 1387
Evidence, stenographic report, 748
Fruit and vegetable inquiry, 837
Recommendations, method of making,

Tariff changes, effect of, 1536-7
Taxation, 29-31, 1247

Todd, Dr. Alpheus memorial tablet, 3418
Tokyo, representation at, 4103

Amdt. (Sir George Perley), 4160, 4163 Toronto terminals, 1989, 4047

Trade commissioners, 3154, 4163-6

Trade Mark and Design Act Amdt., 342, 566 Traffic in intoxicating liquors bill, 2482 Treaties

Blanket concessions, 2124

Negotiation, signature and ratification, 1967

Unemployment relief, 4057

Validation of orders in council, 1879, 2216 Victoria terminal elevator, 4146

Volume I: 1-1241

Bennett, Hon. R. B.-Con.

Water powers, western Canada, 3851
Waterways treaty of 1909, 555, 557
White, Sir Thomas, and Grand Trunk ar-
bitration, 1285

Winnipeg postal strike, 4083, 4087
Thorson, Mr., and, 4088, 4150

Woodsworth, Mr., letter of Prime Minister

to, 2514

Woollen industry, 1607

Yukon Quartz Mining Act Amdt. bill, 1881,


Benoit, Mr. A. J. (St. Johns-Iberville)
Bran and shorts. qu., 2621

Canadian farm loans, qu., 2161

Long Term Farms Loan Act, qu., 3198

Bergius, F., coal hydrogenation, 430, 488 Berthier, Que., customs and excise revenue, qu., 480

Beverages. See also Liquor
Imports, 988

Bible Sudents. See International
Bienfait, Sask., coal briquetting, 3812-13
Biggar, Mr. O. M.,
qu., 689

Biggar, Sask., public building, 2886, 2911
Bigwood, Ont., post office, qu., 1924
Bilingual Requirements. See Civil Service;
French Language

Bills. See Deputy Speaker; House of Commons; Speaker

For Private Bills, See Private Bills Discussed For Public Bills, See their individual titles Bilodeau, Mrs. Amédée, claim against United States, 3509

Binder Twine

Articles entering into manufacture of, 1531 Cordage, and, combine, 1173

Exports to Russia, 1175

Germany, imports from, 1175

Imports and exports, 162, 1004, 1176
Industry, 871, 1004, 1007, 1173

Protection, 162

Inspection, 465, qu., 1925
Prices, 1037

Production, 1004, 1176

Sale and inspection, 81, 82

Biological Board. See Marine and Fisheries

Birchard, Dr., wheat grading, 496

[blocks in formation]

Bird, Mr. T. W. (Nelson) Address in reply, 131. Hudson bay railway; selection of Churchill as terminus, 131; Manitoba and return of natural resources, 132; pulpwood; water powers; tariff advisory board, 133; stabilization of the tariff, 134; immigration into Manitoba, 135 Blasphemous libel bill, press report, 746 Budget, 1113. Emigration to United States;

unemployment in United States, 1113; sub-amendment and Progressive principles, 1114; budget and the income tax; tariff schedules; expression in house of views of manufacturers, 1115; tariff and the cotton industry; economic group representation; domination of economic conception in British political life; early politics in England, 1116; growth of the party system, 1117; rise of the labour party; European multi-party countries; political conditions in Denmark; party system in Italy and Spain; disadvantage of two-party system in United States; oppression of working-men and farmers; privileged classes and the party system; economic difficulties of Canadian western farmers, 1118 Criminal Code Amdt. bill (blasphemous libel) 365, 746

Federal district commission bill, 2332 International bible students, radio, 3669 International peace, M. (Miss Macphail)

[blocks in formation]

Black, Mr. George-Con.

Revision of the statutes, qu., 378, qu., 2600 Royalties on minerals, 2241

Silver fox-breeders' association, qu., 2597 Soldier Settlement Act. Amdt. bill, 2809 Yukon Quartz Mining Act Amdt. bill, 2241 Black, Hon. W. A. (Halifax)

Admiral Beatty, schooner, seizure, 3593
Antigonish-Guysborough harbours, 2947
Bedford Basin powder magazine, qu., 2622
Building fishways and clearing rivers, 3699
Canadian Govt. Merchant Marine, 1758
East river dam, 3699

Fisheries commission report, legislation, 3301
Halifax county wharves, 2956

Halifax harbour commissioners bill, 2407, 2423, 2427

Hudson bay expedition supplies, qu., 2595, 3601

Hudson bay railway, 2731
Expenditure, 4126
Supplies, qu., 2863

Indian river dam, 3700

Inspector of hulls and machinery, 3592
Nova Scotia

Parks and historic sites, 3303
Public buildings, 2914

Public works, 2956

Railway wharves, 2947, 3129 Ottawa

Dominion expenditure on, 2915 Post office square, 2678, 2681 Quebec harbour commissioners bill, 2168 Railway mail clerks, salaries, 3796 Root Vegetables Act Amdt. bill, 2285 St. John harbour commissioners bill, 2389 Steamship services, 2757

Sub-chaser Baroff, qu., 2599

Vigilant, steamer, sale of, 3588, 3637

Black, Dr. W. J., Immigration department. 3892, 3917

Black Point, N.S., breakwater, 3550

Blanchard, Mr. S. (Restigouche-Madawaska) Eastern Bank of Canada bill, 3441

Blankets. See Customs Tariff Items

Blasphemous Libel. See Criminal Code Amdt. Bills

Blatchford, Mr. K. A. (East Edmonton)
Alberta government railways, 1926
Budget, 1215. Western Liberal members;

speech of Mr. McRae; homestead
regulations, 1215; building railways to
the coast; terminal facilities; ter-
minal elevators in the interior; assist-

Blatchford, Mr. K. A.-Con. Budget-Con.

ing immigration into western Canada;
repatriation of Canadians; opening
up of the Northwest territories; de-
veloping and surveying the territories
for minerals, 1216; oil regulations;
the Alberta oil field; coal transporta-
tion rates, 1217; the Minister of Im-
migration; population and the rail-
ways; density of population; develop-
ment of the Northwest territories,

Blind River, Ont., dredging, 3368
Blue Cove, N.B., breakwater, 3123

Blue Rocks, N.S., wharf repairs, 2936

Board of Appeal. See Pension Act Amdt. Board of Audit

Audit Act, federal district commission, 2349 Powers, 2196

Quebec harbour, report, 2377

Board of Customs. See National Revenue

[blocks in formation]

Board of Pension Commissioners. See Pension Act Amdt. Bill; Pensions

Board of Railway Commissioners. See Railway Commissioners

Boats. See Canadian Government Merchant
Marine; Marine and Fisheries; Ship-
ping and Shipbuilding; Steamship
Services; Vessels

Bock, Mr. W. G. (Maple Creek)
Address in reply, 172. Influence of cele-

bration of diamond jubilee of con-
federation; visits of Their Royal High-
nesses and Mr. Baldwin, 172; Hudson
bay railway; constituency of Maple
Creek; agricultural conditions in
west; the wheat pool, 173; wheat rust
research work; Hon. George Spence;
Maple Creek not contested in recent
by-election, 174

Boivin, Mr. P. E. (Shefford)

Cotton schedules, buckram, 1441
Customs tariff items, 1668

Settlement of western lands, M. (Mr.
Boulanger), 1343

Bolshevists, Communists and Anarchists
May day processions and meetings, 1235
Schools, 1194

Toronto, in, 3450

Volume I: 1-1241

Bonaventure County, public works, patronage, 1361, 1365

Bonne Entente, 89

Bonshaw, P.E.I., freight shed, 2957

Bonus. See Bounties; Coal, Alberta, Transportation; Iron and Steel; Industries Books, undesirable, suppression, qu., 379. See also Publications

Booth Farm. See Ottawa, Central Experimental Farm

Bootlegging. See Liquor; Smuggling

Boots and Shoes. See also Address; Budget Competition from United States, 713 Imports, 991

Rubber footwear, duties, 703

Borden, Right Hon. Sir Robert

Canadian Constitutional Studies, 57, 95, 125 Reading out members of party, 738 Versailles treaty, 3485

War administration, 95

Washington disarmament conference, 3485

Borden Milk Company, 1185

Border Cities, employment, 1154

Border Residents, danger to. See Liquor, Illicit Traffic; United States, Volstead Act

Bothwell, Mr. C. E. (Swift Current)
Address in reply, 244. Diamond jubilee of

confederation; early pioneers in the
west, 244; necessity for branch lines;
Hudson bay railway; Flin-Flon mine,
railway facilities; Swift Current dis-
trict, 245; salaries of rural postmas-
ters; comparative table of salaries
paid to postmasters in Canada and
United States; railway mail clerks,
246; transfer of postal officers from
province to province because of
health; federal grants to highways,
247; immigration from across the
line; strike of railway shopmen in
1908; pension status of Canadian
Pacific employees who took part in
strike, 248; railway construction in
western Canada, 249

Grading of wheat, M. (Mr. Millar), 535
Amdt., 536

National system of banking, 402
Postmasters salaries, 246

[blocks in formation]

Bouchard, Mr. Georges (Kamouraska)

House of Commons staff, returned soldiers, qu., 1093

Boulanger, Mr. Oscar L. (Bellechasse)
Immigration, 3974

Settlement of western lands, M., 1337 Transfer of Canadians to other provinces, 3974

Boularderie, Cape Breton, telegraph, 3414 Boundary Treaties. See International Joint Commission; Treaties

Boundary Waters. See Chicago Drainage Canal; Great Lakes Levels; International Joint Commission

Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909, 555-7, qu., 1686

Bounties. See also Address; Budget; Coal,
Alberta, Transportation; Iron and
Steel; Steamship Services; Trade and

Coal, for steel manufacturers, 3263
Coking plants, 1087

Copper, 524, qu., 793, 3138

Copper rods, 2900

Crude petroleum, 1864

Fishing, 3701, 3705

Hair seals in tidal waters, destruction, 3608
Hemp, qu., 793

Iron ore industry, 219, 220, 982-3
Nova Scotia steel industry, 273, 1058, 3249
Sheep-raisers, to, 1197

Steel industry, 1058, 1087, 3249
Wolves, on, 3830

Bourassa, Mr. Henri (Labelle)

Address in reply, 234. Indications of prosperity; immigration; necessity for review of our economic system, 235; Quebec not bound to a policy of high protection; immigration and the population difficulty; equal facilities for Canadians as for Europeans, 236; repatriation of Canadians; British immigration, 237; success of small settlements rather than wholesale immigration; settlements at Gravelbourg and St. Paul de Metis, 238; equality of status; making peace permanent; the League of Nations; appointment of foreign ministers, 239; minister to France, 240 Budget, Amdt. (Mr. Cahan) 1094. Progressives and labour groups; Liberal party and Conservative principles, 1094; effect of budget on social and economic life; taxation

Bourassa, Mr. Henri-Con.

system; the tariff; unsoundness of
protection; objection to taxation of
families; large families and indirect
taxation; effect of protection on qual-
ity and efficiency of manufactures;
comparison of Canadian and foreign
standards of living; artificial indus-
tries and the tariff, 1095; the cot-
ton and rubber industries; wool-
lens, sugar and pulp and paper indus-
tries; need of markets for by-products
of wood; encouragement to small in-
dustries; protection of industry, 1096;
over-capitalization; economic absorp-
tion of Canada by the United States;
condition of the labouring people;
changed conditions since twelfth and
thirteenth centuries, 1097; specializa-
tion of labour in industries; popula-
tion problem; higher tariffs would not
remedy emigration; fiscal policy must
be adapted to Canadian conditions,
attention to rural problems and main-
tenance of farm population; Pro-
gressive party and British preference,
1098; proportion of empire labour con-
tent and British preference; Geneva
economic conference and the tariff
question; imperial or national prefer-
ence and the world tariff reductions;
income tax, and invalid dependents,


Main motion, 1328, 1331. Right of every member to express his views on motion for committee of ways and means; consequences of the rules of debate established by the house; enforcement of the fortyminute rule, 1331; limitation of all but leaders of the two "historical" parties to forty minutes; the Prime Minister and party evolution; the province of Quebec and the elections of 1925 and 1926, 1332; inconvenience of group representation; principle of free representation of all classes and groups; the two-party system; vindication of the recognition of the needs of all classes; evolution of representative government, in Great Britain; British system of government, 1333; rise of the Tories and Whigs in England; services rendered to modern England by newly-risen parties; the labour party, 1334; tumbling down party system of gov

Bourassa, Mr. Henri-Con. Budget-Con.

Main motion-Con.

ernment; preserving the essential characteristics of a nation; 1335; doing justice to all classes; representation of classes, 1336

Civil service, returned men, preference, 3066 Egyptian question, 3453

Eleven o'clock rule, suspension of for division, 1320

Foreign consuls, standing, 3452, 3496
Grey, Sir Edward, foreign policy, 3455-6
Historic sites, Nova Scotia, 2652
Imperial and foreign relations, amdt., 3445-
50, withdrawn, 3504

International peace, M. (Miss Macphail) 1717

Judges' salaries, M. (Mr. Lapointe) 1512
Liquor, customs and excise duties, 3574
Literature, immoral, entry from United
States, 3575

Mexican situation, 3452
Morning sittings, 3550

National defence estimates, 3339

National Revenue department

Bill, 3065

Estimates, 3574

Peace treaty, signing of, 73

Prison labour, 73

Private and public bills, consideration, 2341 Quebec

Citadel, Governor General's quarters, 2652
Harbour commissioners bill, 2374
Russian trade agreement, 3062, 3349, 3447
South African war, 3455

Bourgeois, Mr. A. E. (Kent, N.B.)
Budget, 743. Administration of the Minis-

ter of Finance; stable government elected in 1926; moderate tariff policy; adequate protection for manufacturers; wider markets; reduction of national debt; factors in favourable trade balance, 744; New Brunswick agricultural products and the tariff; West Indies treaty; New Brunswick field crop production, 1927; dairying industry; Australian treaty; fishing industry; lobster season; maritime freight rates; Kent railway; royal fisheries commission, 745 Prisoners in penitentiaries. qu., 1550 Bovine Tuberculosis. See Live Stock

Bowen, Mr. Fred (Durham)

Port Hope, Ont., lighthouse, 2214

Boys, Mr. W. A. (North Simcoe)
Agricultural inspectors, 463
Agriculture dept. estimates, 463
Anticosti island, Ellis bay dredging, 3356
Athabaska election, M. (Mr. Garland, Bow
River), 1817

Budget, 1000. Immigration permits; case of
deportation of child; prohibited class-
es, 1001; admission of feeble-minded;
reduction of income tax; desirability
of abolishing sales tax; Home Bank
depositors, 1002; Canadian National
Railways and the Conservative party;
free trade and the tariff; Hon. Mr.
Drury and the tariff; elections of 1925
and 1926, 1003; binder twine and
cream separators; argument that tar-
iff is a tax and raises prices; binder
twine industry; imports and total
production, 1004; closing of binder
twine plants; Consumers' Cordage
Company; Plymouth Cordage Com-
pany; Brantford Cordage Company,
1005; cream separator industry, im-
ports and production; rubber indus-
try, the manufacturer and the tariff;
prices of tires, 1006, 1007
Czechoslovakia, treaty with, 2072
Electricity Inspection Act Amdt. bill, 2083
Excise Act Amdt. bill, 1992-3

Federal district commission bill, 2353
Forty-minute speeches, 1007
Manicouagan river, wharf, 3361

Naturalization Act Amdt., 2559, 2582, 2595
Ottawa post office square, 2682, 2685
Patent Act Amdt. bill, 433

Pension Act Amdt. bill, 2972, 3051 Pensions and National Health dept. bill, 2451, 2453, 2785, 2787

Public buildings

Applications for, 2634, 2682, 2908
Policy, 2634

Quebec harbour commissioners bill, 2138, 2143, 2155, 2157

Railway Act Amdt. (grade crossings), 2443
Russell house property, 2353

St. Clair Transit Company bill, 1682-5
Seeds Act Amdt. bill, 1985
Select standing committees, 480
Soldier Settlement Act Amdt. bill, 2791,
2978, 2803

Special War Revenue Act Amdt. bill, 1988-9
Supply, amendments, procedure, 2871
Toronto Terminal Railway Company, 2229
Vigilant, steamer, sale of, 3585

Boys, immigration of. See Immigration

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