New Reports of Cases Heard in the House of Lords, on Appeals and Writs of Error: And Decided During the Session 1827-1837], Τόμος 9


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Σελίδα 15 - believed that Robert Marke was seized of other customary lands and hereditaments held of the manor of Taunton Deane, besides the messuages, &c. comprised in the articles; and that Robert Marke in his life time made and published his last will and testament in writing, bearing date the 24th of October,
Σελίδα 21 - of August, 18-24, for the several considerations therein mentioned, amounting together to the sum of 5,5001., to him paid by the defendant, surrendered the premises so purchased into the hands of the lord of the said manor, to the use of him the defendant, his heirs and assigns for ever, according to the custom of the said
Σελίδα 2 - will; and in default of appointment by the settlor, then " as GH should by deed or will appoint; and in default " of such appointment by RM and GH, then to the " use of all and every the child and children of the body of " RM, on the body of GH begotten (if more
Σελίδα 275 - the elder of such sons and the heirs male of his " body being always preferred before the younger " of such sons, and the heirs male of their bodies, " and in default of such issue, to the daughter and
Σελίδα 462 - and sums of money as may be necessary for the management and repairs of my real and personal estate, to invest the overplus in the Parliamentary Stocks or Public Funds of Great Britain, or at interest upon Government Securities in England, to be- altered and varied as they my said trustees or trustee shall think proper, and
Σελίδα 337 - the lord or owner of the manor of Ford for the time being, or his assigns, had, as the Appellant believed, always from time whereof the memory of man was not to the contrary, used, in respect of the said yearly sum of 40/. so paid to the
Σελίδα 275 - this doctrine is fully recognised. There was " a devise to A. for " her natural life, without impeachment of waste: " remainder to trustees to preserve contingent " remainders, remainder to the heirs male of the " body of A. to be begotten severally successively, " and in remainder one after another according to " seniority." Here are words which would give a technical estate
Σελίδα 48 - being entertained in an English court, must be " adjudicated according to the principle of the *' English law applicable to such a case; but the " only principle applicable to such a case by the " law of England, is, that the status or condition " of the claimant must be tried by reference to " the law of the country where the status
Σελίδα 198 - Under the order by which Richard White was appointed receiver he was directed to pay his balances from time to time into the bank of England in the name of the accountant-general of the court of chancery to the credit of the cause
Σελίδα 531 - lost by time or accident, to avail himself of precisely the same result as by the principle in non decimando. I am of opinion that the decision of the Court below was correct, and on these grounds, I move your Lordships that the judgment of the Court below be affirmed. Lord Brougham.

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