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Mr. Barrett's resignation was presented. Professor Howard moved that it be accepted and that a resolution be authorized to be drafted expressive of appreciation of his work. Seconded by Mr. Geisthardt. Professor Howard discussed the work Mr. Barrett had done. Mr. Howard and Mr. Geisthardt were appointed as such committee.

Financing legislative bureau was taken up, discussed and approved. On account of Miss D. Palin's sickness, Miss Pearl Palin was permitted to continue her work. The personnel of legislative bureau was left to the Secretary and Mr. Sheldon.

H. W. CALDWELL, Secretary.


Lincoln, Nebraska, October 9, 1906.

To the Executive Board of the Nebraska State Historical Society:

GENTLEMEN-I desire to be released from official connection with the Historical Society at the end of this biennium, April 1, and will ask you to act favorably upon the request at this time. Except detail work, there remains but one thing that I yet wish to do for the Society, and that I shall be able to do after my official connection with the Society has ceased.

It is probable that I shall not require all of the time between now and the first of April to complete what remains for me to do, and I shall therefore ask you to empower the Secretary of the Society to agree with me upon an earlier date than April 1st, in accordance with the completion of the work.



Lincoln, Nebraska, January 15, 1907.

Meeting of the State Historical Society called to order by President Geo. L. Miller. Moved and seconded that the Society adjourn to meet at 8:00 P.M. January 16, 1907. Carried. H. W. CALDWELL, Secretary.

GEO. L. MILLER, President.


Lincoln, Nebraska, January 16, 1907.

The meeting of the Society was called to order at 8:15 P.M. by the First Vice-President, R. L. Harvey, who introduced Dr. Geo. L. Miller, of Omaha, the newly elected President of the Society. Dr. Miller gave a few words of thanks for the honor conferred by his election as President of the Society. He then spoke in feeling terms of his predecessors, Hon. R. W. Furnas and Hon. J. Sterling Morton, whose deaths had left a great void in the ranks of the Society. Dr. Miller then stated that he had aimed to have some distinguished man to address the Society, but all efforts to do so had failed. He still hoped to have such an address at some future date. The educational spirit of Lincoln and the University of Nebraska impressed Dr. Miller favorably, and he rejoiced that he had lived to see such a spirit, and added that taxes might well be doubled for the cause of education.

The President then called the speakers who were on the program for the evening. Col. H. E. Palmer, of Omaha, presented a paper of very great interest on "Across the Plains, 1861-65." Col. T. J. Majors gave a talk on the 1st Nebraska Cavalry and an outline of some phases of its history during and at the close of the Civil War. On account of the lateness of the hour, Mr. C. S. Paine declined to present his paper, which was read by title and handed to the Society for its use. The Society then adjourned to 8:00 P.M., January, 17, 1907. H. W. CALDWELL, Secretary.

GEO. L. MILLER, President.


Lincoln, January 17, 1907. The Society was called to order at 8:00 P.M. by its President, Hon. Geo. L. Miller. Mr. Miller introduced Mr. Robert F. Gilder, the first speaker on the evening's program, in a few very felicitous words, as a journalist and artist, and one deeply interested in early Indian life in Nebraska. Mr. Gilder's paper discussed the "Indian Mounds near Omaha," and the finding therein of the remains of prehistoric man. The same subject was continued by Professor Erwin H. Barbour in an illustrated lecture on "Evidence of Nebraska Loess Man." Mr. Blackman, the Curator of the Society, then discussed the Indian costumes and customs as illustrated in the D. Charles Bristol Collection.

The Society, after listening to the foregoing excellent and interesting program, resolved itself into its annual business session for the election of officers and the transaction of such other business matters as might come before it. The calling of the roll of members was dispensed with on motion of the Secretary, after he had counted more than a quorum present. The minutes of the last annual meeting were then read and approved. The Secretary next read the report of the Treasurer, which was received and referred to the executive committee for auditing. The list of names of those applying for membership was then read, and on vote of the Society were all declared duly elected, and on payment of the customary fee of $2 entitled to active membership in the Society. names were as follows:

I. D. Evans, Kenesaw. Lafayette E. Gruver, University Place.


J. A. C. Kennedy, Omaha.
Albert W. Crites, Chadron.
Lysle I. Abbott, Omaha.

Charles P. Anderbery, Min- James R. Hanna, Greeley.


William I. Allen, Schuyler.

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Robert E. Evans, Dakota


John N. Dryden, Kearney.
Perley W. Scott, Imperial.
Cary S. Polk, Plattsmouth.
Ignatius J. Dunn, Omaha.
Milo D. King, Minden.
Samuel Rinaker, Beatrice.
Howard Kennedy, Jr.,

Benjamin E. B. Kennedy,

Thomas W. Blackburn,

Carroll S. Montgomery,

J. P. A. Black, Hastings.
Jas. W. Hamilton, Omaha.
M. Dayton Tyler, Norfolk.
Carl E. Herring, Omaha.
Chas. H. Sloan, Geneva.
Henry E. Maxwell, Omaha.
Jno. S. Stull, Auburn.
Wm. A. Redick, Omaha.
A. M. Morrissey, Valentine.
Charles H. Denney, Fairbury.
Herbert S. Daniel, Omaha.
John B. Barnes, Norfolk.
William D. McHugh, Omaha.
Titus J. Howard, Greeley.
James H. Kemp, Fullerton.
John L. McPheeley, Minden.
Benjamin T. White, Omaha.
John C. Cowin, Omaha.

Edmund G. McGilton,


C. M. Miller, Alma.
Arthur F. Mullen, O'Neill.
E. S. Ricker, Chadron.
Vincent L. Hawthorne, Wa-

Patrick E. McKillip, Humphrey.

Charles L. Richards, Hebron. Frank M. Hall, Lincoln. Lewis L. Raymond, Scotts Bluff.

J. L. Sundean, Wahoo. Webster S. Morlan. McCook. John H. Barry, Wahoo. James G. Reeder, Columbus. William W. Wood, Rushville. Albert A. Kearney, Stanton. R. M. Proudfit, Friend. Edwin Falloon, Falls City. Harlow W. Keyes, Indianola. Frank R. Waters, Lincoln. Jas. E. Philpott, Lincoln. William C. Frampton, Lincoln. McConnell S. Gray, Davenport.

Joseph A. Wild, Wilber. Halleck F. Rose, Lincoln. Robert J. Greene, Lincoln. Claude C. Flansburg, Lincoln.

Beman C. Fox, Lincoln.

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Mr. H. H. Wilson then asked leave to introduce the following resolutions:

"WHEREAS, The late Governor Furnas in 1897 temporarily loaned to this Society a collection of Nebraska woods and other articles of interest connected with the history of this state; and

"WHEREAS, By his will this collection became the property of his widow, who offers the same for sale; therefore, be it

"Resolved, That the board of directors of this Society be requested to take proper steps to acquire title to said collection, if it can be done at a reasonable cost."

Mr. Wilson moved the adoption of the resolution, which was seconded and carried.

The Secretary announced that he had no written report of the year's work, but would make a brief oral statement about it. The establishment of the legislative reference bureau by the executive committee, with Mr. Sheldon at its head, had been the most important measure of the year. The work of the bureau had started out successfully and so far was appreciated by the legislature. Mr. Sheldon, the Secretary announced, was present and could give further details if the Society desired. The first volume of the "History of the Nebraska Constitutional Conventions" is almost ready for delivery and copies may be obtained in a very few days. The Secretary also suggested that some commemoration of the life and services of Hon. Edward Rosewater ought to be un

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