The political economy of communication: rethinking and renewal

Sage Publications, 14 Οκτ 1996 - 307 σελίδες
'TEXT' FOR SOLUS ONLY! What is political economy and how can it be applied to the study of media and communication? The Political Economy of Communication is the definitive, critical overview of the discipline for students of the social sciences. It explains in detail the analytical tools that political economy can apply to today's increasingly global and technological information society. Vincent Mosco presents an historical overview of the discipline, and defines political economy by its focus on the relationship between the production, distribution and consumption of communication in historical and cultural context. This comprehensive analysis of the 'commodity form' in communication includes an examination of print, broadcast and electronic media, the role and function of the audience and the problem of social control. It concludes by addressing the relationship of political economy to the increasingly important fields of policy studies and cultural studies. This is a vital discussion of today's media that presents a lucid, thorough and informed clarification of the modern global, electronic information society. Written by an important and influential figure, The Political Economy of Communication will be the standard work for students in media, communication and cultural studies. [see quotes!!]

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Mapping the Political Economy of Communication
The Political Economy of Communication
Rethinking and Renewing the Political Economy
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Vincent Mosco is the Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society and Professor of Sociology at Queen's University

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