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BIOGRAPHICAL Encyclopædia of Vermont. .

1157.2 THE Globe Encyclopædia. v. 1-6. .

1136.12 HENRY Hobson Richardson and his works.

1211.8 HISTORY of Essex County. v. 1, v. 2.

1157.3 JOHNSON's New Universal Cyclopædia. v. 1-4 as 8 vols. 1884.

1136.13 UNITED States. American Archives. Fifth series. Vols. 1, 2, 3 and 6.

1760.1 American State papers.

Class 1. Foreign relations. Vols. 5 and 6. Class 3. Finance. Vols. 4 and 5. Class 5. Military affairs. Vols. 3-7. 5 vols. Class 6. Naval affairs. Vols. 2, 3, 4. Class 8. Public lands. Vols. 6, 7, 8. .

. 1760; 1770. Tenth Census, 1880. v. 12.




A BAILARD, Pierre, et Héloise. Lettres; précédées d'un Essai historique par
M. et Mme. Guizot. Paris, 1839. Q.

1234.20 ABBOT, Abiel. A Sermon preached before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in Boston, June 7, 1802. 1802.

1327.32 ABBOTT Academy, Andover, Mass., 1829-1879. McKeen, Philena and Phebe F. 1331.17 ABBOTT, Maj. Gen. Augustus. The Afghan War, 1838-1842. Lond., 1879. O. 255.16 ABBOTT, Benjamin Vaughan. Judge and Jury; an explanation of leading topics in the law of the land. 1880. .

749.37 ABBOT, Charles, Lord Colchester. Diary and correspondence; edited by his son Charles, Lord Colchester. v. 1, v. 3. Lond., 1861. 0. .

1293.3 ABBOTT, Charles C. Primitive industry; or illustrations of the handiwork, in

stone, bone and clay, of the native races of the Northern Atlantic Sea-
board of America. 1881..

739.35 Upland and meadow. 1886.

728.49 Waste-land wanderings. 1887..

728.55 ABBOTT, Edward. A trip eastward. 1880.

450.20 ABBOTT, Rev. Edwin A. How to tell the parts of speech.

American edition, enlarged and revised by John G. R. McElroy. 1881.

838.45 A Shakespearian grammar; differences between Elizabethan and modern English. Lond., 1878.

355.15 ABBOTT, E. A. The kernel and the husk : letters on spiritual Christianity. 1887. 854.15 ABBOT, Evelyn. Index to Plato, compiled for Prof. Jowett's translation of the dialogues. Oxford, 1875. O. v. 5, of ..

649.4 ABBOTT, Francis Ellingwood. Scientific theism. 1885.

S68.15 ABBOTT, Jacob. Franconia stories. The Henrys; Stuyvesant; Caroline; Agnes. Lond. D.

634.73 Science for the young Force. 1873.

736.46 Heat. 1872.

738.35 ABBUTT, Capt. James. Narrative of a journey from Heraut to Khiva, Moscow,

and St. Petersburgh, during the late Russian invasion of Khiva. v. 1, v. 2.
Lond, 1884. 0...

189.34 ABBOTT, Lyman, Edit. Hints for home reading; on books and their use. Charles Dudley Warner, etc. 1880.

661.44 ABBOTT, Lyman. A study in human nature. 1885.

660.35 A life of Christ founded on the four gospels. 1$82.

852.34 ABBOT, Willis J. Blue jackets of '6l; a history of the navy in the war of secession. 1886.

333.16 ]


A. B. C.: Pictures and rhymes. Pym, T.

328.61 ABDULLA. Translations from the Hakayit Abdulla by J. T. Thomson. Lond., 1874. 0..

1736.3 ABNEY, W. de W. Photography. 1885.

734.50 ABO RD the Mavis. Markham, Richard

-540.28 ABOUT, Edmond François Valentin. The Greek Brigand : illust. by Gustave Doré. Lond., n. d. D.

635.76 The story of an honest man. (From the French.) 1880.

553.54 ABOUT money and other things. Craik, D. M. M.

628.26 ABOUT people. Wells, K. G.

831.11 ACADEMY notes. 1876-1885; edited by Henry Blackburn. v. 1, v. 2. Lond., 1876, 1885. 0..

1167.4 ACADEMY notes. 1886. Blackburn, H., Editor.

867.34 Achard, Amédée. La chasse a l'idéal. Paris, 1867. D.

844.21 ACKERMANN, R. The history of the colleges of Winchester, Eton, and West

minster; with the charter-house, the schools of St. Paul's, Merchant
Taylors, Harrow and Rugby, and the free-school of Christ's hospital.
Lond., 1816. Fol. .

1160.5 Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics;

v. 1-12, Jan. 1809-Dec. 1814. New series, v. 1, 2, 1816. v. 4-11, July
1817. June, 1821, v. 13. Jan.-June 1822. 23 vols. Lond., v. d. O.

[1843.2 1843.3 Across the chasm. 1885. .

318,47 ACROSS Patagonia. Dixie, Lady Florence.

172.21 ACROSS the Zodiac. Greg, P.

615.62 ACTON, Maine. Fullerton, J.

1316.25 ACTORS and actresses of Great Britain and the United States. Matthews, B. and Hutton, L., Editors.

262.24 ACTRESS' daughter: a novel. Fleming, M. A.

359.31 Acts of the Anti-Slavery Apostles. Pillsbury, P.

620.20 ADAM and Eve: a novel. Parr, Louisa.

553.55 ADAM, Madame Edmond. (Juliette Lamber.) A fascinating woman. 1882. 569.14 ADAMS, Andrew N. Fair Haven, Vermont. 1870. .

1315.8 ADAMS, Brooks. The emancipation of Massachusetts. 1887.

1318.23 ADAMS, Charles Follen. Dialect Ballads. 1888. .

312.46 ADAMS, Charles Kendall. A manual of historical literature. 1882.

622.11 ADAMS, F. Colburn. Justice in the by-ways. 1857. . ,

645.67 ADAMS, George Burton. Mediæval civilization. 1883.

251.24 ADAMS, Henry. John Randolph. 1882.

321.11 ADAMS, H. C. Charlie Lucken at school and college. 1887.

635.38 Who did it? or, Holmwood priory: a schoolboy's tale.

450.21 ADAMS, Henry C. Public debts: an essay in the science of finance. 1887 749.41 ADAMS, H. G. Beautiful butterflies. Lond.

714.43 Nests and eggs of familiar birds. Lond.

728.35 714.44 Wonders and beauties of the year. Lond.

728.53 ADAMS, John, second President of the U. S. Life of

111.46 ADAMS, John Quincy. An address to the members of the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society, May 28, 1802. 1802.

1327.33 Memoirs, comprising portions of his diary from 1795 to 1818. Charles Francis Adams. 12 v.

1334.1 Morse, J. Jr. Life of J. Q. Adams.

321.41 321.8 Stoddard, W. O. Life of J. Q. Adains. .


Ed. by


ADAMS, Julius W. Sewers and drains for populous districts: with rules and formula for the determination of their dimensions under all circumstan1880.

759.30 ADAMS, Mrs. Leith. Aunt Hepsy's foundling: a novel. 1887.

645.54 Madelon Lemoine : a novel. 887.

644.66 ADAMS, Nehemiah. Agnes and the little key.

530.47 ADAMS, Oscar Fay. A brief handbook of English authors. 1884. 620.10 620.22 Post Laureate Idyls, and other poems.

324.15 ADAMS, Oscar Fay, Ed. Through the year with the poets. Jan. to. Dec. 12 v. 1885-1886.

324.5 AVAMS, Robert C. On board the “Rocket.” 1879. .

528.20 ADAMS, Samuel. Hosmer, J. K..

258.24 ADAMS, W. H. Davenport. Alpine climbing. Lond., 1881. S.

191.17 The comic poets of the nineteenth century. Lond.

312.1 A concordance to the plays of Shakespeare. Lond., 1886. O.

353.12 The Eastern Archipelago. Lond., 1880. D.

178.19 Famous regiments of the British army. Lond.

228.37 Good Queen Anne.

115.18 Good Samaritans. Lond., 1883.

115.19 Great names in European history. Edinb., 1879.

118.32 The land of the Incas and the city of the sun; the story of Francisco Pizarro and the conquest of Peru. 1885. .

256.31 The Merry Monarch; or, England under Charles II. ; v. 1-2. Lond., 1885. O. 225.22 Page, squire and knight: a romance of the days of chivalry. 1883.

550.1 Shore and sea; or, stories of great Vikings and sea-captains. Lond., 1883. D. 262.23 Stories of the lives of noble women. Lond., 1880. D.

134.35 Windsor Castle. Lond., 1880.

1154.21 ADAMS, William T. All adrift. 1883.

460.28 All taut. 1887..

614.64 Down South. 1881..

362.41 Living too fast. 1876. .

369.4 Our standard bearer: Ulysses S. Grant. 1868.

318.36 Ready about; or, sailing the boat. 1887.

644.67 Snug harbor. 1884. .

348.27 Square and compasses. 1885.

678.27 Stem to stem. 1886.

869.41 Up the river. 1882. .

362.47 ADAPTABILITY of our native plants to the purposes of ornamental art. Hulme,

1253.28 ADDINGTON, Joseph C. Important discoveries among which are the long-lost New and Old Testaments and their Prin-cip-i-a. 1879.

819.47 ADDISON, Henry Robert. Recollections of an Irish police magistrate. Lond. 635.77 Addison, Joseph. Days with Sir Roger de Coverley. Lond., 1886. .

611.37 The poetical works; Gay's fables; Somerville's chase; with memoirs, etc., by Rev. George Gilfillan. Edinb., 1859. O.

1283.1 Courthope, W. J.

311.37 ADELER, Max, pseud. See Clark, C. H. ADEN Power; or the cost of a scheme.

523.45 ADIRONDACK stories. Deming, P.

511.13 ADMIRAL's ward, The. Hector, Mrs. A. F.

361.33 712.42 ADOLPHUS, Gustavus. Stevens, J. L.

319.16 ADOLPHUS, John. Recollections. Emily Henderson. .



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ADVANCE, The, of science in the last half-century. Huxley, T. H.

868.42 ADVANCED readings and recitations. Fletcher, A. B.

621.42 ADVENTURES of Alf. Wilson: a thrilling episode of the dark days of the Rebellion.

272.35 ADVENTURES of Ann: stories of colonial times. Wilkins, M. E.

635.52 ADVENTURES of the Bodley family. Scudder, H. E.

343.6 ADVENTURES of Dick Onslow among the Redskins. Kingston, W. H. G., Edit. 634.88 ADVENTURES in the far West. Kingston, W. H. G. .

451.8 ADVENTURES of Harry Marline. Porter, D. D.

523.48 ADVENTURES of Harry Richmond. Meredith, G.

665.68 ADVENTURES of Herr Baby. Molesworth, Mary, Mrs.

343.21 ADVENTURES of Huckleberry Finn. Clemens, S. L.

570.4 ADVENTURES of Jimmy Brown. Alden, W. L.

339.11 ADVENTURES of Prince Lazybones, and other stories. Hays, Mrs. W. J. . 318.19 ADVENTURES round the world. 1882. .

341.25 ADVENTURES in South America, and the conquest of Mexico and Peru, by Cortes and Pizarro. Lond.

268.20 ADVENTURES of Tad. Converse, F. H.

627.48 ADVENTURES of Timias Tenystone. Bunce, O. B.

318.50 ADVENTURES of two youths in a journey to Egypt and the Holy Land. Knox, T. W.

159.3.4 ADVENTURES of two youths in a journey through Africa.

159.8.5 ADVENTURES of a widow. Fawcett, E.

678.7 Ælian, Cl. The Tactiks of Ælian; or, art of embattailing an army after ye Grecian manner. Lond., 1616. Fol. . . .

1471.6 ÆSCHINES and Demosthenes. The two orations on the crown; translated by George W. Biddle. 1881....

640.45 Æschylus. Tragedies: a new translation, with a biographical essay by E. H. Plumptre. 1882.

628.15 Agamemnon, Choephori and Eumenides; translated into English verse by A. Swanwick. Lond., 1865. D. .

1477.27 AFFINITIES: a romance of to-day. Praed, Mrs. C.

671.20 AFGHAN campaigns, The, of 1878-1880. Shadbolt, S. H.

150.28 AFGHAN knife, The. Sterndale, R. A.

615.46 AFGHAN question, The; from 1811-1878. Campbell, G. D.

257.32 AFGHAN war, The. 1838-1842. Abbott, Maj. Gen. A. Lond., 1879. O. 255.16 AFLOAT in a great city. Munsey, F. A.

644.81 AFRICA. Photographic scenery of South Africa.

1163.9 AFRICAN adventure and adventurers. Day, G. T., Edit.

164.44 AFTER all: a novel. Spencer, L.

339.44 AFTER death. Luckock, H. M.

811.33 AFTER his kind. Palmer, J. W.

864.14 AFTER London; or, wild England. Jefferies, R.

339.30 AFTER office hours. Yates, E. .

656.53 AFTER sundown. Fenn, W. W.

639.31 AFTERGLOW of European travel. Harrington, A. L.

319.5 AFTERNOON songs. Dorr, J. C. R.

331.66 AFTERNOON tea. Sowerby, J. G. ani Emmerson, H. H.

323.17 AGASSIZ, Elizabeth Cary, Editor. Louis Agassiz; his life and correspondence 1885. 2 vols.

332.5 AGASSIZ, Louis. Contributions to the natural history of the United States of America. v. 1, v. 4. 1857-1862. Fol.


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