Public Acts of the State of Tennessee Passed at the General Assembly

Griffith, Camp & Company, state printers, 1860
Includes: Private acts of the state of Tennessee passed at the General Assembly.

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Σελίδα 279 - Carolina, in convention assembled, do declare and ordain, and it is hereby declared and ordained, that the ordinance adopted by us in convention on the 23d day of May, in the year of our Lord 1788, whereby the Constitution of the United States of America...
Σελίδα 408 - ... and shall hold their offices for the term of one year and until their successors shall be elected.
Σελίδα 646 - ... to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, defend and be defended, in all State courts having competent jurisdiction, and in any circuit court of the United States...
Σελίδα 407 - And that they and their successors may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure...
Σελίδα 654 - Orleans become marts for legitimate merchandise alone, or else the rye fields and wheat fields of Massachusetts and New York must again be surrendered by their farmers to slave culture and to the production of slaves, and Boston and New York become once more markets for trade in the bodies and souls of men.
Σελίδα 469 - The Board of Trustees of the Illinois Industrial University;" and by that name and style shall have perpetual succession, have power to contract and be contracted with, to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded...
Σελίδα 626 - ... transferable only on the books of the company, in person or by attorney.
Σελίδα 644 - That (a) the board of trustees selected in accordance with subsection (b) of this section, and their successors, are hereby incorporated and made a body politic and corporate, by the name of The Washington Hospital Corporation...
Σελίδα 632 - Each of said notes shall be payable, in part or in whole, at any time when the directors shall deem the same requisite for the payment of losses by fire or inland navigation, and such incidental expenses as may be necessary for transacting the business of said company.
Σελίδα 351 - July, be open for the inspection of stockholders and creditors of the company, and their personal representatives, at the office or principal place of business of...

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