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on such a mission. They were men of dignity, bate, grow up in ignorance deplored by all, and of appearance and demeanor, and of such evident fall short of the blessing which all propose to sincerity of religious feeling, as to win for them bestow upon them. No one disputes the unrespect and courtesy, and we are glad to know, deniable axiom, that every child, irrespective of that by the President, and by all the Governors sex, creed, or station, ought to be educated ; yet they had seen, except the Governor of Missouri, nothing, comparatively, is done to promote it they were received with the consideration which upon an extensive and systematic scale, and the was due to them personally, and as representa consequence is, the evil is progressive, and goes tives of a body which has ever been foremost in on multiplying until it issues in its fatal results acts of charity. They had visited all the Middle of crime and practical infidelity. and Southwestern States, and now one of them Of the various kinds of education the homehas given his life, in a manner, to the good cause education takes the lead in importance, and dein which he was engaged. He died after an ill- termines the future character of the offspring. Dess of a month, brought on by the exposure of a This is the light in which we behold woman in winter journey, at the age of near seventy. To a her proper sphere of action. It is the noblest wide circle in England this announcement will office which could have been devised for her. cause the keenest sorrow, and it will seem doubly With the first dawn of thought, she determines afflicting that he should have died so far from the future destinies of mankind. In after years home and nearest kindred. Mr. Forster was a it is impossible to obliterate the earliest impresbrother-in-law of the late Sir Thomas Fowell sion of our infancy. Tendencies, good, bad or Buxton, and was a near connection also of Eliza- indifferent, have been implanted before we were beth Fry and the Gurneys. He had travelled conscious of our existence, and they have taken extensively on the Continent on missions similar root so deeply, that it is beyond all human force to the present, and had stood before most of the to tear them from within us.

Our tutors may sovereigns of Europe, to plead for the oppressed. subsequently add something to our instruction, His latest journey of this kind was to Spain, and and we, at last, may do something for ourselves; he had twice before made what are called reli- but the starting point of our educational career, gious visits to this country. Indeed his whole good or bad, rests exclusively with our mothers life has been devoted to labors of love.

and nurses. At a time like this, when so many of our pub- 66'Tis education forms the common mind; lic men are striving to advance themselves by Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.” extending the area of slavery, it seems fitting to To educate the female children of the poor in call attention to the self-sacrificing labors of

common school learning and in the humble duties good man for the cause of freedom, and at length, of domestic life, lies at the very foundation of sowhat may be called his martyrdom. Surely there cial reform, as being the future wives, mothers is a voice which speaks to us from his distant and sisters, and moral educators of the succeedand lonely grave.

ing generation.

J. P.

London Friend. On the Importunce of Educating the Children of the Poor, Females more especially.

TIIE CONSOLIDATED CITY. The want of systematic education for the chil- According to the report made to the Legisladren of the forlorn and penniless is one of the ture in 1850, by Mr. Thomas S. Fernon, the crying evils of the times. At Westow Hill, area of the city proper is 1402; acres ; SouthNorwood, 900 children are reared in the ways of wark, 5084 acres; Northern Liberties, 320 acres; cleanliness, intelligence, and industry. The same Spring Garden, 1100 acres; Kensington, 1238 might be done elsewhere, and the good that ac.es; Moyamensing, 1486 acres; 7 Boroughs, would accrue to the community is incalculable. 5384 acres; 12 Townships, 63,000 : total, 74,

Every one agrees that ignorance prevails to an 239 acres. The estimates vary from this amount alarming extent, and that its only corrective is to 77,000 acres. The consolidated city extends education. But some maintain that it should be from Darby creek on the south to Poquessing religious, rather than secular; others, secular, creek on the north, a distance of twenty-two rather than religious; and others again maintain, miles, and up the Schuylkill, measuring from that the secular and the religious should be con- Kensington about ten miles. It is estimated joined. The real difficulty, therefore, really that there are one hundred and twenty square lies in these conflicting views of religion ; for miles in the city. According to the calculation every person, or party of rsons, has his own of the Consolidation Committee in November opinions, and what this party or person thinks last, the debt of the city, county, and districts, true, the other person or party thinks untrue. was $14,961,735. To this, $1,500,000 since conThere is no end to the dispute, since there is no tracted, should be added-making the aggregate acknowledged umpire to settle the controversy. near nineteen millions and a half. The property In the meanwhile the unfortunate beings, who of the various corporations in stocks, real estate, are the unconscious subjects of this ceaseless des letc., is valued at about $14,000,000. The pop

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ulation at this time is probably 500,000. The The combined fleets returned to their anchorage assessed valuation of the real estate is nearly off Constantinople on the 22d of the ist month, with

out having seen a single Russian ship-of-war during $139,000,000.

their three weeks' cruise. They were to re-enter the Black Sea on the 28th, having taken in a supply

of fresh provisions. Two Turkish convoys, with Though some garden weeds are more deeply men and ammunition for Varna and Batoum, would rooted than others, there are few that will not sail under the protection of the allied fleets. yield to a steady pull, every part of the top being No reply to the last ultimatum of England and grasped at the same time; but, if a few only of France had been received from Petersburg. the sprouts be tugged at, they are apt to break ENGLAND.-The Preston manufacturers had re. off, and leave the rest to produce a succession. opened their mills and offered to guarantee constant


employment to all operatives who would resume work on the old terms. The operatives had resolved

not to accept their terms, but to insist on an adSUMMARY OF NEWS.

vance of ten per cent. Foreign INTELLIGENCE.— The mail steamship, that a democratic conspiracy had been discovered,

Spain.—Letters from Madrid of the 6th ult. state, Baltic arrived at New York on the 20th, and the and that fourteen persons had been arrested, fla. Europa on the 25th ult., bringing. Liverpool dates grante delicto, being a portion of a revolutionary respectively to the 8th and 11th ult.

club. The Russian Ambassadors had left London and

INDIA AND CHINA.-- Advices have been received Paris and repaired to Brussels. The English and from Shanghai 10 121h month 171h, and from Amoy French Governments were acting in concert in all respects, concerning affairs in the East. Instruco quiet. Maiters had resumed their usual course at

10 121h monih 21th. Canlon and Ningpo remained tions were to be sent to Sir G. Hamilton Seyinour Åmoy. A large portion of Shanghai had been desand Count Castelbajac, directing them to place troyed by fire by the Imperialists. A portion of themselves exactly on the same footing, and the the revolutionary forces had proceeded northward diplomatic functions of the two States will be suis from Nankin, and had taken Tien Sing, about 80 pended in the same manner.

miles from Pekin. A large army of English and French troops is to be sent to the assistance of Turkey, and two for- sions the court goes into morning, and no inter

The Emperor of Japan is dead. On such occa. miilable fleels are to be ready to commence opera- course is held with foreign nations for three years. tions immediately on the breaking up of winier.

The U. S. steam frigate Susquehanna and the The British Government has issued an order call. ing on all Greenwich Pensioners, under 60 years of sloop of war Plymouth were at Hong Kong. The

Lexington was daily expected. age, to attend at the Pension Office for inspection

CALIFORNIA.— The steamship Northern Light, by Admiralty officers, to ascertain their fitness for with California dates to the ist ult., arrived at service.

New York on the 23d A modification of the Turkish Cabinet has taken place. Riza and Achmed Pasha have fucceeded racter. The yield of gold had not been so great as

The news generally is not of an important chaihe Seraskier and Capudan Pasha, the Ministers of was expected, and a heavy stock of goods being in War and Marine. Omar Pasha had crossed the Danube with a large

the market, several large failures had taken place.

The brig Caroline, which carried out Capt. Walkarmy, and divided the Russian army, the right er's expedition, had been captured by a Mexican wing of which was at Krajova, the best at Galatz, cruiser. Neus from Ensenada to 1st month 17th and the centre at Bucharest. Omar's object in this had been received. The marauders remainel in movement was supposed to be to attack the rear of the Russian army on its march from Krajova against making preparations for a march to Sonora.

camp at that place awaiting reinforcements and Kalafat.

The U. S. frigate Porismouth had been ordered Great preparations were making by the Russian Gereral for an attack upon the Turkish strongholds. io aid in the maintenance of military law.

to Ensenada, and a steamship was to be chartered Omar Pasha, on the other hand, had divided his forces into three corps, and was closely watching ult., Senator Johnson reported a bill to organize into

DOMESTIC. CONGRESS.-In Şenate on the 2016 The movements of the Russians. Several encounters between small detachments of the two armies separate territories the Choclaw, Cherokee and had taken place, resulting favorably to the Turks.

Creek Indian country. The bill was ordered to be A Greek conspiracy had been discovered at Wid. the greater part of the week.

printed. The debate on the Nebraska bill consumed

Senators Pettit oi In. din. A priest named Athanasius was the ostensible diana, Hunter of Virginia, Butler and Brown spoke head of the conspirators, but it is rumored that in support of the bill, and Senator Sumner made an proofs have been discovered connecting it with the able and eloquent speech in opposition thereto. A court of Athens. Forty-four persons of nole in large number of petitions were presented from the Constantinople are implicated. Important pa pers norihern States, against the repeal of the Missouri have been seized by the Turkish police, and the plot has been traced through Bulgaria, Smyrna, &c.,

Compromise. and the principal islands in the Archipelago.

In the House of Representatives, a bill for ex.

tending the pre-emption privilege to California, The condition of the Wallachian peasantry is de passed on the 201h ult. plorable, the Russians having deprived them of On the 21st the Homestead bill was debated in every means of subsistence, not leaving them even Committee of the whole House. It was opposed corn for sowing. An entire corps of 500 Wallachians by Deril and Smith of Virginia, and supported by ha i passed over to the Turks.

Dawson of Penna. and Smith of New York.






No. 26.




God, why hast thou forsaken me?' And, as it became Him, in bringing many souls unto glory,

to make the Captain of their salvation perfect PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY SAMUEL RHOADS,

through suffering, why shouldst thou think it No. 50 North Fourth Street,

hard, O my soul, to taste a little of that PHILADELPHIA.

which thy Lord drank so deeply of, when, in thy Price two dollars per annum, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE, of gathering souls to God? When thou passest

measure, thou art nuw engaged in the same work or six copies for ten dollars.

Postage on this paper, when paid quarterly or yearly through the waters he will be with thee, and in advance, 13 cents per annum in Pennsylvania and 26 through the fires thou shalt not be burned. cents per annum in other States.

Therefore, take courage, O my soul, for no good

thing will he withhold from those who walk upNATHAN HUNT.

rightly. Here

you may see a little of the travail

of the soul of your husband and father. Second(Continued from page 388.]

day morning.-I attended Monthly Meeting in Liverpool, Seventh month, 20th, 1820. this city last Fifth-day the first time I was able " My dearly beloved Wife and Children, -I to get out; attended forenoon meeting yesterday; am nearly four thousand miles away from you in the afternoon put off at my request till six o'clock, body, but present in spirit. My heart is full of and general invitation given. I opened with the solicitude for you, that wisdom and prudence may declaration of our Saviour, 'Except ye be conmark all your steps; that whilst

hands are

verted and become as little children,' &c. Friends employed in the necessary concerns of life, your

said it was a very solid meeting, and most of minds may be inwardly engaged to procure hea- those who took nie by the hand had faces wet venly food. My pathway, since I left you, has with tears." been marked with many sorrows, and I receive

Glasgow, Eighth month, 21st, 1820. them as my necessary food, that I may keep my “ Most affectionately beloved Wife and Child. body in subjection, and that the Lord in all things ren,-Your favors of 24th of Fifth month, and may have the praise. He has seen meet to ad- 27th of Sixth month, were duly received. I was minister the rod, and also has been pleased to tenderly affected on hearing of your being so ungrant me his sustaining staff, to comfort and sup- well, and the continuance of the affliction of my port the lonely traveller. Then, why art thou dearest earthly connexion, but hope, through cast down, O my soul, as if no sorrow was like mercy, when I hear from you again, things will unto thy sorrow? Suffering has been the path be more agreeable to the desire of my heart, for which the Lord's servants bave ever trod unto I never felt more deeply interested in your wel. blessedness ; for • call to mind the former times, fare. Many are the prayers that ascend, and the the days of many generations, and see which of tears that flow down my cheeks for your preserthem were without their share of suffering; Nay, vation in the pavilion of Divine love; that none recollect the sufferings of the Lord, of whom the of the suggestions of the Accuser of the Brethren Father gave this testimony, 'This is

may be able to move you off the true foundation. Son, in whom I am well pleased,' - The just for I have been eleven days in Scotland, and spent

the unjust, that he might bring us to God.' How five at Edinburgh ; visited all the families of inexpressible his agony when in the garden, un- Friends in that great city, the most beautiful in der the weight of the great work he came to the kingdom of Great Britain ; had three public finish! His sweat was as it were great drops of meetings; they were interesting opportunities. blood. Betrayed by one of his disciples, denied The Scotch are an open, kind-hearted people, and by another, and finally forsaken by them all ; and I frequently think I can discover the countewhen about to suffer the painful, ignominious nance of a brother or sister, a son or daughter, death upon the cross, his language was,--His, among them. Feeling quite clear of Edinburgh, who had done no sin, neither was any guile found left it on 5th day morning, and rode 42 miles to in his mouth,-in that most pinching hour, His this place. On 7th day visited all the families solemnly affecting language was, "My God, my 'of Friends, and yesterday attended meeting in


my beloved

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the morning, and had a very crowded public one own nature, where, I humbly hope, nothing will at six o'clock. It was believed there were 4000 be suffered to hurt it, in the progressive stages persons

there; the prospect was an awful one to through which it has to pass ; that, sheltered in me, to see so many of the great and mighty of the tender blade, and protected in the ripening this world. The Russian Minister, his consort, ear, by that love which causeth the joy that is and attendants were very near me. But in a known in the presence of the holy angels, the full little time the power of Truth arose, and they all corn will be nourished until ripe fruit be brought gave me close attention. To-morrow I expect to forth, to the praise of the great Husbandman, attend Friends' Two Months' Meeting here, and and to the exaltation of his ever excellent name.' afterward set out for Aberdeen, 150 miles north

Liverpool, Tenth month, 30th, 1820. of this. I shall attend the Half Year's Meeting (which will be this day week) if nothing should

“ My dearly beloved Wife and and Children, - With tender emotions I sit down to com

very prevent, and quickly after that, I expect to return to this place, and embark for Ireland. Isaac mune with you, and although the mighty deep Hadwen is still with me; he has been a very

now rolls between us, my spirit is united with agreeable, attentive companion ; expects to re- yours in the bond and convenant of light and turn home when I sail for Ireland, and Edward life : thus kindred spirits mingle in that fellowWilson is to unite with me as a companion ; thus ship which the world knows not of, because it is I am provided for. I am, through Divine mercy, to keep in the everlasting patience

, through all

only spiritually discerned. May we be favored in good health; climate and food

agree I try to attend to my duty faithfully through the the tribulations that may be dispensed to us in day, and generally sleep sweetly at night.

unerring wisdom, that, when time to us may be

no more, we may receive an admission into those Glasgow, Ninth month, 6th, 1820. habitations where the enemy will cease to trou. “I have got along, so far, to my humbling ad- ble and where the weary will for ever rest. I miration, sustained and supported through all am resigned to my lot, body, soul, and spirit. the conflicts that fall to my lot, for which I praise Methinks I see a hand removing all perishable the Being that gave me existence. I pass on things from me, under which I desire to stand through hundreds and thousands and meet no face as a weaned child, craving nothing but what is I ever saw before; none but those who have quite convenient for me. passed through similar scenes know what it is to I arrived here last night from Ireland, in feel one's self a stranger in a foreign land, far health, and safety, through the mercy of my from wife and children and every near and dear blessed Creator, having spent seven weeks there connexion. But all these privations I would and had many solid and interesting meetings. gladly endure, if I may but be made use of as an Last Sixth-day morning we took the steam-boat instrument in the Divine hand to beget souls from Dublin to Holyhead; there was a lively unto Himself, and my own poor soul permitted breeze of wind when we set out, and it increased to occupy some remote corner in his glorious to a tremendous gale; the waves rose as high as kingdom, there to behold more faithful spirits in the top of the mast, and we were indeed dreadtheir acts of adoration ; or that I even may be fully tossed. I stood in the cabin door, and held made a stepping-stone for saints to pass over to fast by a rope, viewing with astonishment the glory. My mind is at this time remarkably taken scene. In a degree of solemn quiet, I thought from the world, to behold all mundane things upon my wife, my children, my friends, and my drawing to a point of nothingness and vanity. home; and my soul centred in a deep repose,

When the heavens shall be rolled together as a safe anchored on its God, whose voice is mightier scroll, and the elements shall melt with fervent than the sound of many waters. In this situation heat,' I tremble lest my many deviations may we continued for about six hours, when, contrary not be done away before that day of the Lord to all human calculation, we arrived in safety at shall come, wherein I must appear naked before our destined port. I expect to tarry a few days my Judge. My mind has been dipped into deep with my kind friends Isaac and Susannah Hadwen, feeling with you of late, some of you in an es- and then set out again to the east side of Eng. pecial manner, who I believe can say with Job land. I am in good health, but feel little, which formerly, “Wearisome days and nights are ap- is often my lot when surrounded with company; pointed me. O, how I travail for my children then I retire inward, which is the alone place of and grand-children ! that they may walk in the safety, and sometimes, while dwelling on the

Your active minds have often steps which led to this separation from all that been arrested by the hand of the dear Master, I hold dearest on the earth, I receive the intiand had impressions made upon them which I mation, that he that putteth his hand to the hope will be lasting. The seed so plentifully plough and looketh back, is not fit for the king. sowe, I believe has not all fallen upon stony dom of Heaven ; so I am encouraged to go forgrouod, nor has it all been choked with thorns ward, and mind my own business, let others do and briars ; on the contrary, through adorable what they may. Ó! the world, the world, how : mergy, some of it has found soil congenial to its I unsettled, how unstable, how uncertain is every.

ways of Truth.



for the

purpose of distillation; and has more re , trative of the working efficiency of the two syscently limited the use of such liquors to purposes tems, and encourages the hope that when Chrisstrictly medicinal; and having witnessed the tians generally shall be led to perceive the ungreat practical benefits of these provisions of scriptural character of a State-cramped Church, their discipline, they hail with gratitude and joy we shall have a dissolution of the unwarrantable the deep and wide-spread conviction in the pub- alliance, and a consequent impetus given to the lic mind that the present and eternal welfare of Christian energies of the entire Christian comindividuals and the best interests of our beloved munity.—London Friend. country alike call for speedy action in the premises. Whatever doubts may be entertained by some

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. of the efficiency of legal measures in reforming It gives us much pleasure to quote the subthose who have long indulged in the use of in- stance of a letter recently received from a memtoxicating drinks, your memorialists confidently ber of the Legislature of the State of Massachubelieve, and respectfully submit, that by sup. setts, proving that our friends are active and earpressing the exhibition and sale of them, great nest in that country in the advocacy of the benefit would result to those who have not be principle of the inviolability of human life. It come habitual drinkers; and particularly, and will be seen that the punishment of death, or, as most emphatically, to the millions who are yet we deem it, legal homicide, is practically abolto enter upon the active stage of life.

ished in Massachusetts : Your memorialists, therefore, respectfully but “ DEAR FRIEND,—You ask what I mean by earnestly ask for the enactment of stringent laws saying that capital punishment is virtually abolto arrest the onward course of this insidious but ished in Massachusetts? I will answer by giving potent enemy of the prosperity and welfare of a brief history of the matter :the State.

"In 1850, while the unfortunate Dr. Webster Signed, on behalf and by direction of a meet- was under trial for the murder of Parkman, the ing of the Representatives of the Society afore- public mind was, of course, very much agitated said, held in New York, on the 17th of First in regard to his fate, and after his conviction efmonth, 1854.

W. WOOD, Clerk. forts were made for a pardon. I well knew that

such efforts were vain, and that the only chance

to save him would be by changing the law. BeRELIGIOUS WORSHIPPERS.

ing at that time a member of the Senate, I A very important document has recently been brought in a Bill to the effect, that persons conprinted" by authority of the Registrar-Gene- victed of a capital offence shall be confined in ral.” It is a report made by Horace Mann, the State prison for one year, and until the govupon the Census Returns of 1851, as they affect ernor shall issue a warrant for their execution.' the state of religious worship in England and This is the substance, though not the exact let. Wales. Copious tables are given, showing the ter of the Bill. When it came up I was confined amount of accommodation provided for religious to my lodgings by illness, and in courtesy to me worship by all denominations,—the relative pro- it was laid upon the table. As I did not recover portion of worshippers attending Episcopal and in season to bring it up before the adjournment, Dissenting places of worship, and the numerical | the measure, of course, was lost. statistics of each separate body. The informa- “At the next session of the Legislature, petition thus obtained is truly important, though at tions were sent in, as they had been for many the same time it is in many respects, sadly dis- years before, for the abolition of capital punishcouraging. It shows how much is yet to be ac- ment. The subject was referred to a committee complished in winning a very large proportion of of both branches, and the petitioners were althe population even within sound of the gospel, lowed a hearing. I was present and had the and in providing accommodation adequate to the mortification to hear several orthodox clergymen numerical strength of the nation. Out of a opposing the petitions, and giving theological ar. population of nearly eighteen millions, only guments in support of the gallows. Towards the 6,356,222 were found to have united in the ser- close of the hearing I got up, and stated to the vices of public worship on the “Census Sunday,” committee that in my view the best course to be Third Month 30th, 1851. Of these, however, adopted would be to take the Bill which I had it is encouraging to find that considerably more presented the year previous before the Senate, than half were those drawn together under the and report it to the Legislature. I perceived at system of voluntary church support. The so- once that the suggestion 'took,' and in a few called Church of England, with all its costly ap- days the law I have referred to was passed by pliances of compulsory support, could only draw both Houses. It virtually, and doubtless uttertogether 2,971,258 worshippers, whilst the num- ly, abolishes all capital punishments. A similar ber worshipping as protestant dissenters, and un- law has been in operation in the State of Maine der other forms of belief, numbered, 3,381,964. for some ten years, and not a single execution This important fact is most significant as illus-' has taken place, nor is there any increase of cap

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