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ness, wisdom and power, are united in him, how comfortable is the consideration.

Our wants may be great, but his power is PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY SAMUEL RHOADS,

greater. We may be oppressed and despised, but

. No. 50 North Fourth Street,

he is able to turn our patient sufferings into PHILADELPHIA.

profit to ourselves, and to the advancement of Price two dollars per annum, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE,

his work on earth. His people who feel the or six copies for ten dollars.

power of his cross, to crucify all that is selfish in Postage on this paper, when paid quarterly or yearly them, who are engaged in outward concerns, in advance, 13 cents per annum in Pennsylvania and 26 from a convincement that it is their duty, and cents per annum in other States.

resign themselves and their treasures to him ;

these feel that it is dangerous to give way to CONSIDERATIONS ON PURE WISDOM AND that in us, which craves riches and greatness in HUMAN POLICY.

this world. • The wisdom that cometh from above is first pure, As the heart truly contrite, earnestly desires then peaceable, genile and easy to be entreated ; full "to know Christ and the fellowship of his sufof mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and ferings, so far as the Lord for gracious ends may without hypocrisy."-JAMES iii. 27.

lead into them; as such feel that it is their inTo have our trust settled in the Lord, and not terest to put their trust in God, and to seek no to seek after nor desire outward treasures, any gain but that which he by his holy Spirit leads further than his holy Sprit leads us therein, is a into; so on the contrary, they who do not reverhappy state, as saith the prophet, “ Blessed is ently wait for this Divine Teacher

, and are not the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose humbly concerned, according to their measure, hope the Lord is.”


that which is behind of the afflictions Pure wisdom leads people into lowliness of of Christ," in patiently suffering for the promomind, in which they learn resignation to the tion of righteousness in the earth ; but have an Divine will, and contentment in suffering for his eye toward the power of men and the outward, cause, when they cannot keep a clear conscience advantage of wealth, these are often attentive to without suffering.

those employments which appear to be profitable, In this pure wisdom the mind is attentive to oven though the gains arise from such trade the root and original spring of motions and de- and business as proceed from the workings sires; and as we know " the Lord to be our of that spirit, which is estranged from the refuge,” and find no safety but in humbly walk- self-denying life of an humble contrite Chrising before him, we feel a holy engagement, that tian. every desire which leads therefrom may be While I write on this subject, I feel my mind ' brought to judgment.

tenderly affected toward those honestly disposed, While we proceed in this precious way, and people, who have been brought up in employfind ardent longings for a full deliverance from ments attended with these difficulties. everything which defiles, all prospects of gain To such I may say, in the feeling of our hea that are not consistent with the wisdom from venly Father's love, and number myself with youy. above, are considered as snares, and an in- O that our eyes may be single to the Lord ! may ward concern is felt, that we may live under we reverently wait on him for strength to lay the cross, and faithfully attend to that holy aside all unnecessary expense of every kind, and Spirit, which is sufficient to preserve out of learn contentment in a plain, simple life. them.

May we in lowliness submit to the leadings of When I have considered that saying of Christ, his spirit, and enter upon any outward employ “ Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon which he graciously points out to us, and earth,” his omnipotence hath often occurred to then whatever difficulties arise in consequence

of our faithfulness, I trust they will work for our While we believe that he is every where good. present with his people, and that perfect good- Small treasure to a resigned mind is sufficient.

my mind.

How happy it is to be content with a little, to them;" nor do I believe that infinite goodness live in humility, and feel that in us, which and power would have allotted labor to us, bad breathes out this language, Abba ! Father. he not seen that labor was proper for us in this

If that called the wisdom of this world, had no life. resemblance of true wisdom, the name of wisdom, The original design and true medium of labor, I suppose, had not been given to it.

is a subject that to me appears worthy of our seAs wasting outward substance to gratify vain rious consideration. desires, on one hand; so slothfulness and

neg. Idle men are often a burthen to themselves, lect on the other, do often involve men and their neglect the duty they owe to their families, and families in trouble, and reduce them to want become burdensome to others also. and distress. To shun both these vices is good As outward labor directed by the wisdom in itself, and hath a resemblance of wisdom ; but from above, tends to our health and adds to while people thus provident, have it principally our happiness in this life; so on the contrary, in view to get riches and power, and the friend- entering upon it in a selfish spirit, and pursuship of this world, and do not humbly wait for ing it too long, or too hard, have a contrary the Spirit of Truth to lead them in purity; effect. these, through an anxious care to obtain the end I have observed that too much labor not only desired, reach forth for gain in worldly wisdom, makes the understanding doll, but so intrudes and in regard to their inward state, fall into upon the harmony of the body, that after ceasing divers temptations and snares. And though from our toil, we have another to pass through such may think of applying wealth to good pur- before we can be so composed as to enjoy the pose, and to use their power to prevent oppres- sweetness of rest. sion, yet wealth and power are often applied From too much labor in the heat, frequently otherwise; nor can we depart from the lead- proceeds immoderate sweats, which often I be. ings of our holy Shepherd, without going into lieve open the way for disorders and impair our confusion.

constitutions. Great wealth is frequently attended with When we go beyond the true medium, and power, which nothing but divine love can qualify feel weariness approaching, but think business the mind to use rightly; and as to the humility may suffer if we cease, at such a time spiand uprightness of our children after us, how rituous liquors are frequently taken, with a view great is the uncertainty! If, in acquiring to support nature under these fatigues. wealth, we take hold on the wisdom which is I have found that too much labor in the from beneath, and depart from the leadings of summer heats the blood, that taking strong drink Truth, and example our children herein, we to support the body under such labor, increashave great cause to apprehend that wealth eth that heat, and though a person may be so may be a snare to them, and prove an injury far temperate as not to manifest the least disorder, to others, over whom their wealth may give yet the mind, in such a circumstance, doth not them power.

retain that calmness and serenity, in which we To be redeemed from that wisdom which is should endeavor to live. from beneath, and to walk in the light of the Thus toiling in the heat and drinking strong Lord, is a precious situation ; thus his people liquor, make men more resolute and less conare brought to put their trust in him; and in siderate, and tend very much to disqualify this humble confidence in his wisdom, goodness for following him who is meek and low of and power, the righteous find a refuge in adver- heart. sities, superior to the greatest outward help, and As laying out more business than is consistent a comfort more certain than any worldly advan- with pure wisdom is an evil

, so this evil frequently tages can afford.

leads into more. Too much business leads to hurry. In the hurry and toil strong drink is often used, and hereby many proceed to noise and wan

tonness, and some, though more considerate, Having from my childhood been used to bodily do often suffer loss, as to a true composedness of labor for a living, I may express my experience mind. therein.

I feel sincere desires in my heart that no rent Right exercise affords an innocent pleasure in or interest may be laid so high as to be a snare the time of it, and prepares us to enjoy the sweet- to tenants; and that no desire of gain may draw ness of rest; but from the extremes cach way, any too far in business. That no cares to suparise inconveniences.

port customs, which have not their foundation Moderate exercise opens the pores, gives the in pure wisdom, may have place in our minds, blood a lively circulation, and enables us to judge but that we may build on the sure foundation, rightly respecting that portion of labor which is and feel our holy Shepherd to lead us, who alone the true medium.

is able to preserve us, and bring forth every thing “The fowls of the air sow not, nor gather which defiles. into barns, yet our heavenly Father feedeth

(To be continued.;


81 years.

Notice of ISABEL ASHWORTH, of Bertinshaw, my poor heart was very full; but I could always (England), who died 11 mo. 19, 1852, aged find relief in prayer; and the Lord has heard

and answered me, to my wonder and admiration.

How often have I used Hagar's words, Thou, Being naturally of a very diffident and retiring God, seest me and my cry, like hers, has been mind, the hidden worth of this dear friend was heard, and deliverance sent. O, that men would best known to those who came within the sphere praise the Lord! I have nothing to trust to but of her daily influence. Her piety was unobtru- my

God.sive, sincere, and practical. Through a long Being very feeble in getting up one morning, life, it was her concern to maintain a humble she said in reference to the time occupied in and prayerful walk with God, and she might be rising and dressing, “Before I leave my room truly said to be an upright and single-hearted I like a time of silence, my little meeting alone;" Christian, strongly attached, from conviction, to and often was she heard, on these occasions, the religious principles and testimonies of the pouring out her soul in prayer. Society of Friends. As the female head of a After an attack of difficulty of breathing, she large family, her conduct was exemplary, being told her daughter how earnestly she had craved to her husband and children, a faithful and ju- in the night, that “if there was anything for dicious counsellor, as well as a kind and affec- her to do it might be shown to her; and that all tionate wife and mother. The poor and the her sins might be washed away in the blood of destitute were especially the objects of her care the Lamb-forgiven for Jesus sake;" but reand solicitude. Her acts of benevolence were marked, that “all was peace and quiet;" adding, accompanied by sound practical advice to those“ The Lord hath led me all the days of my life. who claimed her notice, and she was not unfre- I could not have cared for the lambs He has quently cheered by seeing the good effect of her committed to me, if He had not been with me. counsel. Her forgetfulness of self, and her con- Goodness and mercy have followed me all the sideration for the feelings as well as the wants days of my life; and if this is His time to call of others, were distinguishing features in her me, I hope He will be with me in passing through character; whilst the quiet firmness, and the the valley of the shadow of death." calm and even spirit with which she passed Again, dwelling on the efficacy of prayer, she through the duties and trials of her long life, said, "How good it is to trace the Lord's hand gave evidence that her naturally clear and sound in everything! This increases our gratitude. judgment was under the control and guidance of Always carry your burdens to the Lord. He that “ wisdom which is from above.” During the can sustain you as he has done me. When gradual and gentle decline of her bodily powers, things seemed impossible, hedged in on every she was graciously sustained in patient and quiet side by difficulties, again and again way was made, confidence in her God and Saviour, and enabled, to my humbling admiration.” Speaking of her to the last, instructively to shew forth the power physical inability to help herself, she remarked of that grace, which was not bestowed on her in that it was the same in regard to “best things," vain.

-"we can do nothing of ourselves; it must be When in the Sixth month, 1852, in her 81st given by Him who giveth all things,--yea, year, symptoms of increased weakness became liberally to all who ask Him. But we must ask, more decided, she was preserved in quietness and feel our need, before we can ask aright. In and peace. “I trust,” she said, “ when the end His strength we can do all things;" and in refercomes,


may be found with my lamp burning; ence to her own weakness, she added, “My my confidence is in God my Saviour.” At strength is in the Lord.” another time, she remarked, “ I am not anxious After giving directions about relieving some about anything; the world feels as nothing to poor families, she said, in grateful allus

to her me,—no, nothing. I may recover for a short ability thus to care for others, “ How many mertime, but it cannot be for long, the poor frame is cies have been mine! But I could do nothing nearly worn out;"-and on describing some of acceptably without seeking the Lord's direction. her feelings, she added, “ We are indeed cu- I can call nothing my own, not even the small riously and wonderfully made, and may well dust on the balance. No work is acceptable in say, "What is man that thou art mindful of the Divine sight when done with a view to exalt him ? The smallest insect proves the power of the creature. Self must be kept down; we must God; and we look from nature up to nature's not seek the world's applause, and desire thereby God.

to be great. If we do good, it must be in huHer heart was deeply impressed with the duty mility, and having reference to the promotion of and privilege of prayer; and, on one occasion, the Lord's work upon earth--not to our own she observed in reference to it, “O, what should righteousness." we do without prayer, the prayer of faith? We Expressing her gratitude to those around her, shall have what we ask, if we ask aright, in the on the 27th of Seventh month, she added, Lord's own time. I have been often closely "How wonderfully I am cared for by Him who tried, when there seemed no way for me, and forgetteth not the sparrow, and considereth the


ravens who have neither storehouse nor barn ; the Lord.” “It is a great pleasure to yet He feedeth them.” Speaking of suffering, me, to see my children and grandchildren, they she remarked, “How great were the sufferings are very dear to me. I feel their visits to me of Christ for me! that I and all might be saved.” are in love." She pressed the need of cherishAfter passing a restless night, in which she had ing love and interest in one another, and renevertheless been comforted, she said, “I now marked, that cultivating the affections increased feel that I can leave the event in the Lord's our love to God; and was calculated to make the hands, for, this night, I have been enabled fully short time allotted to us on earth, happier, acand entirely to say, “not my will, but thine, o cording to the design of a kind Providence. In Lord! be done.'»

the evening, she said, "Another day is closing, Yet she was again permitted to pass through and we know not that the morrow may be ours :" some mental conflict, and on the 6th of Ninth and afterwards, “I desire to have patience-the month, she remarked, “I had supposed that Lord's time will be the right time. nothing stood in my way that my sins were Eleventh month 4th. After retiring to bed, forgiven me, for Jesus' sake. But now I have she said, “Oh let us unite in praising and blessbeen continued up to this time, a poor, feeble, ing Him who is King of kings, and Lord of lords, and increasingly dependent creature. I some for his goodness and mercy. A Saviour bas been times fear that I am not prepared, that all is not given me, in whose blood my transgressions, accomplished, that something yet remains to be which were many, have been washed away, for done, that the poor vessel is not clean, that it his mercy's sake," must go again and again to the washing pool to She afterwards dwelt upon her short-comings, become pure in the Divine sight.” She wept and utter unworthiness, and on how little she much, and said, “I pray that while I have a had done to promote the Lord's cause on earth; little strength, all may be brought to the light." adding, “the consideration has, at times, disAfter this season of heart-searching, she was tressed me;ü but encouraged to trust in her enabled, with a little renewed faith, to look to Saviour, her spirit again appeared joyful. Jesus, and was comforted. She said, “we are Eleventh month 6th. The dear invalid poor creatures,-nothing to trust in but a Saviour, said, “I am very comfortable, I have a com. -no help but in Him.

fortable hope that the Lord will be with me to On her daughter retiring, one evening, and the end." remarking that she was sorry to leave her alone, Another morning, on the window blind being she quickly said, “ I am not alone, the Father is arawn up, she said, “ Daylight comes again, and with me; His arm is underneath. Although I another day to praise the Lord in.” Indeed, am awake the greater part of the night, and sit not a day passed in which she did not acknowup for hours, yet I do not feel it either long or ledge His goodness and mercy to her. lonely. I am a poor creature, nearly worn out; Eleventh month 17th was the first day she but the Lord comforteth me, and those who put was confined to her bed. She was very quiet and their trust in Him."

patient, and said, notwithstanding her weariness, Though her bodily powers were evidently giv- it is all of mercy."

« ing way, her soul was kept alive to God, and was

as. On the 18th, she took little notice, but was often poured forth in prayer and thanksgiving to heard to say, “Thy will be done." On her husHim. She said, “The Lord hath been with me band going to her in the evening, she said, from childhood to youth, and from youth to old“ Farewell, all is well.” During the night, the age. I have no anxiety, no cares; all seems re- name of Jesus was on her lips ; and a short time moved from me that could in any way trouble before the close, she said, “Amen,” and thus me. I wish you all to know how good the Lord peacefully departed.- Annual Monitor. is. If it was not for his goodness at a time like this, when the world and all that is in it no On youth it should be carefully inculcated, longer delights the eye, we should be poor crea- that to enter the road of life without caution or tures. o serve the Lord all the days of your reserve, in expectation of general fidelity and lives. The more we love God, the greater will justice, is to launch on the wide ocean without be our happiness, and the greater our gratitude. the instruments of steerage, and to hope that How can I be sufficiently thankful for all the every wind will be propitious, and that every Lord's mercies, showered down upon a poor un coast will afford a harbor.-Johnson. worthy creature! My heart is so filled with thanksgiving, that I could continually praise the Truth will not obtrude itself on the careless, Lord.”

superficial reader or observer, but discloses its Tenth month 12th. Much of the night was hidden charms to the diligent, the derout, and spent in prayer. In the morning she very earn the inquisitive. estly desired again to be searched, that if there It is generally found that those persons fill was the least jot or tittle of sin unrepented of, it high and difficult situations most respectabls, might be made manifest. “I desire to be so bro who arrive at them through painful study, many ken, contrited, humbled in the very dust before 'obstacles, and much opposition.—HUNTER.




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Whosoever, therefore, shull humble himself as In the first sermon of our Lord, it appears he

this little child, the same is greatest in the kingwas resolved to dispel at once all ambitious views

dom of heaven.' And again, when he was disin temporal matters, and to show that humility pleased because his disciples prevented children is the best preparation of the mind for virtue. to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of

from coming to him : « Suffer little children “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” he said, " for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." # He you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of reproves all presumption in judging the merits

God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.'t of others, while we ourselves are far from blame- Children have no guile, nor deceit, nor malice; less. Judge not and ye shall not be judged; neither have they strength nor power, therefore

“ for with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be our ideas of greatness should not depend on these judged ; and with what measure ye mete, it shall qualities; but yet they are not unprotected, be meted to you again. Condemn not, and ye though thus, to all appearance, weak, for they shall not be condemned; forgive, and ye shall possess meekness and innocence and confiding be forgiven. Why beholdest thou the mote that love, dispositions which ever meet with the fa

, is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the vor of their Father, whose will it is, that not beam that is in thine own eye?''† Alas! how

one of these little ones should perish." He forcibly these words apply to us! While we ex

guards them from the moment of their birth, claim with horror against the sanguinary rites from the period when they lift up their little

hands in before the Indian Juggernaut; while we


prayer, and breathe forth in simple lanat the self-immolation of the Hindoo widow, and guage the words of purity and gratitude. A other blood-stained sacrifices, we forget that we

sleeping infant is an emblem of that serene and destroy a far greater amount of human life, that happy peace which should reign within a Chriswe do so in the midst of crime, without even the tian's breast. Our Saviour well knew that no plea which these deluded wretches have, of re

celebrated hero was to be referred to as a type of ligion ; and that we thus sin in the face of the true greatness; for the master of millions may holy system of morals which it is our peculiar be the slave of his own passions; but exhorting happiness to possess. Let us take the beam from men to humble themselves as children, he taught

that the Christian hero is he who exercises his our own eye.

Jesus himself has left us a model of humility, moral and intellectual power according to the which the Christian, who is animated by a lauda spirit and the precept of the Gospel, in all huble ambition, should immediately adopt. “Come mility and innocence. unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, Lord, remind their fellow Christians

, “ in malice

The apostles, following in the steps of their and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon be ye children, but in understanding be ye men;" you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly and laying aside all malice, and all guile, and in heart; and shall find rest unto your souls.” I

He chose his companions and disciples from hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, those of humble lot, who did not aspire to earthly

as new-born babes, desire the sincere milk of the grandeur. He frequented not the dwellings of word, that ye may grow thereby.”$It is not the powerful and wealthy : “Though he was the pride of strength, that the Almighty with

until this infantine dependence is laid aside for rich, yet for your sakes he became

. poor, ye through his poverty might be rich.'s He made

draws his protecting arm, and leaves man to his no triumphal entry, surrounded by captives and broken reed as a support.

. spoil, into Jerusalem, but merely fulfilled the

Our Lord ever exhorted his followers to be prophecy—“Behold thy King

cometh unto thee,“ Whosoever will be great among you, let him

meek, and not to expect temporal authority. meek and sitting upon an ass.”' || He“ made himself of no reputation, and took

your minister; and whosoever will be chief upon him the form of a servant, and was made among you, let him be your servant; even as the in the likeness of men; and being found in Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but fashiorr as a man, he humbled himself, and be to minister, and to give his life a ransom for came obedient unto death, even the death of the many."|| And how striking an example he set, cross."

by washing the feet of his disciples, saying, “I Our Lord taught his standard of Christian have given you an example, that ye should do as greatness when, in the midst of a dispute among

I have done unto you. Verily, verily, I say unto bis disciples for the chief place in heaven, he you, the servant is not greater than his Lord; called unto him a little child, and said, Except him. If ye know these things, happy are ye if

neither he that is sent, greater than he that sent ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. ye do them.”

1."T • Matt. v. 3,5. Luke vi. 37; and Matt. vii. 1, 2.

* Matt. xviii. 3–5. † Mark x. 14. Matt. xix. 14, * Matt. xi. 28, 29. $ 2 Cor. viii. 9.

#1 Cor. xiv. 20. § 1 Peter ii. 1, 2. || Matt. xx. 26. || Matt. xxi. 5. Phil. ii. 7, 8.

1 John xiii. 5.





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