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Slavery may still be tolerated in fact ; but it. The last Yearly Meeting of London, appre

and unquestionable restraint upon the sovereign-| the Quarterly Meeting, were introduced, and their ty of Territories and States. Now I call upon the case attended to. This proceeding, together with Senate to remark, that the right of taxation, said two cases which required but little time, occupied to be essential to the very existence of govern. the session. Reading the minutes of the Meeting ment, is abridged in the bill now before us.

for Sufferings, which is generally attended to on For myself I do not doubt the power of Con- Second day afternoon, was postponed to a future gress to fasten this restriction upon the Territory sitting. The business of this meeting had proand afterward upon the State, as has been always ceeded no further, when this article was prepared done; but I am at a loss to see on what grounds this can be placed, which will not also support the prohibition of Slavery. The former is an unquestionable infringement of sovereignty as de.

In several places, in the present and preceding clared by our Supreme Court, far more than can volumes of the Review, allusion has been made be asserted of the latter.

to an'address, adopted by our brethren of Europe I am unwilling to admit, that the prohibition at their Yearly Meeting, held in London in the of Slavery in the Territories is in any just sense year 1849, on the subject of slavery and the an infringement of the local sovereignty. Slavery is an infraction of the immutable law of Nature, slave trade, which, in the course of that and the and, as such, cannot be considered a natural in- succeeding years, was presented by deputations cident to any sovereignty, especially in a country appointed on behalf of that meeting, to most of which has solemnly declared in its Declaration the sovereigns of Europe, and also to the Empeof Independence, the inalienable right of all men to life

, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In ror of Brazil ; by all of whom this address apan age of civilization and in a land of rights, pears to have been respectfully received. prohibition, within a municipal jurisdiction, by hending it a religious duty to circulate this adthe Government thereof, as by one of the States dress on this continent, four Friends, viz., Josiah of the Union, cannot be considered an infraction of natural right; nor can its prohibition by Con- Forster, William Forster, John Candler; and gress in the Territories be regarded as an in- William Holmes, were separated for the service, fringement of the local sovereignty. The asserted and arrived in the United States in the autumn right to make a slave is against natural right, of last year. They proceeded to Washington, and can be no just element of sovereignty.

and presented a copy of their address to the Pre

sident; and subsequently visited nearly all the FRIENDS' REVIEW.

Midland and Southern States, and were readily

afforded an opportunity to present and read this PHILADELPHIA, FOURTH MONTH 22, 1854. address to the Governors of these States. Soon

PHILADELPHIA YEARLY MEETING. after their interview with the Governor of TenThis body convened as usual, on Second day, nessee, our beloved and honored friend William the 17th inst. The weather was stormy and un- Forster was removed by death, as already stated pleasant on that day, as it had been on the pre- in this periodical.' The three surviving Friends ceding. From this cause, no doubt, the number afterwards visited most of the Northern and in attendance appeared rather smaller than we Eastern States, and readily obtained interviews commonly see on similar occasions. Only two with the Governors of those States. ministers, members of another Yearly Meeting, (Ohio), with certificates, were present.

These devoted advocates of universal righteousThe morning session was chiefly occupied with ness, having completed the service assigned, emthe customary preliminary business, and the read- barked at New York, in the steamer Atlantic, on ing of the epistles, eight in number, viz., the gen- the 15th inst.; and, it may be hoped, that by the eral and particular epistles from London, one time this notice reaches our distant subscribers, from Ireland, and one from each of the Yearly or not long afterwards, they may be permitted to Meetings of Friends on this continent, New England in safety on their native shore, carrying land excepted, from which none was offered this their sheaves with them. year. A committee was separated to essay re

Our readers will find, in the present number, plies to these communications. In the afternoon session, after the reappoint

a copy of this excellent Christian address. It is ment of the clerk and assistant, (William Evans with peculiar satisfaction that the editor gives to and Samuel Hilles,) three appellants from the this remarkable document such publicity and judgment of a Monthly Meeting, confirmed by I circulation as his pages can furnish.

Conclusion next week.


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Our readers will please to correct the 21st line, To the Association of Friends for the Free Inpage 488, by substituting the word serves in place

struction of Adult Colored persons. of seems.

The Managers report : That both schools were

duly opened on the evening of the 3d of 10th MARRIED, -At Friends' meeting, in New York month, last, at the usual place on Raspberry city, on Fourth day, 12th inst., Lindley Murray street, under the charge of the same Friends Ferris, of Coldenham, Orauge county, New York, who acted as principals last season, with the usual to Mary MURRAY, daughter of Robert I. Murray, number of assistants. Died,-Of a protracted disease, on the 1st inst.,

On the evening the schools were opened 32 at his residence in Union county, Indiana, in the men and 73 women were enrolled as scholars. 69th year of his age, William Talbert, a valu- The female department rapidly filled up; that able and esteemed Member and Elder of Salem for men more gradually but steadily. Monthly Meeting. A few hours before his de. The schools were kept open five evenings in parture' he admonished such of his family, as each week, until the 28th of 2d month, when could be collected about his bed, to live in har. they were closed for the season. mony and peace; and testified that his hope of salvation rested on the mercy of God, through our

The whole number of men entered as scholars Lord Jesus Christ.

was 131, and of women 248; the average atten

dance of the former for the season was 42), and In this city, on Fourth day morning, the

of the latter nearly 58. 22d instant, in the 82d year of her age, Elizabeth Hallowell, widow of the late William Hallowell,

The order in both schools was satisfactory, and a member of the Northern District Monthly Meet the industry of the teachers gave strong evidence ing.

of their interest in the work before them. A In this city, on the 10th inst., in the 77th lively interest also appears to be felt by most of year of her age, Phebe Jackson, a member of the the pupils in their studies, and in some instances Northern District Monthly Meeting.

a marked degree of progress was made.

The Moral Almanac and a selection of Friends' INDIAN CIVILIZATION.

Tracts were distributed among the scholars, and A Friend and his wife are wanted to reside at a few copies of the New Testament were procured Tunessassah, to be engaged in managing the and sold to them at a reduced price, Farm belonging to the Committee of Philadelphia At the close, numerous observations made by Yearly Meeting, and the domestic concerns of the the scholars evinced their sense of the usefulness family.

Also, a well qualified Friend to teach the School. of the schools, and it is to be hoped that the Application may be made to

benefits resulting from them may increase. Joseph ELKINTON, 377 South 2d St.,

In conclusion we would express our belief that Thomas Evans, 180 Arch St.

if Friends would manifest their interest by more Philada. 2d mo. 11th, 1854.

frequent visits, the stimulus of such encourage

ment would prove decidedly advantageous to the NEW LITHOGRAPHIC DRAWINGS OF WEST


Officers of the Association.
Copies may be obtained at the Book Store of
Peter Thompson, N. W.corner of Sixth and Arch

Secretary-Chas. J. Allen. streets. Price 25 cents.

Treasurer-John C. Allen. 4th mo. 15.-21

Managers—Nath. H. Brown, Wm. L. Ed

wards, Francis Bacon, Wm. H. Burr, Anthony HAVERFORD SCHOOL.

M. Kimber, Edward Sharpless, Samuel Allen, The SUMMER Term will commence on Fourth Samuel Woolman, William L. Bailey. day the 10th of Fifth month next. Applications for admission may be addressed to Jonathan Richards, Superintendent, at the School, or to CHARLES YARNALL,

Secretary of the Board of Managers,
3d mo. 25-tf. 39 Market. St. Philadelphia

Another Planet Discovered.-"The London Times

announces the almost simultaneous discovery of another WANTED.

planet, between Mars and Jupiter, by astronomers at

Bishop's and Radcliffe observatories. This is, we The committee having charge of Friends' Es- believe, the twenty-eighth planet now known to exist tablishment among the Shawnee Indians, are de- between Mars and Jupiter, eight (or nine ?) of which sirous of employing two young men to labor on were discovered by Mr. Hind, Mr. Bishop's principal the farm, (practical farmers are desirable.) astronomer, and now another by an assistant there." They also want to engage a teacher in the School, Boston Traveller. and a female to assist in the family; a middle The names of the asteroids, revolving between aged man and his wife for teacher and assistant Mars and Jupiter, with the times of their disin the family, would be preferable. Application covery, and the astronomers by whom they were to be made to Simon Hadley, or John Hadley, Jr.

, first seen, as far as known to the editor, have Sligo, Clinton County, Ohio, who will give any information necessary. Friends of good character, been given in previous numbers of the Review. and of religious experience are desirable.

As these notices are scattered through seve

For Friends' Review..


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9 mo.

7 mo,

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ral parts, their exhibition, in a connected form, ; a gentleman whom I knew to be somewhat more will probably be acceptable to some of our acquainted with America than the others. The readers.

words I can only imperfectly give, but the reName. Discovered. By


buke will never leave me. 1 Ceres 1801 1 mo. 1 Piazzi Palermo. “Sir,' said he, very carnestly, we admit 2 Pallas 1802 3 mo. 23 Olbers

Bremen. that the times look dark here in Europe, and 3 luno 1801 1 Harding Lilienthal.

that there is much wrong here, but we do not 4 Vesta 1807 3 mo. 29 Olbers Bremen. 5 Astræa 1815 12 mo. 8 Hencke Driesson.

admit the right of your country to rebuke it. 6 Hebe 1817

1 Hencke Driesson. There is a system now with you, worse than any. 7 tris 1817 8 mo, 1.5 Hind

London. thing which we know of Tyranny-your Slavery. 8 Flora 1817 10 mo. 18 Hind London.

It is a disgrace and a blot on your frec govern9 Metis 1818 4 mo. 25 Graham Markree. 10 Hygeia

We have no 1819 4 mo. 12 Gasparis

ment, and on a Christian State.

Naples. 11 Parthenope1850 5 mo. 13 Gasparis Naples.

thing in Russia or Hungary which is so de12 Victoria 1850 9 mo. 13 Hind


grading, and we have nothing which so crushes 13 Egiria 1850 11 mo. 2 Gasparis Naples. the mind. And more than this, we hear now of 14 Irene

5 mo. 20 Hind

London. 15 Eunomia 1851 7 mo. 29 Gasparis Naples.

a law, just passed by your National Assembly, 16 Psyche 1852 3 mo. 17 Gasparis Naples.

which would disgrace the cruel code of the 17 Thetis 1852 4 mo. 17 Luther Bilk.Germ. Czar. We hear of free men and women hunted 18 Melpomene1852 6 mo. 24 Hind London.

by dogs over your mountains, and sent back, 19 Fortuna 1852 8 mo. 22 Hind London.

without trial, tó a bondage worse than our serfs 20 Massilla 18.52 9 mo. 22 Charconnai Marseilles.

have ever known. 21

We here in Europe have 1852 11 mo. 16 Hind London. 22 Lu'itia 1852 11 mo. 25 Goldschmidt London. many excuses in ancient evils and deep-laid pre23 Thalia 1852 12 mo. 15 Hind London. judices; but you, the young, free people of this

, If the asteroid announced at the head of this age, to be passing again, afresh, such measures article is actually the twenty-eighth known to of unmitigated wrong and oppression! We revolve between Mars and Jupiter, the editor have not been able to understand it.' would feel obliged if any of his correspondents “I must say that the blood tingled to my would point out the source from which authentic cheeks as he spoke.”—London Friend. information respecting the other four may be obtained.

PROHIBITORY LAW IN MICHIGAN SUSTAINED. Herschel, at page 606 of his Outlines of As- A recent decision of the Supreme Court of tronomy, gives the elements of the orbits of the Michigan, fully sustains the Prohibitory Liquor nine asteroids which were known when that was Law of that State. The last Detroit Free Demowritten.

E. L.

crat has the following in reference to it:

“The vote of June last, gave us a prohibitory AMERICAN FREEDOM AND CONSISTENCY. The following incident is related by Charles cided in favor of prohibition. It was a fitting

law. It was a glorious day when the people deLoring Brace, a young American traveller, in his subject for rejoicing, and the moral and tempernotice of his visit to Germany. The efforts of ate men of the State did rejoice. the Hungarians to shake off the Austrian yoke “ But this happiness was soon clouded over had become the subject of discussion ; on which by a serious doubt of the constitutionality of the occasion our American observes :

law. This was not removed by the indecision of

the Supreme Court, as exhibited in the action of “I spoke now in words which my opponent the Court of a month since. could not help attending to, of the wrongs of and final decision has been made by the Court, that unhappy land, of its noble and rational declaring that struggles for freedom, of the crushing attacks of ** The act entitled An act prohibiting the mus Russia, and of the Austrian tyranny, of whose nufacturing of Intoxicating Beverages anil the abuses we heard each day in the papers.

traffic therein,' IS CONSTITUTIONAL. “ I could not avoid, as I was upon it, and as I knew my audience well , speaking sadly also of and so nearls

lost in the Courts. The city is fall

“This restores the victory won last summer the oppression over the dear old German Father- of rejoicing! The people are in extacies! land." I alluded to their strict police laws, to the The rumsellers are overwhelmed open acts of injustice from the authorities every- sion! where, and mentioned that well-known measure

- The moment the result was known, vigorous been imprisoned and banished. I said that the have been made within the last hour or two all times seemed dark in the Old World—and that over the city, to find a place where intoxicating longed to right it again. I had spoken with a Temperance city.

As on the second and : listened intently; but here I was interrupted by 'in the poison are scared. very considerable feeling, and the company bad few succeeding days of December, all the dealers


But to-day a full

with confu


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“Now is the time for vigorous action. Thou., ment are to be related to each other and to the

sands of dollars have been poured into the Tem- people, is of far less consequence than the prin. ied perance Treasury, by the • dime fund'collections, ciple by which all their action is to be directed.

and the tide is swelling: And the utmost efforts An insurance company is formed to protect buildwill be made to compel obedience to the law. ings from loss by fire. It establishes its laws The law will be enforced in Detroit !

and elects its officers. But if its object be re“The following is the order of the Court : versed, and it devotes itself to setting buildings IN SUPREME COURT.

on fire, it were vain to tell me that they elected THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, their president in the same manner, or that the

clerks and the President were not permitted to RICHARD HAWLEY.

interfere with the duties of each other. Nor, This cause, and the questions reserved thereon were I an original member of such a company, Part 1: by the Circuit Court for the county of Wayne, could I, by any cry of union, be persuaded to be

for the opinion of this court, having been sub- a partner to their transactions. I should say, mitted to this court and fully examined and con


object being changed, the association is dissidered ;

It is ordered, That it be certified to the solved, and I will be a partaker in none of your said Circuit Court, as the opinion of this court, villainy. Now, I cannot but consider this measure

that the defendant is not exempt from the penal- as if precisely this character. We united to form 02:32. ties of the act entitled “An act prohibiting the a Government on the principle of the Declaration

manufacture of intoxicating beverages and the of Independence and the preamble of the Constihome is a traffic therein,” because he manufactures and tution—namely to establish justice and secure


strong beer, for which the State has made the blessings of liberty; to illustrate to the world

no provision to pay him; nor is he exempt from the truth that all men are endowed by their ahol as its prohibition because of his contracts; and that Creator with an inalienable right to life, liberty and got the act entitled “An act prohibiting the manu- and the pursuit of happiness. This bill reverses terstula facture of intoxicating beverages and the traffic this principle, and makes this Government deEnd therein," is constitutional.

clare that men are not endowed with these rights, and that our object is not to establish justice or secure the blessings of liberty, but to extend

Slavery over our whole domain, and transmit it The Washington correspondent of the New to our children as their heritage for ever. The York Tribune, writes under date of March 14: force of such a revolution is to dissolve the Go

" There is a good deal of speculation in pri- vernment itself; for when the essential clement

vate circles on the subject of re-opening the of a compact is reversed, every contracting party the African Slave Trade. The Southern men cannot is released from his obligations in respect to it. 4,221 consistently oppose it on any other ground than I therefore protest against this bill as revolution

that it would interfere with the present mono- | ary, and giving just cause for a dissolution of the To liso Poly of negro-breeding enjoyed by Virginia, Union." —N. Y. Recorder.

Maryland, &c. There are men from the Gulf
States who openly advocate it as a measure of un-
questionable humanity, as well as a measure af-
fording them great advantages. They assert It was in one night that four thousand persons
that there is no reason they should pay the Vir- perished in the plague of London 1665. "It was
ginians $1,200 or $1,500 a head for their mixed by night that the army of Sennacherib was des-
blood, when they can get first-rate field hands troyed. Both in England and on the continent
from Guinea for $150 a piece.”

a large proportion of cholera cases in its several We may well expect this to be the next de- forms have been observed to have occurred bemand ; and if the Nebraska bill passes, this mea- tween one and two o'clock in the morning; the sure will pass if proposed.-Ind. F. Dem. danger of exposure to night air has been a theme

of physicians from time immemorial; but it is Extract from Dr. Wayland's speech on the aid of chemistry to accourt for the fact.

remarkable that they have never yet called in the Nebraska bill

It is at night that the stratum of air nearest the "Now I affirm that this proposed measure is in ground must always be the most charged with the

gravest sense revolutionary—far more so than the particles of animalized matter given out from

if it enacted that the office of President should the skin, and deleterious gases, such as carbonic Lit Festo be abolished, and its place supplied by an here- acid gas, the product of respiration, and sul

ditary monarch. This latter might be done, and phuretted hydrogen, the product of the sewers. yet the great object for which the Government In the day, gases and various substances of all was established be maintained; but here the kinds rise in the air by the rarefaction of the heat; great object for which the Government was at night, when this rarefaction leaves them, they formed is not changed, but reversed. The par- fall by an increase of gravity if imperfectly mixed ticular manner in which the agents of a Govern-1 with the atmosphere, while the gases evolved

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during the night, instead of ascending, remain our jailors attest it. Those who urge a prohibi. at nearly the same level. It is known that car- tory law, and those who regard it as unconstitubonic acid gas, at a low temperature, partakes so tional, have no difference of opinion as to this nearly of the nature of a fluid, that it may be fact. Directly or indirectly, intemperance is poured out of one vessel into another ; it rises chargeable with three-fourths of all the crimes at the temperature at which it is exhaled from committed. Where it does not lead immediatethe lungs, but its tendency is toward the floor, ly to violations of the law, it does remotely, by or the bed of the sleeper, in cold and unventilated superinducing poverty, or by brutalizing its ricrooms.

tims. If it fails to make the drunkard himself At Hamburg the alarm of cholera at night in an outlaw, it takes its revenge by educating his some parts of the city was so great, that on some children for the jail or the gallows. occasions many refused to go to bed lest they But others, beside the inebriate, share the should be attacked unawares in their sleep guilt of intemperance. The grand jury has de

. Sitting up, they probably kept their stoves or clared that there are five thousand grogshops in open fires burning for the sake of warmth, and Philadelphia, or an average of one to every that warmth giving the expansion to any dele- hundred men, women and children in this great terious gases present, which would best promote metropolis. This legion of taverns, beer shops their escape, and promote their dilution in the and hotels, acts as a direct bounty on drunkenatmosphere, the means of safety were thus un- With the extension of these resorts, as consciously assured. At Sierra Leone, the na- might have been expected, the number of comtives have a practice in the sickly season of keep- mitments has advanced proportionally. A few ing fires constantly burning in their huts at night, years ago there was less than half the quantity assigning that the fires keep away the evil spirits, of drinking saloons that there are now: and there to which in their ignorance they attribute fever are, at present, twice as many crimes as there and ague. Latterly Europeans have begun to were then. Yet these places exist either by adopt the same practice, and those who have tried direct sanction of the law, in consequence of a it assert that they have now entire immunity neglect to administer the law.

In either case from the tropical fevers to which they were for- society is primarily to blame. We are all alikc merly subject.

guilty in this matter. Every man who has a In the epidemics of the middle ages, fires used vote, every citizen who has influence, should ex: to be lighted in the streets for the purification of ert it to reduce the number of these nuisances, if the air; and in the plague of London, of 1665, not entirely to extirpate them. While they confires in the streets were at one time kept burning tinue to lie in wait at every corner, intemperance incessantly, till extinguished by a violent storm will increase, poverty gain new victims, and the of rain. Latterly, trains of gunpowder have been jail and gallows fatten on their hecatombs of bufired, and cannon discharged for the same object; man sacrifice. but it is obvious that these measures, although That there should be a wide difference of opisound in principle, must necessarily, out of doors, nion as to the best method of eradicating inbe on too small a scale, as measured against an temperance it is natural to expect. While we ocean of atmospheric air, to produce any sensible ourselves hold that there can be no permanent effect. Within doors, however, the case is differ- reform which does not begin with the individual, ent. It is quite possible to heat a room suf- and that laws to be lasting must be founded on ficiently to produce a rarefaction and consequent the fixed convictions of the great body of the dilution of any malignant gases it may contain, community, we are not prepared to condemn and it is of course the air of the room, and that those, who, in view of this tremendous evil

, bealone, at night, which comes into immediate con- lieve that penal statutes, in this one instance, tact with the lungs of a person sleeping.– West- may safely lead the public opinion. There may minster Review.

be some social sores of such magnitude that nothing but the cautery or the knife will effect a cure. Medicines for the blood may answer in less

severe diseases or may preserve the health of the It is a fact conceded, that notwithstanding the patient after the excision ; but intemperance may vast material progress we are making; notwith- be so cancerous in its nature, that, unless it is standing our free institutions ; notwithstanding first utterly extirpated, there is no hope. One our common schools ; notwithstanding our news- thing is certain, palliatives have not suficed papers, crime, instead of diminishing, grows hitherto, but have only seemed to aggravate the more formidable continually. Why is this? We crime. With all our enlightement we are, to will endeavor to explain the apparent paradox. speak plainly, a very drunken people. Free trade The solution is at once a warning and a rebuke. in taverns has crowded our alms houses, filled our The great highway to crime is acknowledged prisons, and found constant victims for the gal

. to be intemperance. On this point, men of all lows. Go around the question as we will, it comes parties, all sects, and all localities are agreed. back to what it was. Any legislation which will Our lawyers concede it, our judges proclaim it, 'stay or cure the evil

, will be hailed by the pub


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