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the ornament of the Christian, it would be of lit

tle avail. Recognising in its fullest extent the PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY SAMUEL RHOADS, declaration, “Except a man be born again, he

cannot see the kingdom of God,” and the test No. 50 North Fourth Street,

laid down by the Saviour of men, “ By their PHILADELPHIA.

fruits shall know them,” as well as his solemn Price two dollars per annum, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE, words, "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, or six copies for ten dollars.

Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but Postage on this paper, when paid quarterly or yearly he that doeth the will of my Father which is in in advance, 13 cents per annum in Pennsylvania and 26 heaven;" they were concerned to warn all against cents per annum in other States.

the delusive notion that men might live in sin,

and in the indulgence of their carnal wills and EXTRACTS FROM THE INTRODUCTION TO THE

appetites, and yet be saved by a professed deAMERICAN EDITION OF PIETY PROMOTED.

pendence on what the Lord Jesus Christ has A distinguishing trait in the character of the graciously done in his flesh for the redemption primitive Friends was the earnestness with which of mankind. they enforced, both by example and precept, They were plain, practical, self-denying men the indispensable obligation of a life of holiness and women, deeply and earnestly engaged to live in the fear of God. Many of them had been and walk in the obedience of faith to all the reeducated after the strictest manner, among the quirements of the Divine law; and their minds different religious societies then existing in Great being enlightened from on high to see the true Britain, and were esteemed for their piety be- nature and effects of the religion of the gospel, fore they joined in profession with Friends. they apprehended that many of its professors When they left the societies with which they had were resting their hopes of salvation in a mere been in communion, although they objected to assent of the understanding to the truths recordthe notion of three distinct and separate Persons ed in the Scriptures, without bringing forth those in the Deity, to the use of the word Trinity as un- good works which were before ordained that scriptural, and some other of the school terms; we should walk in them.” The inward life of yet it was not from any dissatisfaction or disuni- righteousness in the daily fear of God being the ty with the scripture doctrine of the Holy Three great object of their earnest concern and engagethat bear record in heaven, the eternal divinity ment, both for themselves and others, they called of the Lord Jesus, his propitiatory sacrifice on on their hearers to come home into their own the Cross, as the one universal offering for the hearts, and examine, in the light which Christ sins of the whole world, or any of his offices for gives, whether they were clean and pure, or deman's salvation. They declared their full faith filed and unholy. in all these, and that they were seeking to attain With no less earnestness they pressed upon to a more full and practical experience of the all the necessity of a close attention and obediheart-changing efficacy of vital religion, free from ence to the teachings of the Spirit of Truth in those outward rites and impositions of men, on the heart, as the great enlightener and sanctifier which they believed themselves, as well as others, of man, his guide in things pertaining to salvato have been improperly relying, instead of pres- tion, by which every one might come to see his sing after the living virtue and power of the gos- own state, as seen by the Searcher of hearts, and pel, to redeem the soul from the pollution of sin, be shown the way to come out of the thraldom and to enable it to walk in newness of life. of sin, into the glorious liberty of the children of

While they felt the necessity of having a sound God. and firm belief in all the doctrines of the Chris- They invited men to come to and believe in tian religion, as set forth in the Holy Scriptures, Christ Jesus the Lord, not only as testified of in they were also convinced that, unless this belief the Bible as the Redeemer, Propitiation, Mediawas carried out in the daily walk and conversation, tor, and Intercessor with the Father for lost, fallen and accompanied by those fruits of the Spirit man; but also as he reveals himself in the heart which are the evidence of true faith, as well as I by bis Spirit, showing man his undone condition

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to you,

in the fall, and the only means by which he can, which is laid, even Christ Jesus, who tasted death be brought out of it, and be born again of the for every man, shed his blood for all men; is the Spirit, and also as a swift witness against evil, propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only, but and a comforter for well-doing. Esteeming this also for the sins of the whole world : according knowledge as the very essence of true religion, as John the Baptist testified of him, when he they dwelt much upon it in their ministry and said, Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away writings, and, even in their dying sayings, en- the sins of the world. John i. 29. joined it on their hearers as of the first importance “ We believe that he alone is our Redeemer to all who hoped for salvation.

and Saviour, the Captain of our Salvation, who The views we have here portrayed sometimes saves us from sin, as well as from hell and the led the opponents of the early Friends to charge wrath to come, and destroys the devil and his them with slighting or undervaluing, and with works; He is the seed of the woman, that bruises saying but little about, the work of the Lord the serpent's head, viz. Christ Jesus, the Alpha Jesus Christ in his outward appearance for man's and Omega, the first and the last. He is, as the sake, and with depending for salvation on their Scriptures of truth say of him, our wisdom, own good works. Such charges they steadfastly righteousness, justification and redemption; neidenied, declaring that they had living faith in ther is there salvation in any other, for there is Him as the only Saviour and Redeemer, a reve- no other name under heaven, given among men, rent esteem for all his holy offices, and that they whereby we may be saved. He alone is the Sheplooked and hoped for salvation only in and through herd and Bishop of our souls: He is our ProHim. That such was their religious belief is phet whom Moses long since testified of, saying, abundantly evident by their approved writings, "A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up una few extracts from which are here inserted.

of your brethren, like unto me; Him shall George Fox, in a letter to the Governor and ye hear in all things whatsoever He shall say Council of Barbadoes, makes the following de- unto you: and it shall come to pass that every claration of faith, viz :

soul that will not hear that Prophet, shall be “Whereas, many scandalous lies and slanders destroyed from among the people. Acts iï. 22-3. have been cast upon us, to render us odious; as “ He is now come in Spirit, and hath given that we deny God, Christ Jesus, and the Scrip- us an understanding that we may know him that tures of truth, &c.; this is to inform you, that all is true.' He rules in our hearts by his law of our books and declarations, which for these many love and life, and makes us free from the law of years have been published to the world, clearly sin and death. We have no life but by him, for testify the contrary. Yet for your satisfaction we he is the quickening Spirit, the second Adam, now plainly and sincerely declare:

the Lord from Heaven, by whose blood we are " That we own and believe in the Only, Wise, cleansed and our consciences sprinkled from dead Omnipotent, and Everlasting God, the Creator works to serve the living God. He is our Mediaof all things in heaven and earth, and the Pretor, who makes peace and reconciliation between server of all he hath made; who is God over all God offended, and us offending. He being the blessed for ever, to whom be all honor, glory, Oath of God, the new covenant of light, life, dominion, praise, and thanksgiving, both now grace and peace, the author and finisher of our and for evermore!

faith. This Lord Jesus Christ, the Heavenly “And we own and believe in Jesus Christ, Man, the Immanuel, God with us, we all own his beloved and only begotten Son, in whom he and believe in; He whom the High Priest raged is well pleased, who was conceived by the Holy against, and said he had spoken blasphemy; Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary; in whom whom the priests and elders of the Jews took we have redemption through his blood, even the counsel together against, and put to death; the forgiveness of sins; who is the express image of same whom Judas betrayed for thirty pieces of the invisible God, the First Born of every crea- silver, which the priests gave him, as a reward for ture; by whom were all things created that are his treason; who also gave large money to the in heaven and in earth, visible and invisible, soldiers, to broach a horrible lie, namely, that whether they be thrones, dominiors, principali- his disciples came and stole him away, whilst ties, or powers, all things were created by Ilim. they slept. After he was risen from the dead,

" And we own and believe, that he was made the history of the Acts of the Apostles sets forth, a sacrifice for sin, who knew no sin; neither was how the chief priests and elders persecuted the guile found in his mouth; that he was crucified disciples of this Jesus, for preaching Christ and for us, in the flesh, without the gates of Jerusa- his resurrection. This, we say, is that Lord Jesus lem; and that he was buried and rose again the Christ, whom we own to be our life and salrathird day, by the power of his father, for our tion.” justification, and that he ascended up into Hea- In his Answer to all such as falsely say the ven, and now sitteth at the right hand of God. Quakers are no Christians, he says, viz.:

“This Jesus, who was the foundation of the “We own the Father, the Son and the Holy holy apostles, is our foundation ; and we believe Ghost, as the Apostles bave declared. there is no other foundation to be laid, but that "And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth; for there are Three of this Saviour, to remove the wrath of God from

1; that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the them, due to their offences : in this respect he Word and the Holy Ghost, and these Three is truly said to have borne the iniquities of us all, are one; and there are Three which bear record in his body on the tree, and therefore is the only on earth, &c., which we own, 1 Jobn v. 6, 7. Mediator, having qualified the wrath of God toAnd now let none be offended, because we do not wards us; so that our former sins stand not in call them by those unscriptural names of Trinity, our way, being by virtue of his most satisfactory and Three Persons, which are not Scripture sacrifice, removed and pardoned. Neither do we words; and so do falsely say, that we deny the think that remission of sins is to be expected, Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, which sought, or obtained, any other way, or by any Three are one that bear record in Heaven, &c., works or sacrifices whatsoever, though, as has which Three we own with all our hearts, as the been said formerly, they may come to partake of Apostle John did; as all true Christians ever did, this remission, that are ignorant of the history." and now do; and if you say we are not Christians, William Penn, in his Primitive Christianity because we do not call the Father, Son, and Holy Revived, has the following, viz.: Ghost, the Trinity, distinct and separate persons,

" We do believe, that Jesus Christ was our then

you may as well conclude that John was no holy sacrifice, atonement and propitiation; that Christian, who did not give the Father, Word, he bore our iniquities, and that by his stripes we and Holy Ghost, these names.

were healed of the wounds Adam gave us in his "We believe concerning God the Father, fall; and that God is just in forgiving true peniSon, and Spirit, according to the testimony of tents upon the credit of that holy offering Christ the Holy Scriptures, which we receive and em- made of himself to God for us, and that wbat he brace as the most authentic and perfect declara- did and suffered, satisfied and pleased God, and tion of Christian faith, being indited by the Holy was for the sake of fallen man; that had disSpirit of God, that never errs : 1st, That there pleased God: and through the offering up of is one God and Father, of whom are all things; himself once for all, through the Eternal Spirit, 2dly, That there is one Lord Jesus Christ by he hath for ever perfected those, in all times, whom all things were made, John i. and xvii. that were sanctified, who walked not after the and Rom. ix., who was glorified with the Father be- filesh, but after the Spirit. Rom. viii. 1 Mark fore the world began, who is God over all, blessed that. for ever, John xiv. That there is one Holy Spirit, “In short, justification consists of two parts, the promise of the Father and the Son, and leader. or hath a two-fold consideration, viz., justification and sanctifier, and comforter of his people, 1 John from the guilt of sin, and justification from the V. And we further believe, as the Holy Scrip- power and pollution of sin; and in this sense, tures soundly and sufficiently express, that these justification gives a man a full and clear accepThree are one, even the Father, the Word, and tance before God. For want of this latter part Spirit.”

it is, that so many souls, religiously inclined, are Robert Barclay in his Apology for the true often under doubts, scruples, and despondencies, Christian divinity, has these words, viz.: notwithstanding all that their teachers tell them

"First, then, as by the explanation of the of the extent and efficacy of the first part of former thesis appears, we renounce all natural justification. And it is too general an unhappipower and ability in ourselves, in order to bring ness among the professors of Christianity, that us out of our lost and fallen condition, and first they are apt to cloak their own active and passive nature; and confess, that as of ourselves we are disobedience, with the active and passive obediable to do pothing that is good, so neither can ence of Christ. The first part of justification we we procure remission of sins or justification by do reverently and humbly acknowledge, it is only any act of our own, so as to merit it, or draw it for the sake of the death and sufferings of Christ : as a debt from God due unto us, but we acknow- nothing we can do, though by the operation of ledge all to be of and from his love, which is the the Holy Spirit, being able to cancel old debts, original and fundamental cause of our acceptance. or wipe out old scores : it is the power and effi

Secondly:—God manifested his love towards cacy of that propitiatory offering, upon faith and us in the sending of his beloved Son, the Lord repentance, that justifies us from the sins that Jesus Christ, into the world; who gave himself are past; and it is the power of Christ's spirit in for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God, for a our hearts, that purifies and makes us acceptable

a sweet smelling savor; and having made peace before God. For till the heart of man is purged through the blood of his cross, that he might re- from sin, God will never accept of it.” concile us unto himself, and by the Eternal Spirit, offered himself without spot unto God, and suffered for our sins, the just for the unjust, The more perfect we are ourselves, the more that he might bring us unto God.

apt we are to make allowances for the imperfec“Thirdly then, Forasmuch as all men who tions of others: the pharisees could not endure bave come to man's estate, (the man Jesus only the publicans, with whom Jesus Christ conversed excepted,) have sinned, therefore all have need l with so much mildness and lenity.-Fenelon.

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hath brought me to the dust, and I must lay down this body as a sacrifice.

Ob! do not you Mary Harris, of London, a maid young and stand out, it will cost you dear, if ever you find beautiful, went often with her relations to the mercy.' Then she would sing praises to the meetings of the people called Quakers, and had a Lord, and exhorted all speedily to embrace truth, love raised in her to the blessed truth, and to and warned others professing truth, from followthem who held it in a pure conscience; yet stilling the fashions of the world, crying to the Lord lived in the customs and fashions of this evil to wash her thoroughly. Some would say to her, world. But the same love of God that had be. It may be thou mayest recover. No, no,' she gotten tenderness in her heart, and love to truth, replied, 'I must lay down this body for my refollowed her, and would not suffer her to sit down bellion. In my vain life, if any had said I should in the world without trouble. The Lord visited recover, it would for a little time seem to refresh her with great weakness, so that she grew ill, and me; and if they had said surely I could not live fell into a consumption for about three years;


long, it would cast me down; but now I long for being often visited by Josiah Coale, and put in death. I must lay down this body; for,' said mind to consider, whether the hand of the Lord she," when I received God's everlasting truth, was not upon her for her unfaithfulness and dis- I received the sentence of death :' and this she obedience, she did consider the matter, and the was positive in all along. Lord set it home upon her heart, and she cried

More sensible expressions she uttered, which to him for mercy; and applied her heart to the I omit for brevity. About half an hour before Lord, and his faithful messenger, saying, 'I have her departure, she was taken with a very great hardened my heart at many precious meetings, trembling, and seemed to be somewhat troubled ; when the Lord hath smitten me; and I have seen when one near her said, “What is the matter? plainly, that the Lord would have gathered me; art thou in any doubt concerning the truth of but I said in my heart, if I receive this, if I give which thou art made partaker? She replied, up to this, I must be a Quaker, and I cannot be

No, no; that is God's pure everlasting truth, a Quaker.' Then would I take my heart from at- which the people of God, called Quakers, are tending upon the ministration of truth, and then made partakers of, and for which they suffer; my beart became more and more hard. . What that is everlasting, that is the true spirit, and shall I do," said she, “that now I may receive the their God is my God; and although I see it not faithful sayings of the servants of the Lord? Oh! now as I have seen it, yet I bring in my testithat my heart were open; but it is shut and

mony, that is the truth shall abide for ever; that hard: when shall I find mercy in this state ?"

is pure, and nothing that is defiled shall be shelShe remained so for some time, and grew tered under it. That is the truth which enweaker and weaker in body; and on the first day lighteneth every man coming into the world; the she took her bed she was much under the right- little seed in me is become great, great, great! eous judgments of the Lord, and felt his word in Blessed be God who hath placed me among his her heart as fire. But the Lord in judgment re- people, and I possess what they possess; and membered mercy, and having brought her very when the faithful die as I die, my portion will be low, he showed her the child's state, which she their portion; and my cup is full, it runs over.' with great delight desired; and indeed she be- Then she breathed a little thicker for about the came as a little child, fit for the kingdom of hea- space of a quarter of an hour; and so without

Then did the Lord rend the veil, and groan or sigh, or the least motion, she shut her show her his glory, and the preciousness eyes and slept. Glory to God for ever. of his pure truth, and the light shined out of She died at the widow Mary Forster's in that darkness, and in it she saw light, and received called St. John's street, near Smithfield, London, the knowledge of God; and her heart was filled in the year 1668.-Piety Promoted. with joy and praises to the Lord, saying, “I am well; I feel no pain. I am full; my cup runs I am filled as it were with marrow and

We must stoop to love men in their infirmi. fatness. I have seen his glory, and tasted his ties; nor is it more our duty than our prudence; precious truth. How pure is God's everlasting

how else could we hope quarter for our own, truth? Nothing so pure; and they who indeed which both tell us of others faults, and bid us receive it are made pure by it.

Praised be the forgive them; for many of them we should not Lord who hath made me partaker of it, and suspect but from the whispers of their parallels placed me among his people. Oh! blessed God, in our own bosoms; and therefore by not forwho hath given me cause to sing aloud of thy giving them we condemn ourselves. If then we praise. Many precious words she spoke to several would be forgiven by ourselves or others, we persons who came to visit her, to their several

must forgive.—Dr. Young. conditions, showing to some, who lived in pleasure, her hands, saying, “See here, the Lord hath In order to the right conduct of our lives, we made these bones bare for my rebellion ; because must remember that we are not born to please I would not submit to his precious truth. He lourselves. The Adventurer.



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TO THE FREE PRODUCE ASSOCIATION OF The outlines of a plan for the manufacture of

free cotton fabrics, with an estimate of the funds
In presenting their Annual Report to the As- required for its establishment, will be submitted
sociation, the Managers would deem it unneces- by him to the Association.
sary to insist upon the considerations heretofore It appears highly probable, if not absolutely
frequently urged in support of the necessity and certain, that unless some method can be devised
the importance of faithfully maintaining our testi- to keep up a more ample supply of the various
mony against the iniquitous system of slavery, articles, of which cotton is the principal ingredi-
by abstaining from its products, as far as our ent, than has been found practicable under ex-
necessary connection with the commerce of the isting arrangements, the attempt to keep up the
country will admit, were it not a fact, too glaring store of free goods must be abandoned. Such a
to be overlooked, and of too much importance to result must be greatly deplored, and could scarce-
be disregarded, that many, both in and out of our ly fail to prove extremely discouraging to the
religious society, who are fully conscious of the friends of the cause. The present, indeed, ap-
evils of slavery, and sincerely desirous of seeing pears to be the time not to abandon, but to renew
a practicable and efficient remedy applied, still our exertions to increase the consumption of free-
appear indisposed to afford their influence and grown cotton.
example in support of the free labor movement. The information recently thrown before the

To us it appears too clear to admit of a doubt, public, respecting the cultivation of cotton by the or to require illustration, that the whole system German settlers in Western Texas, may be hailed of slavery, the foreign and international traffic in- as one of the means for obtaining a supply of the cluded, with all their enormities and destruction raw material; a means provided to our hands, of life, owes its vitality to the market for the without trouble or foresight on our part. The products of servile toil

. Hence, the inference production of a thousand bales, untouched by appears undeniable, that in just such proportion servile hands, within a small district of that fertile as we voluntarily increase the demand for those region, certainly gives encouragement to the products, we contribute our support of the system, belief, that with proper exertions a supply might and participate in the guilt; and so far as we con- be obtained more than equal to existing demands. tribute to replenish the market with the results There is no reason why free cotton fabrics of free and compensated labor, to the exclusion may not be supplied to the consumer, on as easy of those extracted from the compulsive drudgery terms as those extracted from the labor of slaves; of slaves, so far we weaken the system of slavery, except what arises from the difficulty and conand diminish the temptation to sustain it. sequent expense of preserving the raw material

Certainly the events of the last few months, free from mixture with slave-grown cotton, during the undisguised, as well as more insidious attempts its transit from the producer to the consumer; and to extend the area and strengthen the influence this difficulty must diminish as the quantity proof the slaveholding interest-the Legislation of duced in any locality is increased. And a facthe Federal government now trembling in the tory, working altogether on free cotton, could unbalance and the avowed policy of the Executive questionably execute its work as well and as in relation to the abolition of slavery in Cuba, cheaply, as one supplied with the slave-grown furnish a very pathetic admonition to the advo- material. eates of justice and friends of our race to with- The plan proposed for the manufactory is, draw their support, as far as practicable, from a that the friends of the cause should raise, by system so oppressive in its operations, so grasping subscription, a fund for the purchase of machineand insatiable in its demands, and so deleterious ry, and one-half of a year's supply of cotton, in its results.

requiring altogether about fifteen thousand dollars; We have, however, the satisfaction to believe G. W. Taylor to rent the machinery for a sum that the number of those who are willing to mani- that will keep it insured against loss by fire, set fest their abhorrence of slavery, by abstaining from aside yearly an adequate sum for needful repairs its products, is rather increasing than diminish- and depreciation by wear and tear, and pay aning, especially among some other denominations nually to contributors 6


cent. of Christians; but considerable discouragement The cotton is also to be kept insured, and to has arisen from the difficulty of supplying the be furnished to him at cost, and all expenses, Free Labor store, kept by George W. Taylor, including 6 per cent. per annum interest for the with the requisite variety of cotton fabrics to meet contributors. the demand. Hence has been suggested the The fund to be applied and guarded by one or expediency of establishing a manufactory of cotton two Trustees, to be chosen by the contributors. goods, to be employed exclusively upon


As it is very important to have the machinery ducts of free labor, and to be connected with the ordered soon, and make other necessary arrangestore. Our friend, George W. Taylor, is willing ments for putting the mill in working order, it to undertake such an establishment, in case an is hoped that there will be found friends of amount of capital adequate to the indispensable the cause enough to subscribe the required expenditure can be placed at his disposal. amount, within a month from this time. The

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