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Conclusion next week.


was never after heard of.

thorough knowledge of the national taste, wrote, the astonishing intelligence, that 204 ships and his “ Robinson Crusoe,” down to the last“Dread their crews departed from our various ports withful Wreck in the English Channel.” And it in the four years alluded to and not one of them seems that we are not likely to lack a supply of this was "ever heard of again. stimulant for the future; for we are now in pos- What a terrible earnestness there is in the session of a register of shipwrecks that will sur- perils our mariners undergo-how suggestive is prise even those who are most familiar with the such a statement of the agony of relatives at perils of the great deep. The lovers of the mar- home! Visions of starvation in open boatsvellous may be gratified with its perusal without upon the hastily constructed raft-of destitution trespassing upon the bounds of truth, for there upon the barren rock-of captivity and death can be no doubt about the veracity of the docu- amongst savage tribes of men, haunt the imagiment, as it was compiled from our great national nation, which seeks relief in the hope that the log-book, “Lloyd's List," and it was printed by or- misery of the seamen ended when their ships der of the House of Commons for the informa- were lost. But without dwelling upon this

paintion of Parliament. · And while it is evident, ful subject, we will at once introduce the analythat even as a register this remarkable Blue sis, and leave its eloquent items to speak for Book is sufficiently dry and bald, all sentiment themselves, remarking that the totals only in. being sacrificed to statistics, yet no chapter include those disasters that happened to be Dampier, Anson, or Cook contains a more instruc- “Lloyd's.”. It is therefore certain, that extentive or interesting tale. In fact a word of infor- sive as the list is, it is nevertheless incomplete, mation is here supplied which may well startle and can only be taken as a rough estimate of the the steady landsman, who sits over his fire, and powers still left at the disposal of Old Neptune. perhaps gives only a casual thought to those who - The London Friend. . are traversing the world of waters, exposed to casualties which cannot be well conceived by the denizen of cities. Two hundred closely-printed folio

Whoever loves his neighbor as himself will pages are filled with short, pithy, businesslike items, each line breathing of its own calami- show his affection by consulting his interest in all ty. Such as

things which may concern either his body,

soul, his fortune or reputation : for every man “ The Hand of Providence”—Sailed from London, and who rationally loves himself, will study his own “The Carnatic-Seized by pirates ; crew and

interest with respect to these four great concerns.

passengers murdered.

To consult our neighbor's interest, is to do him “ The Good Design”—Run down; two men saved, no injury, to prevent as much as in us lies, any rest of crew drowned.

other person from injuring him; to do him jus“ Saucy Jack”_Beached in a hurricane. “ The Terry" —Struck by a whale, became leaky, and tice in every other respect; and beyond justice,

to show him all the kindness in our power. abandoned. And so on for a period of four years, when, upon

[Burgher. casting up the total of these mishaps, we find that during that period there happened at sea

'THE CHRISTIAN WARRIOR. 12,363 disasters, varying in magnitude from a

There is a peace the righteous only know; total shipwreck to a slight collision. But, in or

There is a peace the pure in spirit feel; der to place these facts clearly before the mind There is a peace which lightens every wo: of the reader, we may as well state, that it would A peace which Jesus only can reveal ; require an accident to occur once within every o blessed gift

, the gift of God's own Son!

O blessed gift, for which he sought and won. third hour, by night as well as by day, during the whole four years, to reach the number record- Thou soldier of the cross, thy weapons wear ; ed in “ Lloyd's List.”

Put on thy breastplate, helmet, and thy shield, With the assistance of this Blue Book, it is The enemies of God thou shalt not spare, possible to follow the course of British maritime Thy banner is the standard of the Lord;

But with strong hand thy holy weapons wield : enterprise, and tracing it through the various Tny sword, with double edge, His holy word. channels opened by our industry, to discover the particular spots where disasters most frequently Thy strength is not thine own, thine arm hath power

Him This kind of information, however, is His is the victory, thine the blessed dower more readily and comprehensively obtained by or peace, of holy peace, and triumph's songs ; in analysis of the book itself; for we bring the He fills thy soul with his redeeming love, kisses of our ships and their crews more impres. And in thy bosom rests the beauteous Love. sively before the mind's eye in the aggregate, o, haste the day, when man no inore shall raise that when scanned over in detail. Thus, the The glittering spear against his fellow man; single item that "ic The Honest Endeavour" sail when every heari aitune to Jesus praise, ed from Hull, Nova Scotia bound, and had not

Who won for us the conqueror's diadem : been heard of for three years," fails to arrest the His dying gift to his disciples—Peace.

His glorious attribute is Prince of Peace, as when one is startled with

[Irish Friend.

attention so forcibly



substitution of another, clothed with full power to FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.—The British mail settle, upon the spot, such disputes as may arise steamship Africa arrived at New York, on the 5th with our Government. He is reported to have u inst., bringing Liverpool dates to the 22d ult. A demanded also, a large amount of money as in

treaty of alliance, offensive and defensive, be- demnity. tween England and France has been signed. The DOMESTIC.-By accounts received from all parts object of the alliance is stated to be the re-estab- of the country, it appears that the late floods were lishment of peace between the Emperor of Russia the greatest and most extensive that have occurred and the Sultan, on a permanent basis, and the pre- for many years. The Connecticut, and other rivers servation of Europe from the dangers which have of New England, the Hudson, Delaware, Passaic

, disturbed the general peace. A treaty has also and other rivers, were unusually high, and much in: been concluded between Austria and Russia, and jury was caused in many places, by the washing it is said that a secret treaty has been entered into away of bridges, &c. The Croton dam was consid. between Russia and Sweden.

erably injured, and it was feared that the supply of The expulsion of the Greeks from Constantino water to New York would be cut off, but this, forple was being carried out with unexampled sev- tunately, did not prove to be the case. In the erity, and every steamer departing for Syria was West, also, the waters rose to an unusual height. densely crowded with the exiles. Many of these The Ohio is now in fine navigable order. A disashave been reduced to the deepest poverty, and are

trous steamboat explosion occurred on the Dela. cast ashore friendless and destitute. "Numbersware, on the night of the 5th inst. The steam tom of the shops of Pera are closed in consequence of boal Pennsylvania from Bordentown with sixteen the expulsion of their owners.

empty canal boats and barges in tow, when nearly The British and French troops were arriving in opposite Florence burst her boiler, killing, drown. Turkey. It is stated that the Turkish army on the ing, or fatally injuring eight persons and severely Danube does not exceed 90,000 men, while the scalding several others. A number of herses were Russian forces in the Principalities and Bessara- on board, of which nine were killed by the steam, bia number 200,000. The presence of the allied and one leaped overboard and was drowned. The fleets in the Black Sea, however, renders it impos- Captain was blown overboard, but by swimming sible for the Russians to obtain eupplies from the regained the boat without injury. The accident is coast, and a large portion of their force is employ- attributed to a flaw in the iron of the boiler. ed in conveying provisions and stores to the Do- CONGRESS.-On the 2.1 inst., the Senate recebrudscha.

ded from its amendments to the Military Academy A portion of the allied fleet was before Odessa, bill, which the House had rejected. The Indian and the remainder was distributed along the coast Appropriation bill was taken up an, amended, and between Varna and the mouths of the Danube. It the whole subject of proper policy with respect 10 was reported ihat the important frontier town of the Indians was discussed. Foschiang, in Wallachia, had been destoryed by On the 3.1, the Judiciary Committee reported fire, with all the Russian stores, provisions, armies, against a revision of the Statutes of the United clothing, ammunition and military hospitals. States. A message was received from the Presi

A battle between a portion of the Russian and dent, vetoing the bill to grant land to the States for Turkish forces took place, on the 4th ult., at Gid- the benefit of the insane ; upon which a long deitsch, near Kalafat. After a long and bloody con- bale ensued. flict, the Russians were driven from the place On the 4th, the message from the President with great loss, and the town was taken posses- transmitting the correspondence on the subject of sion of by the Turks.

passengers on emigrant vessels, was presented and Sir Charles Napier has declared all the Russian referred. ports on the Baltic, and on the Gulf of Finland, in On the 5th, the private calendar was taken up a state of blockade. Having learned that a num- and a number of bilis were passed. In the House ber of Russian ships of war were anchored under of Representatives, on the 20, a resolution was ofthe batteries of Kelsingfors, Sir Charles Napier fered, directing the Secretary of the Navy to send had put to sea with a view of attacking them.out vessels with three months' provisions and blankSeveral Russian merchant vessels had been cap- ets and warm clothing for 400 men, to search for tured by the British fleet.

the missing steamship City of Glasgow, but objecThe Russian Emperor had issued a manifesto in tion being made, the resolution could not be rereply to the English and French declaration of ceived. war, defending his own conduct and throwing the On the 3d, in Committee of the Whole, a bill to responsibility of hostilities upon England and establish the office of Surveyor-General in New France.

Mexico and to grant lands to actual settlers being SPAIN.—The Spanish Government has issued a under consideration, an amendment restricting the decree against the slave trade in Cuba, according grants of land to while male citizens, was debated to which all the slaves on the island are to be im- ai some length and afterwards adopted; the bill mediately registered, after which, any unregistered was then laid aside. On the 4th Territorial busislave found there will be regarded as fraudulently ness was under consideration in Coinmittee of the imported and declared free. The decree also pro- Whole. A bill granting donations of land to aevides for the introduction and organization of white tual settlers was taken up and an animated debate laborers.

took place on a motion to strike out the provision The statement that the American Minister at excluding from the benefits of the act every man Madrid had obtained a satisfactory settlement of who was the husband of more than one wife. The the Black Warrior affair appears to have been un- Committee rose without coming to any conclusion founded. No such adjustment has been made, on the proviso. The same subject was further disand the American minister is said to have de- lcůssed on the 5th and the bill was finally laid manded the recall of the Captain General and the 'aside with a recommeudation that it do not pass.


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sus, the Way, who said of Himself, I am the

Way; and He is over all the fallen ways, and PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY SAMUEL RHOADS,

before the way of the serpent; glorified with

the Father, before the world began. And this No. 50 North Fourth Street,

is the way of the wayfaring men, who have been PHILADELPHIA.

wayfaring up and down from religion to religion, Price two dollars per annum, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE, from worship to worship, from one people to or six copies for ten dollars.

another, from one minister and teacher to Postage on this paper, when paid quarterly or yearly another, and could not sit down in any of their in advance, 13 cents per annum in Pennsylvania and 26 ways, but wayfared, travelled, and sought. And ceats per annum in other States.

now, glory be to the Lord forever thousands of these wayfaring men have come to find their

way, Christ Jesus, and shall not err therein. AN EPISTLE OF GEORGE fox. 1668.

They shall not err in Christ Jesus, for there is Dear Friends," And an highway shall be no error in Him, for he was before error was; there, and a way, and it shall be called the way for Christ, the way, destroys the devil and his of holiness: the unclean shall not pass over it.” works, the ground of all error. So, though they This way, which is called the way of holiness, be called fools by all the sons of Adam, who are was spoken of by prophesy; and this way is set down in their own rudiments, and who have Christ, who is the way of holiness, who is above persecuted these wayfaring men as fools, because the unclean, and destroys it, and the ground of they would not sit down with them in their rudiit, the devil; and so, the unclean cannot pass ments, worships, self-righteousness, and national over this way of holiness. This is our way, who church, which national powers have established; are in scorn called Quakers, to wit, Christ; and yet these wayfaring men walk on in their way, this way of holiness shall be for the wayfaring Christ Jesus. And they see how all the wise men; though fools, they shall not eir therein; men in old Adanı mixed with the wisdom of the nor shall lion, or ravenous beast, or lion's whelp Serpent, how they are all in their own ways, go thereon. All the ravenous beasts are with worships, and religions, and all the sects in it, out, in the way of the world, without Christ and how they are like tradesmen, plucking from one God. But the redeemed shall walk in the way church to another, and getting customers, and of holiness, Christ Jesus ; and the ransomed of drawing people from one another's church to their the Lord shall walk in this way of holiness; and own ways, and tearing one another to pieces, to get they that do return from the way of the people from one another's church to themselves. I world to Sion, shall walk in this way of ho- sought my beloved by night, and the wutchman liness, with singing, and everlasting joy upon smote me. Did not the wayfaring man go to the their heads. And they that walk in this way papists, and say, You watchmen of the night, of holiness, Christ Jesus, shall obtain joy and did ye see my Beloved? What is thy beloved gladness; and sorrow and sighing shall flee more than another's beloved, said they? What away.

And all they that walk in this way of is thy religion, more than another's religion? or holiness, their deaf ear is unstopped, and their thy profession, more than another's profession? blind eye

is opened. And the lame man shall so the papists smote and wounded the wayfaleap as an hart, and the dumb man's tongue shall ring man. The wayfaring man did not ask the sing. And here he shall see waters gush out of papist for his beloved; for the papists had a bethe rock, and streams out of the desert, in this loved, a Mass-book ; but he asked him for his own

And in this way, he shall see Beloved, Christ Jesus. the parched ground become a pool, and the Well, the next watchmen were the Commonthirsty land full of springs; and in the habita- prayer men of every parish.

The wayfaring tion where dragons lay, shall be grass with reeds man went to those watchmen of the night, and and rushes, which begin to spring: glory be to said, did ye see my Beloved? They stormed at the Lord forever. And this way of holiness, the wayfaring man, and said : What is thy bewhich the prophets prophesied of, is Christ Je-loved more than another's beloved, and thy re


way of holiness.

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ligion more than another's religion? They also 1 (where Jacob's well was, and the well was made smote him, and wounded him.

before Jerusalem was, or the temple either; for Well, the next watchmen of the night were Jacob died in Egypt, and afterward his sons the Presbyterians, they were also the watchmen came out of Egypt, and builded a temple in Je. of some people; the wayfaring man went to rusalem; and so there they set up a place of them, and said, ye watchmen of the night did worship after the well was made,) then Christ ye see my Beloved ? And they were exceeding said unto the woman, the hour is coming, and angry, and said : What is thy beloved more than now is, that they that worship the Father must another's beloved, and what is thy religion more worship Him in spirit and in truth; and not at than another's religion ? He did not ask him Jerusalem, nor at this mountain, is God worfor his beloved; for he knew he had a beloved, shipped; for God is a Spirit, and they that worhis Directory. And these watchmen smote the ship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. wayfaring men, and punished some, spoiled some And then did Christ set up his worship, which of their goods, and killed some, (as in New was before the Popes, Turks, Common-prayer, England,) because they would not follow their Presbyterian, Independent, and other worships beloved, as the papists and others had done be- were; and the worship that Christ Jesus set up, fore them.

was in the spirit and in the truth. Now where The next watchmen were the Independents is this Spirit,and where is this Truth? Is it not and Baptists; the wayfaring man went to them within people ? So as the Jew outward was to also, for they were the watchmen of some peo- worship in the temple, and there was but that one ple, and said unto them: Ye watchmen of the temple commanded of God to be built, which night, did ye see my Beloved ? And these Christ came to end, who set up his worship in the watchmen of the night were also exceeding an- Spirit and in the Truth : and so every man and wogry, and said, What is thy beloved more than man in the whole world must come to the Spirit another's beloved, and thy way more than and Truth in their own hearts, by which they another's way, and thy religion more than anoth- must know the God of Truth, who is a Spirit

, er's? And these watchmen of the night smote and feel the Spirit in their own hearts, and in cruelly.

the Spirit of Truth worship the God of Truth, Then the wayfaring men went to the private who is a Spirit. meetings of the Manifesterians and Seekers ; So now, as the Jew outward was to offer bis and these watchmen fell a mocking, and scoffing, sacrifice in the outward temple, and no where and railing, and smiting with the tongue, and else, which temple is now thrown down, he is thrust them out of their meetings. And when not a Jew who is one outwardly, but he is a Jew it was asked them, if they saw the wayfaring who is one inwardly, in the Spirit and in Truth; men's Beloved ? they scoffed at their beloved. and so, all ye Jews inwardly, in the Spirit, ye And so the wayfaring men wayfared up and down must worship in the Truth and in the Spirit. from watchman to watchman to seek their Be- And so, the Jew inwardly can worship no where loved ; and many were imprisoned and persecu- but in the temple. What temple ? it is not a ted by some of these watchmen of the night. temple that is made with hands. The And now, glory forever be to the Lord! thou- Jews outwardly worshipped in the temple that sands of these wayfaring men have found their was made with hands; but the Jew inwardly, beloved, and have found their way, Christ Je- his worship is to be in the Spirit, and in the sus, and a fool shall not err therein; for there is Truth, and in a temple not made with hands, no error in Christ Jesus.

where the Spirit of Truth is. Know ye not, The outward Jew worshipped in his outward that your bodies are the temples of the Holy temple made with hands, at outward Jerusalem, Ghost. And so all ye who are Jews inwardly in and they came up yearly to worship there; and the Spirit, let Christ your priest have a chamber if they did not come up to worship at outward in your temple, that He may cleanse your temJerusalem, and keep the feast of tabernacles in ple, and cast the rubbish out of it, which is the temple, upon them should be no rain; and come in by transgression, who doth renew you their eyes were to rot out of their heads, and up into the image of God, which Adam and Eve their tongues out of their mouths, that fought were in before they fell; so that the glory of against Jerusalem. Zec. xiv. 12.' So the out- the Lord may fill your temple. ward Jew had but one temple in the whole world, and there they went to worship in it; Nothing does reason more right, than the and the priest had a chanber in the temple. coolness of those that offer it; for truth often And when Christ came, he ended the priesthood, suffers more by the heat of its defenders, than he ended the offerings, and the temple and the from the arguments of its opposers. worship therein of the outward Jews; and set up another worship in the spirit and in the Good measure belongs to good actions; more. truth

For when the woman of Samaria, that looks nauseous, as well as insincere; besides, it came to Jacob's well, said unto Christ, how that is persecuting the meritorious, who is out of

our fathers worshipped in this mountain,' I countenance to hear what he descrres.—PENN.


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of my

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Memoir of Ann How, widow of Thomas How, First month 22d, 1830. “ This day I think of Woodbriilge, England, who died on the I have experienced an answer to the ardent 25th of Third Month, 1853, aged 92 years.


heart to know what the will of my

Heavenly Father was, respecting giving liberally This dear friend possessed a truly benevolent to a certain application, or whether it would not mind, united to great energy of character; and be more prudent to withhold. A little book was having been early brought under the power of unintentionally laid on my table; it is called "The godliness, she was strengthened to surmount Duty of Christian Benevolence. I took it up many trials and difficulties which assailed her in and read it, and trust I shall be faithful to the the morning of life, and became a remarkable in- feelings, not excited, but strengthened and enstance of a green and vigorous old age. Through couraged by its perusal.” a long course of years, she was enabled to exbibit Tenth month 27th. “ This day I have paid a bright example of practical piety and Christian the last token of respect to the remains of my devotedness, in promoting the physical comforts, brother. I am now the only one left of the as well as the moral and religious welfare of her family. O that I may, more often than the day, fellow-creatures, especially amongst the poor and remember that I must very soon follow those destitute.

whom I have loved, to the place appointed for all The greater portion of the prime of her life living ! Truly, I may say, the most ardent desire was passed in London. Here she vigorously of my heart is, that I may be prepared to meet aided in the formation and support of some ex- my God. All that this world contains is of no cellent institutions for the amelioration of human value compared to the love of my-I trust I may suffering, and was especially indefatigable in her say--my Redeemer. exertions to establish a House of Refuge for ser- Ninth month 17th, 1831. “The Lord hath vants of good character, and for destitute females. mercifully spared me until this day. How much

In 1836, her husband retired from business, longer Ile will be pleased to allow me to work and they removed to Woodbridge, her native out my soul's salvation,' is not for me to enquire; place. In this more circumscribed field of use. as it is His righteous will to conceal such knowfulness she still continued her labor of love to ledge from me. But I know that it cannot be those who stood in need of her assistance; and very long, and I tremble to think that it may

be devoted a considerable portion, not of her abun- very

short. Am I prepared to meet my God? is dance, but of her limited income, to the wants of a query I often put to myself. Spare me, O Lord ! the indigent; and many were the daily recipients a little longer, and enable me to walk more hum

bly with Thee, and more perfectly to do thy will ! Her memoranda, found after her decease, from I think many hundred times my petition has been, which the following are extracted, afford an inter- | Lord, give me a clean heart, and renew a right esting and instructive insight into the character spirit within me.' Once more, O my Heavenly of her religious experience; and show, that, whilst Father ! hear the oft repeated prayer, and, in desiring to benefit others, she was watchful over unutterable love and mercy, grant my request !" the state of her own heart, and earnest in her 1833. “On reading the foregoing, I feel deepdesires after that personal holiness, which is the ly humbled that no greater progress Zionward fruit of a true conversion to God, and living faith should have been made. Still the language of my in our Lord Jesus Christ.

heart is, “Lord ! be merciful to me a sinner.' Early in 1829, we find the following remark : How is it that so much as I desire to know and "A new year is commenced. O that I may, by to do the will of God, yet I am so constantly the aid of Divine grace, be enabled, when I ex. made sensible of my many failings? O Lord ! amine

heart at the close of each day, to say, grant, I pray thee, more of the gracious influence I have this day committed no known sin, but on of thy Holy Spirit to preserve me from offending the contrary, have endeavored to restrain every thee in word, thought, or deed! O Lord! forevil thought,--and to look with increased conti- give my importunities, and help me, by thy Holy dence to Him who remains to be the sinner's Spirit, to submit with patience to thy chastening

hand, and strengthen me to support all thou Again in the Fifth month she writes: “ Hither-mayest see fit to try thy sinful creature with. I to the Lord hath blessed me; and I have remem- have not only been spared to this time, but have bered the covenant I made in early life, If experienced such abundant mercies, that

I have thou wilt be with me and give me food to eat and been ready to exclaim, “Surely the windows of raiment to put on, thou shalt be my God, and I heaven have been opened to pour down mercies will serve thee. I firmly believe the prayer, thus upon me, which there is no room to contain.' tremblingly made, was then answered: First Blessed, holy Father! give me, I pray thee, a

· seek the

kingdom of God and the righteousness more grateful heart, a more humble and lowly thereof, and all other things shall be added." I spirit. O make me like Him whom my soul bare indeed very ill performed my part, yet my loveth above all, -my dear, dear Redeemer! I petition has been granted. What shall I render never can deserve his love.' It must, indeed, be

wonderful, condescending mercy, if ever I am

of her bounty.

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anto God for all his mercies ?”

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