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can ladies. These ladies were born and raised, no title to virtue, though thou art free of other in the same. neighborhood, on the island of Mar- men's. tinique, one of the West Indies. They were of For a covetous man to inveigh against prodiFrench origin, and companions and intimate gality, an atheist against idolatry, a tyrant against friends in childhood and youth. They were Jo- rebellion, or a liar against forgery, and a drunksephine de Tascher and a Miss S.

ard against intemperance, is vice reproving The history of Josephine is generally known. viciousness. She went to France, and was married to M. de Such a reproof would have but little success, Beauharnais, by whom she had one son, Eu- because it would carry but little authority with gene, and a daughter, Hortense. Some time it. after the death of Beauharnais, Josephine was If thou wouldst conquer thy weakness, thou married to Napoleon Bonaparte, and became Em- must never gratify it. press of France.

Her daughter Hortense, was No man is compelled to evil; his consent only married to Louis Bonaparte, then King of Hol- makes it his. land, and the present Emperor of France is her It is no sin to be tempted, but to be overcome. son by that marriage.

W. Penn. Miss S. quitted the island of Martinque some time before her friend. But the vessel that was

AMELIA OPIE'S FAREWELL TO MUSIC. carrying her to France was attacked and taken by the Algerine Corsairs, and the crew and pas. And have praised thy sweet song that has robbed me

I have loved thee, O Music, I have tasted thy powers sengers made prisoners. But this Corsair ship of hours ; was in turn attacked and pillaged by Tunis pi- I have said thou couldst lull every feeling of strife, rates, and Miss S. was carried by them to Con. And counted thee one of the blessings of life. stantinople, and offered for sale as a slave. Her I have thought that thy anthems of holy delight extraordinary beauty and accomplishments found Brought the dawnings of day 'mid the shadows of ber a purchaser in the Sultan himself; and sbe night; soon became the chief lady of the Seraglio and That the spirit oppresed with unspeakable grief, Sultaness of Turkey. Mahmoud II. was her Could at least find one refuge, one certain relief. son, and the present Sultan, Abdul Medjid, Ah, thou lilly-white wand, and thou rose-bedecked the son of Mahmoud.

thorn, Thus the two sovereigns who now occupy so Thou betrayest the heart, and then leav'st it to mourn, large a space in the world's eye are grandsons of For thou hast not one comfort, one boon to bestow;

From thy high mountain anthems what deep meanings two American creole girls who were playmates in their youth ; and were as remarkable for their beauty and excellent dispositions, as for their Then I'll leave thee, I'll shun thee, I'll bid thee fare

well, varied and singular fortunes.

Nor shall reason or conscience henceforward rebel; Both these women, in the height of their Thou alt rob me no more of sweet silence and rest, power, remembered all the friends of their youth, For I've proved thee a trap, a seducer at best. and provided munificently for their welfare. Many of the relatives of this Sultaness left the Yes, thou spirit of darkness transformed into light,

Thou voluptuous form clad in raiment of white, island of Martinique, and settled at Constanti. It is thine, when our passions seemed conquered and nople, where their descendants still reside, and fied, enjoy the favor of the Sultan.

But to raise up and cherish the evils we dread. The Sultaness died in 1811, the Empress Josephine in 1814, and their grandsons now rule Then go thou where vice haunts the thoughtless and

gay, over two wide and powerful empires; and are Where the midnight of solly sends reason away, entering, as friends and allies, upon one of the Where the mind draws its sorrows, its pleasures from most momentous and sanguinary struggles in thence, which Europe was eyer involved. Pittsburg And the heart pants alone for the raptures of sense. Post.

But 0, enter thou not where Devotion has trod,
To beguile the poor soul from its duty to God:

For the well-springs of life, and the bread of the day,

It is thinc not to give, but to barter away. Content not thyself that thou art virtuous in Then may each son of folly, each daughter of care, the general; for one link being wanting, the Hear the whisper that bids them reflect and beware; cbain is defective.

And ere sin shall seduce them from peace and from

rest, Perhaps thou art rather innocent than virtuous, owest more to thy constitution than to thy reli- Fly the arrow whose point would envenom their gion. To be innocent is to be not guilty ; but to be For whilst sin, open sin, leads its thousands astray,

l'ens of thousands are borne by false pleasures away; virtuous is to overcome our evil inclinations. If thou hast not conquered thyself in that Lut the Christian in heart, then, redeemed and set

free, which is thy own particular weakness, thou hast | Never dare to return, O vain Music, to thee.



retake Shanghai, but without success. The rev.

olutionists were steadily advancing toward Pekin. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.-The steamship Arctic

CALIFORNIA.-The steamers Star of the West, arrived at New York on the 7th, and the Pacific from San Juan, and George Law, from Aspin wall on the 11th inst., bringing Liverpool dates respec- arrived at New York on the 8th inst., bringing tively to the 28th and 31st ult.

California dates to the 19th inst. Complete accord of the Four Powers is now The Legislature of California adjourned on the said to exist, and a protocol to maintain the integ. 15th ult. The Senatorial Election bill and the rity of Turkey has been signed by them. Austria Water Front Extension bill were lost. The gold and Prussia will now demand the evacuation by mines were yielding rich returns, and the weather Russia, of the Turkish territory. A joint declara- had been remarkably fine since the sailing of the tion of Austria and Prussia, announcing the cor- last steamers. Walker's band had surrendered diality of the Four Powers, and declaring that a and had arrived at San Francisco in custody of prolongation of the struggle between Russia and the United States officers, where they had been Turkey, was fraught with danger to Germany, was released on parole. The French consul had been presented to the Germanic Diet The smaller arrested on a charge of violating the neutrality German Powers have since given in their adhe- laws, and held in $10,000 bail. sion to the treaty. Naples has declared its inten

Accounts from the Isthmus state that the Mayor tion to remain neutral. Russia has concluded a

of San Juan has resigned, and the city governtreaty with Khiva.

ment been dissolved. It is said that Sweden will declare war against The dates from Carthagena are to the 20th ult. Russia, preparatory to which, an allied force of Gen. Herrera and Mosquero had advanced to 17,000 men will be landed in Sweden. Two Rus within a few miles of Bogota, with an army of sian war vessels have been presented by Russia 15,000 men and were about to attack Gen. Melco. to the Greek Government.

SWITZERLAND.-The elections for 'the Grand Sir Charles Napier appears to be carrying on the Council of the canton of Berne, has resulted in the war with vigor. "He had destroyed the Castle of choice of 21 radical representatives, and 17 conGustafshaven, at the entrance of the Gulf of Fin.

servatives. land, taking 1500 Russian prisoners. A large number of Russian vessels have also been captur

CONGRESS.—Ten Senators were in their place ed. Gustasvarnas was bombarded on the 22d, on the 5th inst. They adjourned to the oth. On without effect. The attack would be renewed on the 8th, a memorial from the Earl of Selkirk was the 29th.

presented, praying for a patent for lands in MinThe Neva was free from ice on the 2. ult., and II. of England. A bill was reported increasing

nesota, granted to one of his ancestors by Charles had risen so high that an inundation was feared. I the number of wreck stations on the coast of Much apprehension is felt at Petersburg, of an at- Long Island and New Jersey, and the Senate adtack on that place by the allies, and the Emperor journed to the 12th. was adopting the most vigorous measures for its defense. Fifteen stone bridges crossing the Neva were

In the House of Representatives, no quorum to be broken down and the remainder mounted being present on the 5th, the House adjoumed. On with heavy cannon. Troops were crowding into the 6th, an attempt was made to proceed to buthe city and quartered on the inhabitants, and siness, but no quorum being present, an adjourn1,500 Cossacks were approaching the Capital. ment again took place. On the 7th, the House Many of the nobility and leading families were

went into committee on the Pacific Railroad bill, retiring into the interior, carrying with them their several speeches were made on several subjects, plate, jewelry and other portable property of value, but no business done. Again no quorum. and the foreign residents were quitting in such No business was transacted on the 8th and 9th. numbers, that means of conveyance could with On the 10th, in Committee of the Whole on the great difficulty be procured. Every means was Pacific Railroad bill a speech was made by Chasadopted to strengthen the fortifications of Cronstadt, tain to the effect that the time has come when the the Emperor hin self visiting the place, twice or United States should obtain possession of Cubathree times a week to hasten the operations of the peaceably if she can, forcibly if she must. "We workmen. A large portion of the merchant should take measures for the acquisition without quarter at Rigar has been demolished by the mili- delay, and call on Spain to name her terms. If tary authorities in preparing defenses for the town. she would not do so, he would go for an undis.

On the Black Sea, the allied fleets were blockad- guised, open,war, to take Cuba by force of arms !" ing Sebastopol. The Turkish fleet had arrived off Are the people of the North prepared to give their Varna, on its way to the Circassian coast. On the aid to the perpetration of this outrage ? 26th últ., Silistria still held out against the Rus- DOMESTIC.- The election for the officers of the sians, who had been driven back four times by the Consolidated City of Philadelphia, resulted in the besieged, with considerable loss. The Russians election of Robert T. Conrad for Mayor, by a ma. had lost 1500 men in the attack of the fortress jority of 8,428. Abdul Medjid. The Circassians have decided to form an independent provisional government.

The examination of the parties arrested in Bossians on the shores of Circassia have been aband- of four persons, Stowell, Biship, Jackson, MorriAll the positions formerly occupied by the Rus- ton for the attempt to rescue Burns from the hands

of the slave-hunters, resulted in the commtment oned.

son, for the murder of the Deputy Marshal BelchChina.-The dates from China on the 4th mo. elder. Three others were held to bail in $3,000 10th. The Imperialists had made an attempt to each on a charge of riot.




Ꭱ W.




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kind, -which, if duly considered, might operate

to arouse the careless professors to greater diliPUBLISHED WEEKLY BY SAMUEL RHOADS,

gence in the work of salvation. While pestilence

prevails in some places, famine and the sufferNo. 50 North Fourth Street,

ingg attendant on war afflict others, the nations PHILADELPHIA.

of Europe being generally engaged in a destrucPrice two dollars per annum, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE, in some of the islands by fire and sword, in the

tive war, and confusion and bloodshed prevailing or six copies for ten dollars.

bands of the blacks. Postage on this paper, when paid quarterly or yearly in advance, 13 cents per annum in Pennsylvania and 26 tion this day, yet not so, but that through marvel

28th. The cares of this life engaged my attencents per annum in other States.

lous condescension, I had a sweet time in spiritual

communion with Him, who is the Alpha and EXTRACTS FROM THE LIFE OF HENRY HULL.

Omega--the praise is due to him. In this time Continued from page 627.

of heavenly favor, I asked for strength to walk In the year 1793, I travelled some short jour- more uprightly than I had heretofore done, that neys within the compass of our Monthly Meet. so I might enjoy these favors more frequently. ing, which then included the members living at Ninth month 18th. Received the affecting in. Hudson, Klinakill, Coeymans, &c.; and also ac- telligence of the death of that dear and eminent companied Hannah Bernard to some of the ad- servant of Christ, Daniel Offey, who died in jacent towns in Connecticut. She had passed Philadelphia of the malignant fever raging there. through much exercise of mind to prepare for The remembrance of him is precious to me, his the work of the ministry, and evinced much love ministry having been instrumental in turning me and zeal for the cause of religion. Although she into the paths of obedience. lived forty miles distant from where our Monthly 21st. Received accounts of the death of two meeting was held, yet she often attended it, and more ministers in Pennsylvania, and that two travelled soine long journeys in the work of the hundred persons were buried in the city in one Gospel.

day--my mind much affected under the considBut after all her dedication to the Lord's cause, eration. A merchant of that city writes thus to she fell away and caused Friends much trouble, his friend in New York, viz: “ Scenes like the imbibing and promulgating principles inconsist- present, destroy our relish for earthly enjoyments ent with what she had once so zealously propa- and the pursuit of wealth, in which I fear we gated, denying the literal accuracy of some parts have both been too much engaged. I feel very of the Holy Scriptures, and rejecting the atone- sensible of its having been the case with me, and ment of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for I do not look back with comfort and satisfaction which she was disowned from society.

on my employment for some years back. No. Being a woman of high mind, and her gift earthly good is equivalent to the loss or diminu-procuring her much respect and attention where tion of that peace and calmness, which low from she travelled, she was weak enough to be carried a faithful and upright attention to religious. away by vain imaginations and carnal reasoning duties." -slighting the advice of her friends who loved 27th. O Lord! I have need of thy help to bear her and saw the danger she was in. Several up my soul and keep me from sinking, the heavi. years before she quite fell away, I had fears on

my heart is so great. And why it is so, I her account, having frequently been in her com- know not. If it be for my further refinement, pany, and had an opportunity of seeing the temp- good is thy will, O Lord!' I am thankful that tation to which she was exposed. “Let him that thou art mindful of me. Have mercy upon me, thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.” I pray thee, and set me in a place where I may

Seventh month 15th. Had the company of praise thee. I am willing to leave all, and follow Richard Titus, & minister from Long Island, thee in the way of thy requirings. Although the whose awakening testimony brought me into se. cross has been in my way, so that I have not at rious reflection upon the present situation of man. I all times given up, thou knowest I have not with.

ness of


held through wilful disobedience. I know myself death for an atrocious crime. He appeared very to be a poor, weak creature, a mere worm in penitent, and remarked, that he believed it must comparison to many of thy servants, whom thou have been the Lord who put it into our hearts to sendest forth on thy errands. O, be pleased to visit such an abject creature as he was; expresforgive all my short comings, purify me in what sing his sense, that the Lord's goodness was ever way thou, in thy, wisdom, seest fit, that I great; and my desires for him were that he might may be received into thy favor, and be qualified experience forgiveness. to serve thee, who art forever worthy.

Crossing the Kennebeck river, we had a good Sixth month, 1794. In the morning meeting meeting at Winthrop, where a stream of heavenI had to controvert an opinion that was spread- ly love flowed through me to the people. After ing through these parts, that atonement being meeting, I incautiously laid down upon a bed, made for the sins of mankind, through the one where a current of air blew upon me, by which I great offering, viz: the sufferings and death of contracted a cold, with severe pain in my head Christ on the cross, it was impossible for any to and bones, which made riding difficult. We howmiss of heaven and happiness. The danger of ever got to Green, and put up at a house built of this doctrine, and the nature of true faith in logs and covered with stripes of bark, which did Christ, were clearly set forth, and the people in- not look a very commodious place to be sick at. vited to submit to him in his spiritual appear. I however got to bed, pensive and low in mind, ance, so as not only to believe in his outward and to add to my affliction, a violent gale of coming, in the prepared body, in which he came wind arose in a few minutes after, and blew off a to do his Father's will, but also to know him, as part of the roof, while the rain descended in torthe apostles and primitive believers did, to be rents. My fever was very high and my anxiety “ Christ in them the hope of glory.”. Many not of mind considerable; but through the merciful of our Society being present, and feeling love to interposition of Him who for the relief of his flow in my heart toward them, at the close of the poor disciples formerly arose and rebuked the meeting, I expressed my satisfaction in having winds and waves, saying, “Peace—be still," all their company, and requested them to attend in my fears were dissipated, and my mind became the afternoon, and to invite their neighbors. We as quiet and resigned, as though I had been in accordingly had a very large company, many of my own house, surrounded by my family. I whom it was said had never before been at a passed the night pretty comfortably, and the day Friends' meeting; and although the subjects of following attended their meeting held in Cyrus ministerial communication were doctrinal, there Dean's house. He and his wife were young appeared no dissatisfaction, the meeting ending Friends, who with a few others, newly convinced, under a precious solemnity, an evidence of the keep up the meeting. One of them was a woman love of the heavenly Father, vouchsafed to us. of color, the first of the African race I had taken

We had also a large meeting at the house of by the hand as a member of our Society. Richard Dame, where we sat nearly an hour in A meeting having been appointed for next silence; the expectations of the people were day, feeble as I was, we attended it; and I felt great, for word had gone abroad that a boy was to the goodness of the holy Helper of bis people ; preach, and I was sensible my friends were look- standing up with these words, “ It is a common ing too much for my appearing, as very many saying, that the world is full of fashion, and not of our Society were present. I was reminded preaching and praying bave become very fashionof the time when the host was encamped against able in our day; although it is not my intenIsrael; and there seemed an anxiety in the minds tion to rank them with the vain and foolish of some of my friends, comparable to what there fashions of the world, yet there is reason to fear, was when David was about to engage the cham- somc enter upon these engagements without a pion of the Philistines, and Saul clothed him valid commission for so doing.”. I then prowith his own armour. I felt as if this was put ceeded to set forth the difference, between those on me, but like David, I found it would not do. who were really called by Christ to the solemn My spirit was mercifully brought into a holy work of the ministry, and such as have never calm, and I was willing to be a spectacle to the known either the preparation or the call. Whatpeople, and my mind at length became invested ever the effect may be, I believe the opening was with a concern, which produced a willingness to in Divine wisdom, and the help dispensed to me, appear as David did, with the sling and the stone. from heaven, for Í had words given me to my Forever blessed be the name of Israel's Helper, humble admiration. At the close of the meeting he was with us, and the spirits of Goliahs were I was scarcely able to stand, and could not for measurably humbled; and there seemed a union some time get away from the people, who seemed of heart among the different professors, to offer much affected with tenderness of spirit. My feup praises and thanksgiving, to the Lord Al- ver now increased, and my appetite for food fail. mighty, and to crave the continuance of his reling, and my dear friends Jeremiah Hacker and gard towards us.

wife being about to leave me, I was brought On our way to Vassalborough, we stopped at very low-many discouragements presenting, the jail to see a criminal who was condemned to with the probability that I might lay my bones




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in this country, never more to see my tender for two reasons; the first was, that I had a conconnexions. But, blessed be the name of the siderable distance to ride that evening; and the Lord, who is a place of sure defence, and as the other was, that I had met with persons who bad shadow of a mighty rock in a weary land, he a peculiar way of darkening counsel by words withgraciously supported me, and the language of my out true knowledge; to dispute with whom, was spirit was, “Good is thy will — if thou seest meet to little or no advantage; and I apprehended it that my labors sbould now terminate, thou know would be the case now. I afterward understood est what is best for me.” In a few hours iny fever the man was of a contentious disposition. To be left me, and next day we rode to Falmouth, and ready at all times to give the sincere inquirers a the following day being their Monthly Meeting, reason for the hope that is in us, is necessary and I sat during the time of worship, but my fever proper ; but it is also a part of true wisdom, to coming on again I was obliged to return to our guard against controversy with contentious perlodgings, at our kind friends John and Lydia sons. Winslow's. I was now compelled to relinquish

[To be continued.) travelling, and was brought very low in body, but was tenderly cared for by my host and host

ACCOUNT OF GEORGE CHALKLEY. ess. Having at length recovered my strength, so as to be able, I attended Falmouth meeting, When I came home from this voyage, which where myimpressions were not of a very pleasant was the 30th of the second month, 1734, I met character. I have, however, a comfortable evi- with the sorrowful news of the death of

my only dence, that I bave endeavored not to give any son, George, a dear youth, who was but ten years just occasion of offence in the testimonies I have and seven days old when he died, and as he was had publicly to bear, being desirous to conduct much beloved for the sweetness of his nature and myself as a servant of Christ, not seeking to disposition, so he was greatly lamented by many embellish my ministry with the enticing words who were acquainted with him. I bave this acof man's wisdom, and to deliver my message to count to leave concerning bim, not so much that tbe people respectfully, they being my brethren. he was my son, as to excite other youths to serve

My dear friend Jeremiah Hacker, came to see and fear the Lord, and to love him above all, and me wbile confined here. He had been very kind that they may remember their Creator in their in accompanying me through the wilderness youthful days, that it may be well with them in journey in the eastern part of Maine, evincing a this world, and when time here to them shall be ecmmendable zeal for spreading the principles of no more. Truth. His company was particularly agreeable He was a lad much inclined to read the holy to me, a young traveller, and his conversation on Scriptures, and other good books, especially rereligious subjects instructive.

ligious ones; and was always obliging, obedient One Friend, at whose house we were, enter and loving to his parents, and ready and willing tained us with a great deal of conversation about to do any service he could do his friends; any the disputes he had had with priests and profes- little services in his power he cheerfully persors, and the victories he had obtained over them formed, and took delight in; he was very diliin argument; which to me was very unpleasant, gent and ready to go to religious meetings, and as I saw the man valued himself on his supposed an entire lover of religious people. In his sickabilities to foil his opponents; whilst he was un- ness he behaved himself more like a wise man, willing to come under the government of the than a youth of that age, bearing his pain and Prince of peace. I left the company and sought sickness with a great deal of patience. I being retirement, looking toward home with strong de- in another part of the world, he would gladly sires to proceed thither by the nearest route, and have seen me, but said he should never see me leave the rest of the meetings which I had had any more, and therefore desired his mother to in pruspect. But strong as these desires were, remember his dear love to his father, and tell him the love of my heavenly Father was stronger, 'he was gone to his heavenly Father. He was filling my heart, and turning it toward Gilman- very fervent in prayer in the time of his sickness, ton, to which I gave up and concluded to pro- and prayed that God would preserve his people ceed that way. Next day attended Sandwich all the world over. One time, when in great meeting, where many Gospel truths were declar- misery and pain, he prayed to Christ, saying, ed in the hearing of the people. At the close, a Sweet Jesus! blessed Jesus! give me patience to Baptist minister cavilled at what I said, and went bear my misery and pain, for my misery is greater into a train of reasoning to prove water baptism than I can well bear! Oh! come, sweet Jesus, an ordinance of Christ, demanding my assent to why art thou so long coming? I had rather be his positions, without giving me, or any other with thee than in the finest place in all the world. Friend, an opportunity to reply to him. I turned Many other religious expressions he spoke on his to the Friend who was to accompany me, and en- death bed, greatly to the satisfaction and melting quired the route we were to go; upon which the of his friends and relations who came to see him. preacher stopped. I then turned to him, and One day he said, My misery and pain is very observed I had no inclination to dispute with him, great, but what would it be if the wrath of God



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