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ation, was approved, and directed down to our “The Committee are of opinion, that in view subordinate Meetings. It is as follows:

of the proposed action, the plan adopted two “ The subject of Slavery engaged the weighty years ago, of raising a School Fund, should be consideration of this Meeting, introduced by an suspended for one year.” inquiry brought up from one of the Quarterly The foregoing Report was fully approved by Meetings, whether we are consistently maintain the Meeting, and, agreeably to the proposition ing our Christian testimony against this enormous therein submitted, five Friends were appointed evil, wbilst we continue voluntarily contributing for the service, as set forth in the Report. to its support by making free use of those articles With the exception of twelve dollars and sixty produced by the slave's unrequited toil ? two cents, distrained for non-compliance with

“The system of Slavery, with its concomitant military requisitions, it is not known that there has evils, is totally at variance with the doctrine and been any suffering in support of our christian testiprecepts of Christ, our holy Redeemer; and alike mony against war. opposed to the increase of his government and It was under a humbling sense of our incapapeace on earth ;' and when we consider that this city to perform the important service for which system is dependent for its support, on the con- we had assembled, that we entered upon the afsumer of the products of the labor of the slave, fairs of the Church. We desire gratefully to the question, in this point of view, assumes a acknowledge that through the goodness of our serious aspect. We affectionately desire, that Heavenly Father, we have been enabled to transFriends


may carefully examine this act the various concerns that have claimed our bearing of the subject, and cherish in their own attention, in much brotherly condescension and minds,

any tender scruple they may feel, against harmony, and at seasons have been favored with contributing to the support of a system fraught a sense of his goodness still extended towards us, with iniquity, opposed to the doctrines of Chris- strengthening, as we bope, the bond of Christian tianity, and subversive of the peace and tran- fellowship, and the business of the present quillity of our beloved country.'

Yearly Meeting being brought to a close, Friends The Committee to whom was referred the con- took an affectionate leave of each other, to meet sideration of the subject of making provision for again next year, at the usual time, if the Lord the guarded, literary education of Friends' permit. children, offered the following report, viz:

RICHARD CARPENTER, Clerk. “The Committee to whom the subject of Education was referred, Report that after a full

NEW ENGLAND YEARLY MEETING. deliberation upon the subject, they are unitedly of opinion, that the efficient carrying out of the

The printed minutes of this meeting were relong cherished concern of the Yearly Meeting, ceived after our 42nd number was put to press. requires the establishment of a central School of By them it appears that the notice of the proa liberal character. But as a more careful examination into the subject of locality, means, and given at page 651, was correct. Third day, the

ceedings on the day the meeting convened, as mode of procuring the funds will be necessary,

, the Committee propose, that the Yearly Meeting 13th of the month, the meeting was engaged appoint a Committee of five Friends who may be during great part of the day in the reading of willing to devote full time to the subject; to the queries and answers, and in the consideraexamine the practical details involved, in all their tion of the state of Society, as exhibited in bearings ;-to solicit subscriptions, to ascertain what can probably be accomplished, and to take

those answers.

On these subjects the minutes such action in the matter as circumstances may say: seem to require, and to report to our next Yearly Faithful responses to these searching and imMeeting, together with any further views upon portant queries develope, as in former years, de the general subject which may result from their ficiencies in the support of some of our various examination and inquiries.

testimonies, and a lively concern was manifest in “That in order more effectually to carry out the meeting on this account. All the different the object of their appointment, the Committee testimonies which our religious society has felt be authorized to call in and employ such aid as itself required to bear, we have no doubt are they may think necessary.

firmly based on Christian ground-and Friends “The Committee further propose, that the were entreated not to sbrink from a faithful supscveral Quarterly Meetings shall be requested to port of them, although in so doing, in relation appoint, at their first session after the Yearly to some of them, we may be brought to appear Meeting, a Committee of two judicious and com- peculiar and distinct from the world. The espetent Friends, on whom the Yearly Meeting's perience of this Society fully demonstrates that Committee may call for aid and advice within this very peculiarity has proved a hedge of safety their respective Quarters--the names and address about us, and that loss has been sustained by to be furnishsd as soon as possible to the Yearly those who have disregarded it. Friends were Meeting Committee.

exhorted to undiminished zeal in the observance



of those Christian practices which our Discipline The extensive and thorough repairs which enjoins—that the standard of truth may be still were put upon the building in 1852, bave added faithfully upheld by us before the world. very much to the convenience, pleasantness and On the subject of spirituous liquors the fol- usefulness of the school. It has been found ne

cessary, however, to make some considerable allowing minute appears :

terations and improvements in the apparatus for A proposition from Salem Quarterly Meeting cooking, in which at the time of the general rein relation to the issuing of advice by this meet- pair alluded to do alteration was made. ing with regard to obtaining minute information A full supply of pure water in the institution in respect to the observance of the fourth query, is of great importance, and the attention of the coming under consideration at this time, by re- committee has been given to this subject, and ference from our minutes of last year, and the arrangements are made which it is hoped may subject of it having claimed our serious attention secure this end. by the reading of the answers now received to Meetings for worship have been continued in that

query, in consequence of a want of sufi- the school on First day mornings. These meetciently definite information in regard to the use ings have been frequently attended by members of spirituous liquors, it is the desire of this of the committee. The deportment of the schomeeting that our subordinate meetings should in lars on these occasions has been serious and be. I future make, in their answers, a definite state. coming, and they have at times been seasons of ment as to the number coming to their know-much solemnity. On First day afternoons, and ledge (should there unhappily be any within in the middle of the week, the family attend their limits) who use spirituous liquors, except meeting in Providence. Harmony has, during for medicine, and Friends are requested to be the year, been preserved among the various faithful in the exercise of our Christian disci- branches of the family. pline on this subject; and in the answers to all our queries, our meetings are requested to make

By a statement of the finanical accounts, it them as explicit as is practicable, and the clerk appears that the expenses during the past year is directed to furnish our subordinate meetings have exceeded the income, $1,603.09, in consewith copy of this minute.

quence of which it has been judged necessary to The following is an abstract of the report of enhance the terms of admission. the boarding school committee:

In conclusion, we believe there is cause for There were admitted for the Summer Term encouragement for Friends still to avail them. 114, and for the Winter Term 192 scholars— selves of the means for improvement which the 12 of the latter to supply the places of those Institution presents, and to continue to watch who failed to come.

Of those admitted, 106 in over and endeavor to protuote its interests. the Summer and 158 in the Winter Terms, at- Fourth day, 14th. The records of the Meeting $ tended the school.

for Sufferings for the past year were laid before Circumstances no doubt occur which neees- us and read, and the proceedings of that meetsarily prevent a scholar from coming to the school ing in relation to the various important conafter applying for and obtaining admission, but cerns that have claimed its attention, were very We desire to impress upon the minds of Friends, interesting to us, and fully approved by this

the inconvenience and often the loss liable to be meeting. The address on peace, prepared by Ś sustained, when scholars who apply for and ob- that meeting, having received our full conside

tain regular admission, and who are included in ration is cordially approved and adopted, and a the number which the school can accommodate, coinmittee was appointed to cause 10,000 copies fail to come, and their places remain vacant, tó of it, (or such number as they deem suitable,) the exclusion of others who are desirous of fill- to be printed for general circulation. ing them.

Embarrassment has resulted from The committee on the concern of this meeting, this cause during the last year, and we consider which has long been felt for the improvement of it quite important that Friends, in making their the Penobscot Tribe of Indians, embracing of applications for admission of scholars, should later years that of the Passammaquadda Tribe bear these considerations in mind.

also, made the following report, viz : We believe that the system of teaching has been thorough, and the government of the school

To the Yearly Meeting now in Session : firm and at the same time kind and parental. The Committee having in charge the concern The progress of the scholars in their various stu- of this meeting, for the improvement of the dies has been generally satisfactory, evincing Penobscot and Passam maquadda Tribes of Incare and industry in both scholars and teachers. dians, report, that their situation has from time

Orderly deportment has generally been ob- to time claimed their serious and deliberate conserved among the scholars, and a disposition sideration, and our influence has in various ways

cheerfully to submit to the rules of the school been extended to promote their improvement. = has been sbown, with very few exceptions. The School referred to in our last report, was


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continued three months during the summer, and , enactments in relation to said trust property, it a portion of the past winter, under the super- is empowered to endeavor to obtain them on our vision of the superintending School Committee behalf and report to this meeting next year. of the town, and from the information received, The Committee on the subject of Educa. the improvement therein made has been satis- tion report, That accounts have been received factory and encouraging.

from all the Monthly Meetings, from wbich the Unavoidable circumstances have prevented following summary has been compiled, viz: some of our number from visiting them, as they Number of children within the limits of the had contemplated, therefore, we are not able to Yearly Meeting, between the ages of 4 and 16 furnish so definite an account of their situation years,

1,114 as at some former periods.

Do. do. 16 and 21 do.

485 On behalf of the Committee,

Monthly Meeting School,

1 STEPHEN JONES. Preparative Meeting School,

1 Newport, 6th month, 14th, 1854.

Family Schools,

9 -Which, with the verbal communications made Friend's children attending Friend's


Schoools, exclusively as such, by the Committee, was interesting and satisfac

1,191 tory to this meeting, showing an advancement in Do. attending mixed Schools,

civilization and education, especially with the First Day Schools kept the past year

under the care of Friends,

30 Penobscot Tribe. Our Committee is continued under appointment and encouraged to attend to Average continuance of these Schools,

5 months. the concern of this meeting as way opens for

787 it-and the pecuniary appropriation made last Number of children attending the same, year, not having been required by the Com- and control of Friends are attended by the chil

A number of Schools wholly under the tuition mittee, they are at liberty to call upon our Treasurer for the same amount the present year, should

dren of our Society in considerable numbers, they deem it proper to apply it.

who are doubtless receiving in a good degree the Testimonies from Rhode Island monthly meet thesc schools are principally composed of those

benefits of a guarded literary education, but as ing respectiug Elizabeth Wing and Hannah Den- who are not in membership with us, the number nis were read and approved.

of Friend's children placed there has been enuFifth day, 15th. The Committee appointed merated in the report with those who are in the

. to consider the important subject of a change of attendance of Mixed Schools. place for holding this meeting made the follow

While the above account exhibits but slight ing report, viz:

addition to the number of our youth beretofore To the Yearly Meeting :

reported, who are obtaining an education in Se

lect Schools, we have still reason to believe that The Committee appointed to take the whole the interest felt by Friends upon this very imsubject of the removal of this Yearly Meeting, portant subject is slowly but certainly increasing. with the facts presented by former committees, The facilities now offered by the Boarding into consideration report, that they have taken School, at Providence, are we trust, in a good the subject into their serious, solid and delibe- degree appreciated by Friends, and we cherish rate consideration, and after a free expression of the hope that they will continue to en brace, to feeling and sentiment in regard to this highly their full extent, the advantages for the guarded important question, characterized by Christian education of their children which we believe it harmony and brotherly condescension, they were is calculated to afford. Three additional -Family generally united in proposing, and the proposi- Schools have also been established since last year, tion was acquiesced in by all, that this Yearly and we are desirous of encouraging Friends to Meeting be removed to Lynn, and that its first embrace such opportunities as may be presented, siiting there be held in the year 1857. On behalf and by direction of the Committee,

of opening schools for young children in indi

vidual families, or by uniting the children of WM. C. TABER, Clerk. several families—which may be favorably locaNewport, 6 mo. 15, 1854.

ted for the purpose-into one school and thus -Which was satisfactory to Friends generally, secure to their beloved offspring the means of but in consideration of the responsibility of this acquiring the elements of a literary education, free meeting in relation to the property held by it in from the injurious influences which associations trust for benevolent, charitable and religious pur- in mixed schools, would, at this tender age, be poses, and the question arising whether a change likely to exert. of place for holding this meeting may in any- It also appears from the accounts received at wise invalidate this trust, no positive decision as this time, that the interest manifested by Friends to a removal was made; but the meeting for upon the subject of First day schools, continues sufferings was requested to make careful, legal unabated, and an additional number of children inquiry upon the above question, and should it are reported as having attended these schools be necessary to procure any additional legislative during the past year.

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We would respectfully urge upon rightly con- | and fade as the tender grass of the field ;'-—and cerned Friends, the importance of their attendance while the prospect of aiding these down-trodden at these schools as regularly as circumstances will people appears discouraging, we hope the lively permit

, thereby manifesting to the children their interest and concern on their behalf, kept up for interest in the cause they are endeavoring to many years past, will continue to rest with unapromote, and at the same time, exhibiting a con- bated weight and care for them in the future. cern that the schools may be properly conducted, -Which was interesting and acceptable to us, to the honor of truth.

and in view of the present situation of those We have at this time been afresh impressed tribes, in consequence of the recent legislation

with the importance of our children and young of our General Government, the sympathy of 1

friends being more fully and faithfully instructed this meeting for this oppressed class of our fel.
in the Scriptural foundation of the doctrines and low men was fully expressed and with strong de-
distinguishing views and practices of Friends. sires that we may be found faithful in embracing
Have we not reason to fear that a considerable every opening, and in making every proper exer-
proportion of our children are spending an im- tion for their protection and relief, we appoint
portant and most impressible period of their a committee to attend to this concern, and
lives without obtaining a due knowledge of our they are authorized to consult with the Meet-
Christian principles, and thus qualifying them- ing for Sufferings, should they deem it use-
selves to give with meekness, a reason for the ful to do so, and that meeting is requested to at-
faith that is in them. Timothy of old was com- tend to the subject on our behalf.
mended in that from a child he had known the

This committee consists of thirteen Friends.
Holy Scriptures, in which he had been instructed
by a pious mother, whose unfeigned faith is also

Essays of epistles to our brethren of the the subject of commendation by the same Apos. Baltimore, North Carolina, and Indiana, were

Yearly Meetings of London, Ireland, New York, , tle

. Might not the occasions which we trust
that Friends frequently embrace for family reading presented by the Committee on Correspondence,
and Scriptural instruction, be fit opportunities and being read and approved the Clerk was di
for showing to our children the entire accordance

rected to sign them on our behalf, and forward of our testimonies with the doctrines of the New

them to those meetings respectively. Esi Testament?

An interesting and very acceptable epistle A Testimony from Vassalboro' Monthly Mect from our dear brethren of the Yearly Meeting ing, approved by Vassalboro' Quarterly Meeting, of London, addressed to us and issued the preconcerning our late, ancient and beloved friend, sent year, was received at this stage of our meetStephen Nichols, was read—and is very accept- ing and read. able and satisfactory to us—and it is directed Having been favored satisfactorily to dispose that it be recorded—and with a view to extend of the various concerns that have claimed nur to our members and others, the benefit to be de- attention, we are now about to separate for the rived from the perusal of the Memorials received present year, and we feel it right to record our at this time, with such as may have been heretofore grateful sense of the mercy that has been extendreceived by this meeting, not yet published, the ed to us, during the various sessions of this Meeting for Sufferings is requested to cause such meeting, preserving us in unity and love-and number as it deems proper to be printed and dis- under feelings of thankfulness to our Heavenly tributed

Father, we now conclude, proposing to meet Sixth day, 16th. The Committee having charge again on this Island, at the usual time, next of the concern of this Meeting for the Indians year, if the Lord permit. located west of the Mississippi river, report :

SAMUEL BOYD TOBEY, Clerk. That they have endeavored to give attention to the object of their appointment, feeling a lively interest in the best welfare of this poor, I will seek balsam for the wounds of the heart, unfortunate portion of our fellow beings, and an in the sweets of innocence

, and in the consolacarnest solicitude that some way might open to tions of religion. How cutting to the heart are do them good. But nothing has appeared

within the impatient reproaches of those who are bound past year to warrant any active service on by the ties of conjugal, filial and domestic duty, the part of the Committee for their assistance to soothe us under the pressure of calamity, and It is teared, however, that measures are in pro- as the pious poet expresses it, “ to rock the crapress to unsettle and finally to remove them still dle of declining age.”

Knox. further, (to quote their own language used in one of their councils on a former occasion, with


the of mounting sun and to the precipice

, as the last foot oftains, the waters of the sca, the beginnings and foil for the poor Indian to tread would be taken the courses of rivers, the immensity of the sturdy trees of the forest, will be left to wither so that they who were once like the ocean; but they neglect themselves.



from them,

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transfer of American vessels intended for the FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.—The Royal Mail

slave trade. The Boston petition for the repeal Steamship Europa arrived at New York on the of the Fugitive Slave Law, was debated. On the 30ih ult., bringing Liverpool dates to the 17th.

27th, bills making Fronteras, in Texas, a port of

entry, and creating a new collection district in The Russians had made another unsuccessful California, were passed. A bill to pay Maryland attack on Silistria on the 10th, in which Prince interest on money advanced by her to the United Paskiewitch was severely wounded. A Turkish

States during the war of 1812, was passed. The attack on the island of Mokan, in the Danube, had House bill for changing the time of meeting of been repulsed. The Turks were concentrating a

Congress, was debated and rejected. On the 28th., large body of troops at Rustchuk, intended to break the House bill to aid Minnesota in constructing a through the investing line of Russians at Turtukai, rail-road therein, was taken up and passed. and then to come to the succor of Silistria. Great The motion to refer the Boston petition for repeal

. numbers of Russian troops were crossing the Pruthing the Fugitive Slave Law, was agreed to, after into Moldavia. The allies were still being trans

an excited and personal debate, which turned ported to Varna.

mainly upon Senator Sumner's assertion, on the Redschid Pasha has retired from the Turkish preceding day, that he recognized no constitu. Foreign Ministry, and has been succeeded by tional obligation to help in reducing a man to Chekib Effendi. The Baltic fleets were at Bore- Slavery. On the 29th, iwo petitions for the resund, on the south side of the Gulf of Finland, on

peal of the Fugitive Slave Law, one from upwards the 11th, and it was expected that they would at- of 300 voters of the town of Milton, N. H., the tack Sweaborg on the 13th. Sixteen Russian ships birth-place of the President, the other from were at the latter place, and they had blockaded Pepperell, Mass., were presented and referred. A the harbor by sinking a ship loaded with rocks

bill to establish a line of steamers between The ships, dockyards and stores at Brakestadt, in California and Shanghai, via Sandwich Islands the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, were

and Japan, was taken up, and Senator Seward destroyed by three British steamers, 5th

made a speech in explanation and advocacy of 30th. The next day, they captured several vessels the measure. After some debate, the bill was off Uleaborg, and on the ist ult., four steamers ordered to a third reading. The bill appropriating destroyed the ships, dockyards and stores at Ulea- $10,000,000 to carry out the Gadsden treaty with borg.

Mexico, was passed. No business of importance

was transacted on the 30th. ENGLAND.—The bill giving Canada an elective Senate, had passed a second reading in the House

On the Ist. inst. Senaior Sumi.er presented a of Lords. The Europa, a cavalry transport ship, memorial from 68! men of Massachusetts, for the was burnt ou her passage to Gibraltar with troops, repeal of the Fugitive Slave Act. He gave notice and twenty-one lives were lost. Sixty-three saved that he would on the rd ask leave to introduce a themselves in boats, and were picked up by other bill to repeal that act. The Slave Trade bill was vessels.

taken up, and after some debate, was postponed. France.—The weather had been so wet in A report from the Committee of Conference, in France, as to excite fears for the crops.

favor of an adjournment on the 4th of next month, Mexico.—Santa Anna has issued a decree declar- offices of Surveyor General for New Mexico,

was adop:ed. The House bill to establish the ing all the departments, districts and towns, refus. Kansas, and Nebraska, and to grant donations of ing obedience to the government, to be in a state land to actual settlers therein, was passed. of siege. He did not declare himself Emperor on his birth-day, as was expected.

In the House of Representatives, the 26th was DOMESTIC.-The Shawnee Indians in Kansas

chiefly spent in debating the bill appropriating

ten millions to execute the Mexican treaty. The are said to be uneasy and restless in consequence debate was continued the next day, and on the of the passage of the territorial act, as many of 28th, the bill passed, yeas 103, nays 62. A bill them have been cherishing the hope that ere long for the better preservation of life and property they would be endowed with the rights of citizen- from shipwreck, was introduced and relerred to ship, and as they are civilized and pursue agricul- the proper comniittee. The bill providing for a ture like the whites, they would undoubtedly make weekly mail between the Atlantic States and San good citizens. They declare their determination Francisco was taken up, amended, and laid on not to sell their lands on any consideration what the table. On the 29th, the bill to amend the The Senate of Connecticut has passed an

Postage law, changing the rate to 5 cents under

3000 miles, and 10 cents over that distance, react forbidding the use of the jails of the Common- quiring prepayment in all cases, and fixing ocean wealth for the custody of fugitive slaves, and another act is before the same body, inflicting a fine postage to foreign countries at the same rate, of $5000 upon any person who shall fail to prove vention, was passed. On the 30:, the Committee

where not otherwise adjusted by treaty or cona valid title to any fugitive slave he may claim.

on the Judiciary reported a bill authorizing the CONGRESS.-In Senate, on the 26th ult., J. M. President to purchase a site for a prison, and Clayton, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, procure an estimate of the cost of building the reported a bill for the more effectual suppression of same, in New York. It is intended for Uuited the slave trade in American built vessels. It makes States prisoners, and others held as witnesses, void any sale of American vessels, in any for- for persons detained under extradision treaties, eign port in this hemisphere, or any islands near fugitive slaves, &c. The bill was refered to the the coast of Africa, if the vessel makes the voyage Commiite of the Whole. On the 1st inst, the to that coast before returning to the United States, report of the Committee of Conference on the and also inflicts severe penalties for the sale or I adjournment, was adopted.


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