Pike County Ballads and Other Pieces

James R. Osgood and Company, 1873 - 167 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 9 - I DON'T go much on religion, I never ain't had no show; But I've got a middlin' tight grip, sir, On the handful o' things I know. I don't pan out on the prophets And free-will, and that sort of thing, — But I b'lieve in God and the angels, Ever sence one night last spring. I come into town with some turnips, And my little Gabe come along...
Σελίδα 60 - Each day to the King the reports came in Of his unsuccessful spies, And the sad panorama of human woes Passed daily under his eyes. And he grew ashamed of his useless life, And his maladies hatched in gloom ; He opened his windows and let the air Of the free heaven into his room. And out he went in the world, and toiled In his own appointed way ; And the people blessed him, the land was glad, And the King was well and gay.
Σελίδα 14 - He weren't no saint, — them engineers Is all pretty much alike, — One wife in Natchez-under-the-Hill, And another one here, in Pike ; A keerless man in his talk was Jim, And an awkward hand in a row. But he never flunked, and he never lied, — I reckon he never knowed how.
Σελίδα 61 - A WOMAN'S LOVE. A SENTINEL angel sitting high in glory Heard this shrill wail ring out from Purgatory : " Have mercy, mighty angel, hear my story ! •'' I loved, — and, blind with passionate love, I fell Love brought me down to death, and death to Hell. For God is just, and death for sin is well " I do not rage against his high decree, Nor for myself do ask that grace shall be ; But for my love on earth who mourns for me. " Great Spirit ! Let me see my love again And comfort him one hour, and...
Σελίδα 58 - At last as they came to a village gate, A beggar lay whistling there ; He whistled and sang and laughed and rolled On the grass in the soft June air. The weary couriers paused and looked At the scamp so blithe and gay ; And one of them said, " Heaven save you, friend ! You seem to be happy to-day.
Σελίδα 14 - And another one here in Pike ; A keerless man in his talk was Jim, And an awkward hand in a row, But he never flunked, and he never lied : I reckon he never knowed how. And this was all the religion he had — To treat his engine well, Never be passed on the river, To mind the pilot's bell ; And if ever the Prairie Belle took fire, A thousand times he swore He'd hold her nozzle agin the bank Till the last soul got ashore. All boats has their day on the Mississip, And her day come at last. The Movastar...
Σελίδα 12 - And thar sot Little Breeches and chirped, As peart as ever you see, " I want a chaw of terbacker, And that's what's the matter of me.
Σελίδα 63 - The brazen gates ground sullenly ajar, And upward, joyous, like a rising star, She rose and vanished in the ether far. But soon adown the dying sunset sailing, And like a wounded bird her pinions trailing, She fluttered back, with broken-hearted wailing. She...
Σελίδα 15 - There was runnin' and cursin', but Jim yelled out Over all the infernal roar, " I'll hold her nozzle agin the bank Till the last galoot's ashore !" Through the hot black breath of the burnin' boat Jim Bludso's voice was heard, And they all had trust in his cussedness And knowed he would keep his word. And, sure's you're born, they all got off Afore the smokestacks fell, And...
Σελίδα 76 - ... their cheer will ring the loudest When the boys come home. The full ranks will be shattered, And the bright arms will be battered, And the battle-standards tattered, When the boys come home. Their bayonets may be rusty, When the boys come home, And their uniforms dusty, When the boys come home. But all shall see the traces Of battle's royal graces, In the brown and bearded faces, When the boys come home.

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