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as an explanation of what it is when refined by suggests, of assisting the solitary overseer, and philosophy or rectified by religion. A scrutinizing in a way perhaps conducive to the gratification eye may probably find, in the story of the bonnet, of their own tastes. Models, for instance, of a gentle intimation to parents of the foolish excess such simple machines as would assist him in his into which they are liable to fall by mingling their labours would be all-important to him: such as own vanity with a feeling, which was implanted a brick-and-tile-making machine, a common wind

. for the wisest purpose, in the human heart. At

In the account already referred to of the Dunall events, the editor must plead not guilty to the dee School of Industry, we gave some details of imputation, if such was intended, of having, by the the previous habits of the objects of the institupublication of this essay, designedly given counte- tion; but a picture of the same kind in the prenance to the practice of indulging a fondness for sent case, besides being infinitely more painful, dress, either in parents or children.

would have no compensating utility, referring, The object of the essay appears to have been,

as it would do, to a state of society so widely

different from our own. to exhibit the influence, which is exercised by the above history of their reform, we must say

Still, with reference to children, over persons of maturer age; and to

enough to dispossess our readers of the idea, if show that, even when manifesting the fruits of our any of them have formed it, that the Thugs were fallen nature, there is a mixture of softness which mere ignorant and brutal wretches, who murdered renders them attractive. When we behold a little from an innate ferocity of character. On the child, after manifesting the germs of those malevo- contrary, their worst crimes were tinged with a lent passions, which in riper years may harden sort of wild feeling of religion. In the establishinto crime, instantly relaxing into smiles, and ap- ment at Jubbulpoor they are never unwilling to parently forgetting that it had ever been displeased, themselves but blind instruments of a higher

relate their adventures, asserting that they were there is certainly something in the circumstance

power, sent into the world for the purpose of which strongly inclines the parent to forget it too. punishing such objects of Divine wrath as were We may observe the influence which children delivered into their hands. Our correspondent possess, notwithstanding their faults, because their states that the approvers in question were supinnocence is the predominating characteristic, and posed to have murdered, collectively, 25,000 describe it, too, without forgetting that their evil persons by strangulation; but he must mean, propensities, as soon as they are developed, re- we presume, that this was the number of the quire the pruning hand; and that the loveliness victims of the gangs to which these individuals which we find so attractive will unavoidably de- belonged. The patience, perseverance, and incline in the same proportion as those propensities civilized life, receive a remarkable illustration

genuity they are now exercising in the arts of acquire the ascendancy.-ED.

from the following anecdote related by Colonel

Sleeman himself:-
From Chambers's Edinburgh Journal.

“A stout Mogul officer, of noble bearing and

singularly handsome countenance, on his way REMARKABLE SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY.

from the Punjaub to Oude, crossed the Ganges at (Concluded from page 189.)

Gurmuktesur Ghat, near Meeruth, to pass through We have but one more trait to add to this Moradabad and Bareilly. He was mounted on cheering picture. The question is no longer a fine Turkee horse, and attended by his khidhow to induce the attendance of the children at mutgar (butler) and groom. Soon after crossing the factory; but, on the contrary, the advantages the river, he fell in with a small party of wellderivable from permission to do so are so mani- dressed and modest-looking men, going the same fest, that the superintendent is able to make a road. They accosted him in a respectful mancondition with their parents. The condition is ner, and attempted to enter into conversation that the children attend a school provided for with him. He had heard of Thugs, and told them, and learn to read and write before being them to be off. They smiled at his idle suspiadmitted to work! Notwithstanding all this cions, and tried to remove them; but all in growing prosperity, our readers will be surprised vain: the Mogul was determined: they saw his to hear that Mr. Williams has as yet no assistant nostrils swelling with indignation, took their leave, but a single native clerk to keep the accounts of and followed slowly. The next morning he overthe establishment. This would be incredible to took the same number of men, but of a different those who are not aware of the wild extrava- appearance, all Mussulmans. They accosted gance of the Company in matters of show and him in the same respectful manner; talked of bloodshed, and the miserable per centage on their the danger of the road, and the necessity of their princely revenue which they devote to the pur- keeping together, and taking advantage of the poses of education and national progress. There protection of any mounted gentleman that hapare various persons in this country, however, pened to be going the same way. The Mogul who have an opportunity, as our correspondent l officer said not a word in reply, resolved to have

From the Farmers' Cabinet.

no companions on the road. They persisted: | adopted this plan of disarming him; dug the his nostrils began again to swell, and putting his grave by the side of the road, in the open plain, hand to his sword, he bade them all be off, or and made a handsome young Mussulman of the he would have their heads from their shoulders. party the dead soldier. The Mogul being a very He had a bow and quiver full of arrows over his stout man, died almost without a struggle, as is shoulders, a brace of loaded pistols in his waist- usually the case with such, and his two servants belt, and a sword by his side, and was altogether made no resistance.” a very formidable-looking cavalier. In the even- In conclusion, we must permit ourselves to ing, another party, that lodged in the same express the pleasure we feel in having had an surae, became very intimate with the butler and opportunity of recording in these pages

the names groom. They were going the same road; and of the individuals who have been the proximate as the Mogul overtook them in the morning, agents in bringing about so happy a moral revothey made their bows respectfully, and began to lution. We have strong hope that the good enter into conversation with their two friends, work will spread, and that the government of the groom and the butler, who were coming up India will at length be awakened more fully to behind. The Moguls nostrils began again to a sense of its duty, and even to a sense of the swell, and he bade the strangers be off. The glory it may acquire—if glory be its object-by groom and butler interceded; for their master following up the bloodless triumphs of peace and was a grave, sedate man, and they wanted com- humanity. panions. All would not do; and the strangers fell in the rear. The next day, when they had got to the middle of an extensive and uninhabited plain, the Mogul in advance, and his two servants THE SAILOR—OR THE VALUE OF A POTATO. a few hundred yards behind, he came up to a In the Farmers' Cabinet for last month, is réparty of six poor Mussulmans sitting weeping printed an article by the late S. G. Perkins, of by the side of a dead companion. They were Boston, on the merits of the different varieties soldiers from Lahore, on their way to Lucknow, of pears; and in illustration of the diversities of worn down by fatigue, in their anxiety to see tastes in relation to fruits, an anecdote is related their wives and children once more, after a long of a sailor, who, just from a voyage, had chosen and painful service. Their companion, the hope from a rich variety of fruits in Boston market, a and prop of his family, had sunk under the green cucumber, and while greedily eating it, fatigue, and they had made a grave for him; but bitter end first, said to one of the amused specthey were poor unlettered men, and unable to tators, “ If you will believe me, sir, it is the first repeat the funeral service from the holy Koran: I have tasted this year.” Now, Jack thought, would his highness but perform this last office by this remark, he fully explained to the byfor them, he would no doubt find his reward in standers the ground of the singularity he knew this world and the next. The Mogul dismount- he was exhibiting to the “landsmen;" and so ed; the body had been placed in its proper posi- he did, for those about him were somewhat tion, with its head towards Mecca. A carpet familiar with the habits of the sailor and his was spread; the Mogul took off his bow and wants. But the editor of the Horticulturist, quiver, then his pistols and sword, and placed from which paper the article was taken, has a them on the ground near the body; called for note upon this anecdote, which shows concluwater, and washed his feet, hands, and face, that sively, I think, that he is not familiar with them; he might not pronounce the holy words in an and I feel quite sure, if at all successful in my unclean state. He then knelt down, and began attempt to explain the matter, I shall receive his to repeat the funeral service in a clear, loud thanks. “We should rather incline to call this voice. Two of the poor soldiers knelt by him, an instance of the sailor's coarse appetite, than one on each side, in silence. The other four his taste.” This is the beginning of the note, went off a few paces, to beg that the butler and what follows being a just criticism on the misgroom would not come so near as to interrupt application of the word taste, and not explanathe good Samaritan at his devotions. All being tory of the part quoted. ready, one of the four, in a low under-tone, gave To the words " coarse appetite," I object, as the shirnee (signal); the handkerchiefs were implying moral degradation, or, vulgar caprice; thrown over their necks, and in a few minutes whereas Jack was in no degree accountable for all three—the Mogul and his servants—were his peculiarity; for his taste was depraved or dead, and lying in the grave in the usual man- diseased by circumstances, over which he had ner—the head of one at the feet of the one below no control; or, rather, his blood was vitiated, his him. All the parties they had met on the road body predisposed to disease by a long voyage; belonged to a gang of Jumaldehee Thugs, of the and the peculiar appetite, like the instincts of the kingdom of Oude. In despair of being able to lower animals, was the pointing of unerring win the Mogul's confidence in the usual way, Wisdom to the best attainable remedy. and determined to have the money and jewels It is difficult for him who has all his life which they knew he carried with him, they had 'breathed an atmosphere teeming with the emanations of the fresh earth, and who has known |rence in the mid-Pacific-with a hope that she no want of its recent products upon his table, to may be late from some haven, and yet have a conceive the feelings, the longings of him, who few fresh vegetables. The ship is hailed, and for six successive months has not been glad- what is more precious than silver or gold—a few dened by the sight of land; the salt air, the salt potatoes are obtained—the captain is the almoner; spray, “salt junk," and worm-eaten bread, with and he who has seen, in the “ far West,” a herd water that has long ceased to be pure, his sole besiege the kit of salt, can conceive of the scene companions and support.

on board this lucky ship. “Eighteen on deck, I believe the whaling fleet from the United and six below, all told; one a piece, boys, for States alone, employs about 10,000 men; many the well; and two each, for the sick, daily.” of them are gone from home four years, touch- “ All right, sir." Quickly the day's allowance ing at ports every four to six months, for such is served, and closely does the hard hand grasp fresh water and vegetables as the port may fur- the prize; but we will go below—well does he nish; but as the “ fishing grounds” are almost know—that sailor in his narrow “ bunk,” with wholly intertropical, such vegetables as they ob- the broad bust, well bronzed in the sun, powertain keep but a short time; hence the condition less, but not emaciated-well does he know the of the men on these long voyages, is often such value of the gift, and he is content to use it fruas I have represented; only sometimes they are gally—if too exhausted to gnaw the sweet moron a short allowance of this hard fare. No long sel, a shipmate scrapes a little with his knife and time elapses under these circumstances, before places it upon his tongue; if we may believe the nature begins to succumb; scorbutic symptoms oft-repeated declaration, no fruit, however lusarise; languor, debility, bleeding at the mouth, cious, no viand, however savory, could be half and dropsical effusions occur; and when the so palatable. As slowly he is served with one deprivation is greatly protracted, it is not un- morsel after another-without drink, without usual to find a considerable part of the crew off condiment,—he seems to breathe more freely; duty from this cause. The sailor who prides and childish as himself thinks it, his emotions himself upon his alacrity in the performance of cannot be restrained; they are tears of joy and his rugged offices, alow and aloft, by day and gratitųde; a gratitude not confined to the hand by night, in fair weather and foul, loses his that feeds him, nor yet, to the noble captain of strength and his ambition; he has no pain, but the passing ship, who, from his nearly exhausted his feet swell, his appetite for such as the ship store, has bestowed the half upon them whose affords, fails, and he moves languidly about; a need was greater than his; but rough as is his few more weeks or days, and a watery blood exterior, the heartfelt offering ascends to the flows from his mouth, his breathing is laboured; bountiful Giver. effusion of water is taking place in the chest; Ask this man why he did not cook his potato, he can no longer go aloft, and soon he goes be- as other folks do, and as he himself ordinarily low, never to re-appear on deck, unless timely does? he will give a smile of pity for the ignorelief comes to his aid. All these symptoms are rance that could prompt such a question, and unattended with pain; but they are preceded reply, that it would be rendered insipid, lifeless, and accompanied throughout, with the intensest spoiled; and he is doubtless right; he has obeylonging for fresh vegetables; and these, -with ed the instinct within him, and the effect, if it an exception or two not here worth naming, were not so common, would be truly marvelare his only remedy; with them he lives, with lous; he has eaten a few crude bulbs, fresh from out them he dies. The pointings of nature, in the earth, and is made whole. this case, are both curious and instructive; the Thus a single bushel of sound potatoes, yes, lemon, the melon, and all fresh fruits, are ac- often a less quantity, has rescued a ship's crew ceptable and useful; but the most urgent call is of twenty-five to thirty men, from the most imfor the cruder vegetables, as the potato, the cab- minent peril

. How wonderful is that Provibage, &c., and this in their crudest state, un-dence that changes our very tastes, our appecooked-raw! Yes, the Irish potato, raw!! tites; rendering that delicious to us, which is Every sailor who has been so placed, and every ordinarily unpalatable or disgusting, and thus physician who has been much conversant with guiding, equally the simple and the wise, to the their diseases, knows that these are the very re- use of the means our infirmities require. medies, and this the very mode of administering The sailor is my friend, and I would not see them, that most speedily and most surely re- him wronged; yet it must be confessed his stores the prostrated man to health.

tastes are not always thus pure—he will cheerNow, a ship with one-fourth of her crew be fully give his silver dollar for a single Irish polow, and few of the remainder quite well, “ puts tato in time of need; and with equal alacrity, away" for the land; but she is six weeks, good the same sum for a' twist of “ Negro-head:' not sailing, from the nearest port, and some of her unfrequently, also, when on shore, he is induced sick must be buried in the ocean without more by the tempter to bestow his money for gratifitimely relief. How anxiously does every eye cations less innocent—still, he is a man of noble watch for a passing ship-no common occur- I impulses, more sinned against than sinning; and

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could we realize his peculiar privations and Rio Grande as a boundary, constituted an ultimatum perils, I am sure one good effect would be, to which our commissioner was, under no circumkindle our dormant sympathies in his behalf; stance, to yield. The executive policy includes and another, to inspire us with a more lively Mexican territory to the United States; and the

the permanent annexation of this portion of the sense of gratitude for the unceasing bounty that expediency of immediately extending the civil crowns our board.


jurisdiction and laws of the Union over that Philadelphia, 11mo., 1847.

country, is suggested to Congress. Indemnity is claimed for the expenses of the war; and it is

plainly asserted that Mexico possesses no means, FRIENDS' REVIEW.

except the cession of a part of her territory, to liquidate this claim. Efforts have been made to

cast, as far as practicable, the burden of the war PHILADELPHIA, TWELFTH MONTH 18, 1847.

on the invaded country. The revenues of the Mexican government have been seized and applied

to the support of the American army: Authority The article on the Letheon, published last week, has also been given to the commanders, to exact and the communication on the same subject, in- forced contributions from the Mexican people. serted in the present number, were received from Such is a very brief outline of the presidential professional men of highly respectable character. message, so far as it relates to the Mexican con

test; and from this we may confidently infer, that The editor making no claim to medical science, unless the power of Congress should be interposed will not presume to decide where Doctors disagree, to stem the tide of war, this desolating and demobut leave the readers of the Review to draw their ralizing conflict is likely to continue for an indefi. own conclusions. He will, however, venture the

nite period. Well may the exclamation of the

poet be applied to our own day, remark, that the evidence of the importance of the

My ear is pained, discovery, and of the caution with which it ought My soul is sick at every day's report

Or wrong and outrage with which earth is filled." 10 be administered, suggests the cond asion that this potent stuporific ought never to be applied by William Campbell, of Tennessee, was chosen

Congress has not yet transacted much business. unskilful hands; and that the most sagacious physi- Clerk of the House. On the 8th a memorial was cian should watch its symptoms with the vigilance presented in the Senate from the Legislature of and scrupulosity due to an uncertain experiment. Oregon, asking for the establishment of a Territo

rial Government. The recent journals from New York announce

It appears that the fire at Columbus, Ia., though

large for the size of the town, was not so destructhe death of Chancellor Kent, who departed on the tive as was at first reported. 'About half a dozen 12th inst., at the age of eighty-five years. He is houses were consumed, among them two drug well known to have long occupied a prominent sta

es from England to the 19th ult. been tion, and to have been justly esteemed for the in- received by the Britannia. Monetary affairs are tegrity of his character, and the profundity of his gradually improving, though the pressure is as yet knowledge. . His commentaries upon American but little alleviated, and there have been a number law are regarded by the profession as a rich acces

of additional failures. A list of thirty-five failures sion to legal learning.

is given, as having occurred since the 4th ult. A few took place on the continent, but the great ma

jority are within the British dominions. A London The second volume of the Non-Slaveholder is brokerage house had failed; liabilities estimated at just completed; and we understand the editors £350,000. The worst of the crisis, however, seems intend to continue the publication. The volumes to be past, and confidence and hope are slowly already issued, are replete with interesting infor- the 18th ult. The packet ship Stephen Whitney,

returning. The British Parliament convened on mation on the subject of slavery; and we have o bound from New York to Liverpool, was totally reason to apprehend that those yet to appear will lost on the night of the 10th ult. near Cape Clear, fall below them in worth and importance.

Ireland, and ninety-two of the crew and passengers

perished, only eighteen being saved, of whom three SUMMARY OF NEWS.

were passengers. Another account makes the loss

ninety-one, four passengers saved. A thick fog, The President's message was read in both which had prevailed for several days, had prehouses of Congress on the 7th inst.

vented them from taking an observation of the A large portion of it is devoted to an exposition sun, and while they were actually on the southern of the executive views in relation to Mexico. The coast of Ireland, inside Clear Island, (on which Cape oft repeated assertion, that the existing war was clear is situated,) they supposed themselves to be commenced by the Mexican government, is re- off Cork harbor. Acting on this supposition, they iterated in this document. The declaration of a mistook the position of a light on shore, and while former message, that the war is not prosecuted for running before a strong gale, struck with tremendous the purpose of

conquest, is referred to as a correct force upon a small island or rock, called Calf Island exposition of the present policy, yet we are dis- West, where a rocky cliff rises perpendicularly above tinctly informed that the cession of New Mexico the water to the height of forty or fifty feet. In twelve and the Californias, and the establishment of the minutes from the first concussion, the vessel was


so completely dashed to pieces, that it is said the squaring 33.5, and multiplying the square by only vestiges of her that could be found, were the tabular area taken from the table correspondsmáll fragments of timber, not more than four feet ing to a pentagon.” On looking at this process, long. The S. W. was on her forty-seventh voyage it is strictly scientific. Add to this the fact

, that persons in New York, and was insured to the I was examining him on different branches of amount of about $120,000 on vessel, cargo and mathematics requiring the application of differfreight.

ent rules, and that he went from one sum to Murders and outrages still continue in Ireland. another with rapidity, performing the work in Hostilities had commenced in Switzerland. his mind when asked, and the wonder is still

A convention had been entered into between the greater. Then I desired him to find the surface Pope, the Grand Duke of Tuscany and Lucca, and of a sphere. “Hence,” said I, “ required the the King of Sardinia, for the formation of a tariff based upon the principle of the German Com- area of the surface of the earth, its diameter mercial League.

being 7921 miles ?" He replied, as quick as 12th mo. 14th. The Telegraph from Cincinnati thought, “197,111,024 square miles.” To do announces that there is snow there eighteen inches it, he had to square 7921, and multiply the proin depth, and that a great freshet prevails in the duct by 3.1416. Then I wished him to give'me Ohio, the lower part of the city being entirely the solidity of a sphere; therefore, said I, “ What submerged.

is the solidity of the earth, the mean diameter Philadelphia Market, 14th inst. Flour dull at $6.50 for export; $6.50 to 7.50 for city use.

being 7918.7 miles ?” He writhed about, flew

Rye four, $5.25. Corn meal, $3.25. Wheat, $1.45 tu rapidly about the room, flashed his eyes, and in 1.48 for prime lots, mostly Genesee; $1.37 to 1.40 about a minute said, “ 259,992,792,083." To for fair to good Southern reds. Rye 90 c. Corn do this, he multiplied the cube of 7918.7 by 56 to 57 for new; 60 c. for mixed lots of Southern .5236. I believe he used a few figures in doing and Pennsylvania yellow.

this sum, but it was unnecessary, as he performed Feathers, Western, 34 to 36 cts. Fish, No. 1; a much larger one in his mind, as I shall soon $8.00; No. 2, $7.00. Oats, 37 cts. Pórk and Bacon without improvement. Lard, 94 to 101.- root of 3,723,875. He replied quicker than I could

show. I then asked him to give me the cube N. American and U.S. Gazette.

write it, and that mentally, “155—is it not?

Yes.” Then, said I, “ What is the cube root of CHANGE OF BED IN THE GREAT Miami River.– 5,177,717 ?" Said he, “173.” “Of 7,880,599 ?" The late freshet has made quite a change in the He instantly said, “ 199.” These roots he gave, bed of the Great Miami, near its mouth. The calculated wholly in his mind, as quick as you river, after approaching within about a mile of the could count one. I then asked his parents if I point at which it empties into the Ohio, makes a détour or bend of some four or five miles, and re

might give him a hard sum to perform mentally. turns to within three-fourths of a mile of the place They said they did not wish to tax his mind too where it commences. During the recent high much, nor often to its full capacity, but were water, the river cut a new channel across the neck quite willing to let me try him once. Then or narrowest part of the intervening land, and on said I, multiply in your head, 365,365,365,365,365 Monday the whole body of the river was rushed by 365,365,365,365,365,365 !" He flew round through it—the old bed being filled with standing the room like a top, pulled his pantaloons over water, without the least current.

The new cut is some twenty-rods wide, three- the top of his boots, bit his hand, rolled his eyes quarters of a mile long, and made through rich in their sockets, sometimes smiling and talking, alluvial soil, which for years has been cultivated in and then seeming to be in agony, until, in not corn.

more than one minute, said he, “133,491,850, As this curve was the only part of the Great 208,566,925,016,658,299,941,583,225!"

The Miami which passed through the State of Indiana, boy's father, c. N. Smith, and myself

, had this change of channel will have the singular effect each a pencil and slate to take down the answer, of withdrawing the river entirely from the soil of and he gave it to us in periods of three figures that Commonwealth, and placing it altogether each, as fast as it was possible for us to write within the State of Ohio.-Cincinnati Atlas.

them. And what was still more wonderful, he From Chambers's Edinburgh Journal.

began to multiply at the left hand, and to bring TRUMAN HENRY SAFFORD.

out the answer from left to right, giving first,

133,491,” &c. Here, confounded above mea(Concluded from page 184.)

sure, I gave up the examination. The boy I took him into the mensuration of solids. looked pale, and said he was tired. He said it Said I, “ What is the entire surface of a regular was the largest sum he had ever done ! pyramid, whose slant height is 17 feet, and the Well, indeed, may the poor child have looked base a pentagon, of which each side is 33.5 feet ?" pale, after a three hours' examination like this ! In about two minutes, after amplifying about the Such experiments resemble certain animal murroom, as his custom is, he replied, “ 3354.5558.” ders, in which the victim is tortured to death for “ How did you do it?” said I. vered, the gratification of scientific curiosity. It is no “Multiply 33.5 by 5, and that product by 8.5, wonder that young Safford has been pronounced and add this product to the product obtained by to be .fore-doomed.' But more merciful inquirers


He answer

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